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    Eye On Cuba Venezuela Election Fraud

    in Current Events

    Venezuelan election fraud & Castro's Cuba con salsa. Covering the recent Venezuelan elections and the popular student led national protests which are embroiling the bolivarian nation in an existential struggle between liberty and castro communism. Also covered are Jay Z and his trip to Castro's Cuba and the reaction by Cuban American rappers to this idiotic visit. Poetry by condemed Cuban writer Angel Santiesteban Prats, music by Albita and Celia Cruz Pit Bull The Problem Kids and Jesus Rubalcaba 

    Late Nite music, news and analysis of Cuban and other bizarre affairs. 

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    Italian Legends of Mantua In Cuba

    in History

    File Under  Italian Cubans: Special bilingual show In Italian & Spanish of Domenico Capolongo's Mantua In Cuba: Indigenous Place Name or Memory of Mantova from his book series Emigration & Presence of Italians In Cuba. Covering the strange history & name of the northwestern Cuban town of Mantua In Pinar Del Rio.Thought but not proven to have been founded by Italians from the same city now known as Mantova In Northern Italy. Originariamente Mantua In Cuba Toponimo Indigeno o Memoria di Mantova per Domenico Capolongo dal libro Emigrazione e Presenza Italiana In Cuba Volume 4

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    The Cuba Libre Camp Project

    in History

    The new Cuba Libre Camp Project  genealogically uncovering & preserving both Cuban & other Hispanic Confederate history with founder John O' Donnell Rosales.

    Update 8/30/14: Cuban Confederate Soldiers from Alabama, 1861-1865  This booklet is the first in the series "Ethnic Minorities in the Confederate Military". It lists 20 Cuban born and or partial descendant's of Cuban's who served in the Confederate Military, from Alabama between 1861 and 1865. It lists their names, ranks and units, as well as known Biographical Information on each Soldier. This is a truly "forgotten" aspect of the Confederate Military, the Civil War and Cuban History. It makes a great resource for Historians, Genealogists, Civil War Scholars and anyone interested in Ethnic participation in the Confederate Military, as well a those interested in Cuban American History and Hispanic American History.

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    A Reset in U.S. and Cuba Relations

    in Politics

    “I am delighted that Alan Gross has been released from Cuban confinement in an exchange that also involved the release of an Americans spy in jail for 20 years, along with three convicted Cuban spies in America going back to Cuba; and I am thrilled that President Obama will open negotiations with Cuba to resume full diplomatic ties more than 50 years after they were cut off. Special thanks are due to John Kerry who made normalized relations with Cuba a priority when he was nominated for Secretary of State by President Obama. I am also thankful for the direct assistance of Pope Francis and the Vatican and the help that Canada rendered over the last 18 months to make this day possible.Rev Jesse Jackson Sr

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    The Real Cuba Jorge Utset

    in Politics

    Webmaster Jorge Utset of The Real Cuba Is our Special Guest With John O' Donnell Rosales

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    in Entertainment

    Travel with The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, October 29, 3 pm ET when Halli takes you on a tour of Cuba. Joining Halli at her table are photography collector Ramiro A. Fernandez; Cuban immigrant Cecilia M. Fernandez; food blogger and author Ana Sophia Pelaez; writer, photographer, dissident and author Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo; and Caribbean design expert and historian and author Michael Connors.

    Ramiro A. Fernandez’s CUBA THEN: RARE AND CLASSIC IMAGES FROM THE RAMIRO A. FERNANDEZ COLLECTION offers a celebration of the intensely colorful culture that was the pre-Castro Cuba,  a dynamic collage of images, experiences and memories that presents the glamour and the grit of the island’s tumultuous history.

    Cecilia M. Fernandez tells the story of growing up a Cuban refugee in her heart wrenching memoir LEAVING LITTLE HAVANA: A MEMOIR OF MIAMI’S CUBAN GHETTO.

    Ana Sophia Pelaez was raised in Miami and transplanted to New York. Her blog Hungry Sophia catapulted her to culinary fame. With photographer Ellen Silverman, her new book THE CUBAN TABLE is a visual as well a gastronomic pleasure.

    Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo was born and raised under the thumb of the Castro Regime in Havana, Cuba. After obtaining a degree in biochemistry, he began to voice his differences with the government founding VOCES, a dissident e-magazine. He won awards for his book BORING HOME, banned in Cuba. He currently is a Visiting Fellow at the International Writers Project, Department of Literary Arts, Brown University. He is the editor of CUBA IN SPLINTERS, ELEVEN STORIES FROM THE NEW CUBA and the photographer of AVANDONED HAVANA.

    Caribbean design expert and historian Michael Connors takes readers on an unprecedented tour of some of the most architecturally significant private homes and buildings that remain in Cuba in his new book HAVANA MODERN: 20TH CENTURY ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS.


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    Alexis Romay of The Cuba Archive

    in Politics

    Cuban Exile Author & President of The Cuba Archive Alexis Romay With John O' Donnell Rosales

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    President Obama and the new Cuba policy

    in Politics

    Guest:  Jorge Ponce and Michael Prada.   We will discuss Pres Obama's announcement about US Cuba policy

    Check out our new sponsor:   AUDIBLE.COM  (www.audibletrial.com/cantotalk.)

    Looking for a good book?  Check out my book: 


  • Obama; the Castro brothers' most useful Idiot

    in History

    In a defining moment abandoning Cubas' civil rights movement in their struggle against Castro apartheid Obama bails out the terrorist Castro brothers and the military mafia that runs Cuba with the Popes' blessing. Jewish American hostage and unwitting pawn Alan Gross is released after 5 years of unjust captivity in the Castro gulag in exchange for convicted murderers and castro spies in conjunction with a US Presidential pronouncment of impending change in Cuba policy.   

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    Covering Cuba with Agustin Blazquez

    in History

    Agustin Blazquez of The Covering Cuba Film Series joins me on an In depth talk about himself & his work on the film documentaries Covering Cuba & Cinema In Exile

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    Cuba: Why Did it Take So Long?

    in Culture

    America, under the direction of Barack Obama, is beginning to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba.  Should this have been done sooner or not at all? I shall look into the matter.

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