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    The Single Woman's Survival (Cuffin Season)

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    Looking for a way to stay focused around "Cuffin Season" when everyone else in love,stay tuned because I have found an article with 9 steps to help you get through this lonely winter.  For more information, check the article out for yourself the link is listed below.



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    Cuffin Season

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    Tonight we talk about the upcoming cuffin season. 

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    Radio AFG Live - Is It Cuffin Season?

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    Tonights broadcast ask the question, "is it cuffin season?" As we find out when cuffin season starts and how much social media now plays in the annual relationship game.Young Haak hosts, talks his talk, takes your calls, comments & requests as well, it's RadioAFG!

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    Cuffin Season

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    First episode!!!!

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    OxyMORONS: Ebola > cuffin season

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    Co hosts Lola Lepaun and Jimweave discuss their views on the Ebola outbreak, Drake's stripper problems and a bunch of other topics that have made headlines this week. See tune in and learn all you need to know in about 45mins. 

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    Tis The Season To Be Cuffin

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    What is it about the cold weather that makes people want to be in a relationship? With this mentality will this type of relationship end along with the season? Why is it the opposite feeling when the weather warms up? Call-in to give Your2Cents 760-283-5135.
    Join MsAngelEyes "The Consulting Chick", GoldReallas Will, Lady Mojo and Squirt GoLive Every Wednesday at 8pm EST. Listen to the show online from your computer, mobile browser, subscribe to the podcast online or call 760-283-5135.

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    LOTL Welcomes Yummy Bingham Debuts new single' Cuffin'

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    The Hitz Team presents the official release of Yummy Bingham  "Cuffin" prod by. Nyce Hitz & Big Walt . From the upcoming new  mixtape ( NO ARTIFICAL FLAVORS)   In 2004, Bingham was signed by Sylvia Rhone to Motown Records. Bingham was dubbed "the new princess of Motown". Her street single Come Get It (featuring Jadakiss) popped up first as a mixtape single and a digital single (released May 2005) but it was quickly embraced by the mainstream audiences so Rhone decided to give it a video and a radio impact in August 2005. The single turned into a moderate hit in the USA. As soon as October, the song was used in a Pontiac commercial. Also in 2005, Yummy's song "I'm Caught Up" debuted in the hit movie Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah.   Official Bio from Ms.Bingham Facebook page.  

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    The Cuffin' Season Report: Love & Relationships

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      We're right in the middle of cuffing season and most participants seem to have a new boo each season. Days get shorter nights get longer but it would appear no one seeks to find a lifetime mate anymore. Believe it or not some are just fine with having a cuddle mate for the season. Join host Anah Mae as she digs into the idea of love and relationships. Does true love exist amongst this generation? Will our marriages stand the test of decades like our grandparents and great grandparents? Tune into another episode of M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO for pure unadulterated real talk!


    Follow host Anah Mae on Instagam and Twitter


    ALL INDIE, UNDERGROUND, & LOCAL ARTISTS can submit their music to TheCaramelFoxx@Gmail.com to be played during the broadcast.

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    The SEX Episode : The MadMen's Valentine's Day Special

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    the revolution of the mind continues...

    aaaahhhh sex. The joy of it. This Valentines day, the MadMen tackle the age old battle of the sexes and discuss the RULES of of sex in the new millennium. 

    Gone is the age of Aquarius when sex was carefree and happy. These days cuffin is dangerous ... From STD's to Baby momma's jumpin outta bushes, to dudes that just don't get the hint. 

    How does a single MadMan navigate these treacherous waters? How does the MadMan in a relationship keep the wolves at bay?

    What are the Rules of Engagement (aka SEX)?

    This week each of the Madmen will put forth rules/standards that should be met before any relations occur..... rules of engagement so to speak,. Then in Classic Madmen fashion these standards will be torn apart at the roundtable. The men will listen to the women and the women will listen to the men as the sexes do battle, not against each other but for each other.
    We have some debatable suggestions... Join us. Tuesday. 10pm. 

    Won't be home? no problem. Text "WYMS" to 69302 and get the listen in number sent right to your phone.

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    Cuffin' Season & Cuff Connect

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    You looking for a boo for "Cuffin' Season" Holla at Zeroº & Sonic about it.