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    Nite Callers BigfootRadio Presents: Cryptozoologist Brian Seech

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    Brian Seech is a researcher and investigator of the unexplained and founder of two research groups, Center

    for Unexplained Events (CUE) and Center for Cryptozoological Studies (CCS).

    Brian has appeared on Monsters & Mysteries in America on Destination America, a national cable channel.

    He was featured on the independent film; “Mountain Devil, the Search for Frank Peterson”, was an extra in “The

    Mothman Prophecies” movie filmed in Pittsburgh and has also appeared on various internet radio shows.

    Brian is a member of the Butler Organization on Research of the Unexplained (BORU), Legend Hunters, and

    the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS). He is a former member/investigator of Mutual UFO Network


    Brian co-wrote articles for the Creature Chronicles column in the Hancock County Courier in WV from

    August – November 2013.

    Brian also was a co-instructor for the first ever cryptozoology class at Eastern Gateway College in

    Steubenville OH.

    Sightings of unknown creatures can be sent to centerforcryptostudies@yahoo.com

    All names are held in strict confidence.


    Center for Cryptozoological Studies
    Join the Search



    Center for Unexplained Events

    Make Known the Unknown



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    Mysterious planet: Interview with ufologist and cryptozoologist Nick Redfern

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    This week on SOTT Talk Radio we’re interviewing best-selling British author, ufologist and cryptozoologist, Nick Redfern.

    From 1984 until 2001 Redfern worked as a freelance feature writer for numerous UK newspapers. In recent years, Redfern has made many TV appearances in the UK and overseas, sharing his research and insights into all things Fortean, and today runs the U.S. branch of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. Redfern posts regularly on his blog.

    Our guest is also the author of numerous books about some of the truly weird (but totally real) topics we’ll be discussing this week, including Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind, A Covert Agenda, The FBI Files, Three Men Seeking Monsters, Body Snatchers in the Desert, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, Final Events, The NASA Conspiracies, The Real Men in Black, The Pyramids and the Pentagon, The World's Weirdest Places, and many more!

    Tune in this Sunday July 20th 2014, from 2-4pm EST (11am-1pm PST, 8-10pm CET), as we go inter, intra and extra-dimensional!

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    SCOTT MARLOWE - Cryptozoologist & Author LIVE in the Studio

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    The SpookHunters are joined by Scott Marlowe, an American Cryptozoologist, LIVE IN STUDIO as they discuss his new book "Cryptic Creatures of Florida" as well as a bunch of others.  We'll catch up on what's been going on in the Crypto world, and what he's been up to the past few months.

    Also Psychic Steve was on hand to help a Mother and Daughter get through a hard time. 

    Later in the show, since Mr. Marlowe has smelled a Skink Ape, we blind fold Mr. Marlowe and have him smell four very rancid items to see if any of them can match the scent.

    All this and so much more on this exciting EP!SODE of SpoooooookHunters RAD!OOOooOOoOooOooooo!

    Get tuned in!



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    Episode 31 – Nick Redfern

    in Science

    This week our guest is prolific author and investigator Nick Redfern. Originally from the UK, he now resides in Dallas Texas. Nick has written over 40 books on a wide array of topics and is also a journalist for a number of online and print publications. He has appeared on a multitude of television programs worldwide and is popular on the lecture circuit. We’ll be discussing how Nick became interested in journalism and the world of cryptozoology, some of the more interesting cryptids and stories on them throughout the world, and about his upcoming research and book on the Lake Worth Monster and The Big Thicket. Please join us as the conversation is sure to be interesting.

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    Episode 28 – Taylor James Johnson of Taylor Trash Productions

    in Science

    Join us this week as we speak with Taylor James Johnson out of Texas. Taylor is a radio show producer and producer/filmmaker for his production company, Taylor Trash Productions. Taylor Trash makes short and feature films, documentaries, web series, music videos and animations. He has always been interested in film and cryptozoology so it’s no surprise that he often utilizes cryptozoology as a theme for many of his films and projects and has gone on quite a few expeditions in search of Bigfoot, sea creatures in Georgia, big cats in Texas, “Hogzilla”, and Chupacabras. Many times working closely with past guest and cryptozoologist, Ken Gerhard who is the star of Taylor Trash Production’s popular webisode documentary series named The Monster Hunter. Taylor is currently working on a number of cryptid projects and writing a children’s book/film which he will read a short chapter from on the air. He was also featured on an episode of Nat Geo Wild’s The Monster Project. It’s bound to be a fun and interesting episode so you won’t want to miss it.

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    BOAA834: Adam Davies

    in Paranormal

    For the first time ever and exclusively on BoA:Audio, cryptozoologist Adam Davies will reveal the secret Bigfoot expedition, from May of 2013, that was funded by renowned Oxford University geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes. Sworn to secrecy for nearly a year and a half, Adam has finally been granted permission to divulge the details surrounding this clandestine research project and will do so on the BoA:Audio, Season 8 finale.  Bigfoot researcher Lori Simmons, who took part in the expedition with Adam and Dr. Sykes, will also join us during the conversation to share her take on this groundbreaking and historic event. More on Adam's various expeditions to search for cryptids around the world can be found in his new book Manbeasts: A personal investigation.

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    Graveyard Shift SN04E04: "Close Encounter of the NICK REDFERN Kind!"

    in Entertainment

    In this episode, Emi interviews the famous Cryptozoologist, Author and "Ancient Aliens" TV Series regular, Nick Redfern!  This is actually the SECOND time Nick has been on the show, this time, we'll be discussing his book, "Close Encounters of the FATAL Kind", as well as his thoughts on Cryptids, UFO's, Aliens and a LOT more!  Do NOT miss this surefire awesome episode of THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT ONLINE RADIO TALK SHOW!!!

    From New Page Books' Website:

    "The field of UFOs is rife with unsettling examples of suspicious deaths. Accounts of accidents that might not have been accidents after all, abound. Researchers and witnesses have vanished, never to be seen again. Out-of-the-blue suicides that, upon investigation, bear the distinct hallmarks of murder, are all too common. Getting too close to the cosmic truth about alien abductions, Roswell, and what the government really knows about UFOs can—clearly—be a deadly business."

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    Ken Gerhard on Paranormal Geeks Radio

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    Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist and field investigator for The Centre for Fortean Zoology, as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute and consultant for various research organizations. He has searched for evidence of mysterious animals and legendary beasts around the world including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, enigmatic winged creatures and even werewolves. In addition to appearing in three episodes of the television series Monster Quest (History Channel), Ken is featured in the History Channel special The Real Wolfman, as well as on Paranatural (National Geographic), Legend Hunters (Travel Channel), Weird or What? with William Shatner (Syfy), Ultimate Encounters (Tru TV), Unexplained Files (Science Channel), Monsters and Mysteries in America (Destination America), Monster Project (Nat Geo Wild) and Shipping Wars (A&E). His credits include appearances on numerous news broadcasts, and radio programs like Coast to Coast AM, as well as being featured in books, DVDs and in articles by the Associated Press, Houston Chronicle and Tampa Tribune. Ken is author of the books Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters and Encounters with Flying Humanoids, as well as co-author of Monsters of Texas (with Nick Redfern) and has contributed to trade publications including Fate Magazine, Animals and Men, The Journal of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club and Bigfoot Times. He currently lectures and exhibits at various conferences and events across the United States. Born on Friday the 13th of October, Ken has traveled to twenty-six different countries on six continents and has visited virtually all of the United States. An avid adventurer, he has camped along the Amazon, explored the Galapagos, hiked the Australian Outback and has visited many ancient and mysterious sites, from Machu Pichu to Stonehenge.

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    Cryptozoology in the NW, Cryptozoologists on the 'Net.

    in Internet

    The Study of Hidden Animals. Biiig time Differences between Saying and Doing. Between Hiking and Trolling. What makes a Real Cryptozoologist? Belief? Skepticism? Research! Let's unseat some Armchair researchers and deflate the easyfire replies of the Skeptics. Resurrect from Death the Belief, but Tempered by Justified Skepticism.

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    Episode 4 - Lyle Blackburn

    in Podcasting

    This week our guest is the acclaimed Texas author, musician, and cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn. He has been heard on numerous radio programs including Coast to Coast AM and Where Did the Road Go?, has appeared on television shows such as Monsters & Mysteries in America and Finding Bigfoot, and has been a featured speaker at conferences all throughout North America. We’ll be speaking to Lyle about the details and subjects of his books, “The Beast of Boggy Creek” and Lizard Man”. Also, our resident field researcher Mike Richburg will be discussing some new evidence he has collected which is related to Lyle’s work. 

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    Florida Paranormal Society LIVE - Guest Arrowhead Investigations

    in Science

    Join Evan Pedone with special guests, Chad Saunders, Founder and Team Leader of Paranormal Organization, Arrowhead Paranormal Investigations along with Michael Johnson, the Team's Technical Director/Video Engineer. Arrowhead's team of Investigators have a passion for the 'unknown' and are seeking to prove the existence of life beyond the here and now using the latest scientific techniques.

    Their website: www.arrowheadinvestigations.net

    Twitter: @Arrowhead1945

    Facebook: Arrowhead Paranormal

    Florida Paranormal Society Radio is hosted by, Evan Pedone, author, cryptozoologist, explorer and founder of the Florida Paranormal Society. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, the Florida Paranormal Society researches the unknown and studies all paranormal activities ranging from cryptozoological entities to lost cities and everything in between. Where there is myth...there is truth, where there is the unknown...there is discovery. We are modern day explorers...We are the Florida Paranormal Society.

    The Florida Paranormal Society brings to the forefront new theories on Sasquatch, based on Evan Pedone's published novel, Expedition Everest.

    Visit us at http://www.floridaparanormalsociety.com

    Email Florida Paranormal Society at: info@floridaparanormalsociety.com

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