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    CUFI - NSA - Robots

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    On tonight's program (7.25.2013) we talked about:
    Detroit declares bankruptcy
    The Christians United for Israel (CUFI) terrorist organization founded by John Hagee.
    All of the leaders of the religions of the world are corrupt and fakers.
    All of the founders of the Pentecostal Movement were fakers.
    The NSA demanding user passwords
    Robots will patrol the streets in 20 years.
    Underground R&D factories along with factories on all of the moons in the solar system, on Mars and on planets in nearby systems.
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    Of Men and Chickenshit on Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014

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    Obama has passed the veil of the obtuse and obstructive as the whole burns, we now have one of the worse Presidential crises of all time [facetious {flippant} here].  It made the front of the Jerusalem Post and now everyone in the world who reads the news will now know the truth. No covering it up now, forever President Obama will walk side by side President Nixon. For now, we have another gate, not Watergate like Nixon; but possibly worse. A fiasco, a laugh so hard ridiculous and affront at the same time to Netanyahu!

    What could possibly be worse than this? The Jerusalem Posts Washington bureau chief dove into the story with his “Frontlines podcast” which stated “Chickenshit hits the fan”! In another Jerusalem Post story the headline ran “Chickenshit Gate”!  From here on, it will be call “CS” to avoid the process of repeating this word.

    This reminds me of a verse in Isaiah, here I give it to in the Bible’s Basic English version:

    Isa 3:4  And I will make children their chiefs, and foolish ones will have rule over them

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    Uncoloring Race

    in The Bible

    Gallup poll

    Kenneth Meshoe of South Africa...The Apartheid lie concerning Israel

    CUFI on Campus

    Project David

    TAMID-Israel Investment Group (and the college campus)

    DYF 2.0


    Dana Baron Video

    Your continued financial support goes along way Click Here Please Support what Un-Coloring race is all about.

    Our guests will be Hen Mazzig and Hosanna Thalhofer discussing what can be done about reversing the spread of Antisemitic, hatred across college campus's in America. What can young people do to support truth? December 22, 2013 @ 6:00 PM Pacific Coast Time

    Students Allied For Israel at TCC

    Click Here for my related blog article on this issue

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    Uncoloring Race: Returning to the Beginning

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    Hosanna Thalhofer is all of 17 years old and moving forward with her desire to start a club on her college campus. The club has a tentative name, "Students United For Israel" Hosanna will be discussing what she is doing as a young person that truly flies in the face of the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions), a new name for exactly what Adolph Hitler espoused leading up to the Holocaust. This is exactlty what, "The Night of Broken Glass" or Kristallnacht produced Click Here .

    Hen Mazzig will also be joining the discussion. Hen, a former IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldier will be joining our discussion sharing what he is doing to counter the BDS Movement on college campuses and with in high schools throughout the Unites States of America (Yes, high schools). Antisemitism is at a fever pitch on the college campuses. Tune in on Sunday, Nov 24th via "Uncoloring Race on Blog Talk Radio. Un-Coloring Race, Black to Breisheet

    Hen Mazzig  Click Here

    Stand With Us Northwest  Click Here

    CUFI on Campus Click Here


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    Uncoloring Race

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    Our trip to Washington DC was interesting to say the least. Several folks including three young people attended the recent "Christians United For Israel", 8th annual summit. I will be writing several articles about this experience posting on my blog over the next several weeks. However, on this broadcast I want you all to hear what the young people wish to share. I will be discussing this summit with Ian Despars, Adrian Stath, and hopefully, Hosanna Thalhofer. These young folks not only attended the summit but also spoke with several of our representatives (Washington State) and or their staff on Capitol Hill. The experience was unique and a 1st for all of us on how the process works. I think we were all surprised, I think you will be too as you listen to them share.  Hope you can join us

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    Uncoloring Race

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    While in Washington DC from July 20th-25th, 2013 I met so many wonderful people. During one particular venue presented by Christians United For Israel I met Charles Brown. Charles is a gentlemen senoir to me in age who brings a fascinating history. We were at the Pastor's briefing seated next to one another. Charles and I struck up a conversation. Well, Charles called me today, August 5th we talked for some time.
    Charles was overwhelmed based on what Pastor Mark Biltz shared concerning the Blood Moons and several things that I had shared with him while in DC. We had a brilliant conversation today. I invited Charles to share his testimony on my show. He agreed, and so you will hear from a former individual associated with the Black Panther Movement of the sixties who accepted Jesus and who is now asking...What are you talking about, this Un-Coloring Race thing?....And who is Yeshua?
    I think you too, will enjoy our chat and listening to what Mr. Charles Brown has to share.

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    Israel says Iran's Nuclear Program Will Soon be Strike-proof (Second Coming Watch #47)

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    Israel says Iran's nuclear program will soon be strike-proof. According to the Associated Press, Israel views the threat posed by a nuclear-armed Iran with greater urgency than the rest of the world. Israel's defense minister Ehud Barak reiterated recent Israeli assessments that Iran's nuclear program is on the verge of becoming immune to disruptions by a possible military strike. The remarks are likely to fuel already rampant speculation that Israel is preparing for a strike before Iran moves most of its nuclear facilities underground and beyond the reach of a precision attack.

    Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a "rapidly rising" disease among both the rich and poor. According to Reuters, rapidly rising rates of drug-resistant Tuberculosis in some of the wealthiest cities in the world, as well as across Africa and Asia, are again making history. London has been dubbed the "tuberculosis capital of Europe", and a startling recent study documenting new cases of so-called "totally drug resistant" tuberculosis in India suggests the modern-day tale of this disease could get a lot worse. Ruth McNerney, an expert on tuberculosis at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said "We can't afford this genie to get out of the bag. Because once it has, I don't know how we'll control tuberculosis."

    The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 that in the last days, "nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."

    Israeli Prime Minister speaks at Christians United for Israel event in Jerusalem. According to Haaretz, Netanyahu stated that he was proud that Muslims and Christians could practice their faith freely in Israel.

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    Anthony David Interview

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    NEW ALBUM, "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" released February 2011!!!
    Anthony David is a Grammy nominated Neo Soul singer/songwriter out of Atlanta GA. Raised in Savannah, Anthony moved to Atlanta after a short stint in the US Army, and began pursuing his career in music. Immediately upon arriving, Anthony met India Arie, and began penning songs and performing locally, gaining a large local following.
    David wrote Part of my life, on Arie’s grammy award winning album Acoustic Soul, as well as producing tunes on her follow up albums, and toured with her as a backing vocalist.
    Shortly after, he joined friends Cufi and Cosmo to form the funk/rap outfit, El Pus, and participated in the recording of their Virgin records debut, Hoodlum Rock.
    Embarking on a solo career in 2004, Anthony signed to indie label Brash Music, and released two albums 3 Chords & The Truth, and The Red Clay Chronicles . Via licensing deals with Dome records in Europe, and in Village Again Records Japan, David toured internationally and gained critical acclaim throughout.
    Universal Records came calling in 2008, and released a compilation of the two indie records, titling the album Acey Duecy.