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    Shane Lacey- Pleidian Energist, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist

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    Join us in welcoming our guest this morning on Sunday Morning Light Creative Consciousness Radio- Shane Lacey, Shane is from Queensland Australia and has a private business offering services in Reiki , Crystal, Pleadian Healing and also offers Massage Therapy. Shane has a host of products on his web site http://www.whitedovehealing.com  including Himalayan Salt Lamps Salt Products and Salt Therapy (Himalayan Salt Inhaler) Shane is very active in the community extending out throughout the world on his facebook site, and youtube offering video blogs talking about the Awakening of Humanity and The Shift into Ascension 

     A note from Shane, "My name is Shane. I am here because I am a passionate, professional energy healer, who has a heart centred approach towards my clients. I encourage people to find their own journey to find the inner peace they deserve. My desire is to empower you to find your true inner calling, your hearts desires of who you are and along the way, I will hold space for you as you find your inner peace and understanding of your true worthiness. Along my journey I have found much inner peace and a love that resides within me. White Dove Healing to me, is about nurturing, love, inner peace and balance in your life. I see my role as accompanying you on your personnel journey to improve your health and well being. I look forward to connecting with you in the future".

    Visit Shane Lacey's Web Site at http://www.whitedovehealing.com




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    Wednesday May 27, 2015 6:30pm WHERE ARE THEY?  with Linda Crystal your Host and Terrye Lynn Newcomb Co-host.

    Updates on Cases

    12 Star Signs Review for June 2015

    America's Chart 239 Years from July 4, 1776.

    Buckskin Girl Found April 23, 1981 Profile. Reverse profile of a female found strangled.

    Make sure you catch Linda Crystal  May 30, 2015 on CURIOUS TIMES with Chris Times.

    Linda Crystal Books are Available on Amazon.com

    Relaxation MPS or Tapes are available on www.lindacrystal.com

    FREE READINGS For Blog Talk Followers & You Tube Subcribers

    Book consultations at www.lindacrystal.com





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    Crystal & Ka`iwi Talk Story at 9 am HI Time - Mini Psychic Readings

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    Aloha, e komo mai! Crystal & Ka`iwi will be discussing Hawaiian Spirituality & Modalities every Thursday at 9 am Hawai`i Time. This is a fun and informative Talk Story show. Living the Higher Calling from Akua and sharing with others our path.

    The last thursday of the month we will be doing mini psychic readings with Ka`iwi and Crystal, 10 minutes or less.  Do you need an answer about a job, mate, or which direction to go in?  Call in or ask in our chat room.

    Ka`iwi and I are guided by Akua (God/Spirit) each show topics may include Ho`oponopono, Lomilomi, Energy Healing, La'au Lapa'au, Crystals, Angels, Chakras and much more. We may set the intention when we write the description each week for one topic and Akua sends us on a different topic. Please be flexible because all the information is to help you adjust, shift and awaken as we do the same. Sometimes the information is not for this moment but is there for when you need. it.

    Ka`iwi is a local boy from Waimanalo, HI and Crystal is a local girl who lives in Texas. These 2 Hawaiians brought together by fate, raised in different times and places but still tied deeply to their Hawaiian roots and Ancestors.

    Join us each week as we talk story, share funny stories and help you get through the hurdles life has brought you to us.

  • Crystal Silence League Hour Episode 29: All the World's a Stage

    in Religion

    Balance and direction, focus, perspective, motivation. All that stuff. And more. TONIGHT!

    Reverend Dr. Jon Saint Germain is the Voice of the Crystal Silence League, providing Spiritual guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits.

    Listeners are encouraged to call in to speak to the host at (657) 383-0525

    Our Crystal of the Week is IOLITE.

  • Fulham vs. Crystal Palace

    in Soccer

    In this episode we will preview the final preseason match for Fulham against Crystal Palace at Craven Cottage.

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    Joshua Shapiro: Crystal Skull Explorer Extraordinare

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    One of the most mysterious artifacts that has been discovered upon our planet are known as the Crystal Skulls. A Crystal Skull is simply defined as an ancient artifact discovered made from various type of quartz crystals that has the appearance of a human size (or larger) and shaped skull. Most of these ancient Crystal Skulls have been uncovered near or within ancient ruins located in Mexico or Central America, possibly linked to the Mesoamerican cultures of this region. However within recent years, crystal skulls are now surfacing or being reported in other parts of the world such as in South America, Europe and Asia. 

    In 2015, Joshua and Katrina plan to offer several new books linked with the crystal skulls that will be more of a story or novel.  They plan to continue their periodic radio shows, do more public traveling and tours and continue to support Crystal Skull World Day(11/22/2015).

    Joshua Shapiro is the coordinator for the World Mystery Research Center, a non-profit center setup to research various world mysteries from both a scientific and paranormal perspective. Starting in 2004, three crystal skull conferences were setup in Switzerland through the Heyyanka Foundation in Switzerland and two International Festivals, the first in Holland in 2006 and a second one in Hungary in 2007.  Joshua and his partner Katrina, also helped to participate in another crystal skull conference in Holland in March, 2011 with other various friends.  Joshua is the sponsor of this website called V J Enterprises that was one of the first websites in 1995 to begin to share information about the crystal skulls. 

    In 1985, Joshua met Sandra Bowen and F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino and through this association became aware of a number of the older crystal skulls known at this time including the Mayan Crystal Skull , the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and the Texas Crystal Skull

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    Where Are They? With Linda Crystal & FREE READINGS For FOLLOWERS & SUBSCRIBERS

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    Wednesday, April 22, 2015 6:30pm EST WHERE ARE THEY? with LINDA CRYSTAL, FORENSIC ASTROLOGER Brought to you by www.lindacrystal.com

    Co-Host TERRYE LYNN NEWCOMB, Hailey Dunn Searcher, Texas

    Tonight's Line Up Includes:

    CHELSEA BRUCK DISAPPEARANCE, Newport, Michigan, update.


    Join Us or Listen In after the show which can be downloaded.

    Linda Crystal MP3 Available at www.lindacrystal.com



    If you would like a case profiled on WHERE ARE THEY?, message me here, FB me or write linda.crystal15@yahoo.com  You must be law enforcement, family or laison for family.

    If you would like to be a guest on the show, you can also contact me and we can discuss a guest appearance.




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    Wednesday June 10, 2015 6:30pm EST

    WHERE ARE THEY? With Linda Crystal Your Host

    BREAKING NEWS:  Mark Ysasaga's Body Found!

    Boston Strangler , Albert DeSalvo, Profile By Request

    Case Updates.

    Anna Sleser 55 was Desalvo's first victim who lived at 77 Gainesborough St., Boston, Massachusetts. Pictured in show banner.

    Co-Host Terrye Lynn Newcomb, HAILEY DUNN Searcher,  from Texas

    If we have time I will take a few calls from Blog Talk Followers and You Tube Subscribers





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    There's A Rock For That! Crystal Grids and Tanzanite

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    Join Host Tarot Dactyl as she kicks off Summer Gridding Season on There's A Rock For That! radio show.  This is the first in a series of episodes on crystal grids.  Every 2nd Thursday of the summer months will feature a new grid.  These are easy to create using crystals that are inexpensive and easily obtained.

    The Crystal Guest for this episode is Tanzanite. Tarot Dactyl will explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this beautiful stone.

    Tune in 4PM EDT on June 11th 2015.

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    Ray Gricar Disappearance, WHERE ARE THEY? With Linda Crystal

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    Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 at 6:30pm EST, RAY GRICAR DISAPPEARANCE on Where Are They with Linda Crystal.

    In 2005 Ray Gricar's red mini cooper was found at an Antiques Mall, his cell phone on the seat. The doors of the Mini Cooper were locked. His laptop was found in the Susquehanna River, the hard drive on the bank. Ray's keys and wallet were missing and so was Ray.

    Ray Gricar was the DA that refused to bring charges against Jerry Sandusky the Penn State Coach that is now a convicted child molester serving time

    Additional profiles for Deborah Deann Poe, missing from Orlando, Florida 1990.

    The Murder of Susan Negersmith, Wildwood 1990.

    Tune in to see what Forensic Astrology and Linda Crystal has to say about that day.

    Co-Host Terrye Lynn Newcomb

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    Crystal Silence League Hour Special Rebroadcast: Crystal Visions

    in Religion

    Last week we discussed the SECOND BRANCH of Mr. Claude Conlin's Four Branches of Crystal Gazing (Projection, or Silent Influence). Tonight we take a step back to revisit the First Branch, the Visionary Branch or Seership.

    This episode originally aired on December 9th, 2014. We won't be taking telephone calls.

    Reverend Dr. Jon Saint Germain is the Voice of the Crystal Silence League, providing Spiritual guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits.