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    The ATLANTIC AXIS w/ David Jones

    in Culture

    April 29, 2014

    A Conversation with South London Nationalist Candidate Tony Martin

    Today I will be interviewing Tony Martin, who is standing as a nationalist candidate for Croydon, South London.


    The Atlantic Axis with host David Jones – every Tuesday at 12PM EST (5PM UK Time). The Atlantic Axis promotes the efforts of British Nationalists and also covers related Nationalist news stories coming out of the UK and the Anglosphere in general.

    Visit the ANA & ANN at: www.ana-ann.com


    The American Nationalist Network (ANN) supports the use and availability of its programs for the general public under the “fair use” portion of Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. We require only that the content is clearly notated as being produced by and for the American Nationalist Network (ANN). Changing of its material in any fashion, whether audio or graphic, is prohibited.

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    L.I.F. Talk with Host Cherie Spotlighting Stephanie Greaves

    in Music

    My name is Stephanie Greaves and I am a singer/songwriter, choir director, praise and worship leader and a pastor’s wife. I was born to Serve the Lord and I truly believe that the God that I serve is not Unrighteous to forget our work and labour of love  Hebrews 6:10


    “Children Obey” is my debut single with my debut album to follow within the near future.

     I was born in Croydon, partly raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica with my grandparents. My spiritual birth took place within the Shiloh Church in Croydon, under the leadership of Bishop Malachi Ramsay and my former Pastor Bishop Danny Bennett. .


     I am married to Bishop Desmond Greaves and we have two sons.  Bishop Greaves is the founder of the Salvation and Deliverance International Ministries and we are currently based in Anerley.  We worship at the “Anerley Methodist Church, Oakfield Rd, Anerely, London SE20 8QA.


    Our services start at 2.30pm on a Sunday and on Tuesday’s at 7.00pm.  Please feel free to come and worship with us and bring a friend or your family.

    I graduated from Kingston University (London) with a B.A. in Social Care and currently work within the field of Social Work with Children and Families. Blessings!

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    How to be happy in a Part-Time love relationship

    in Romance

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon and her special guest Helen Croydon founder of the new dating website Parttimelove.net, a site created  for independent-minded singles who want meaningful romance, but who don't have time for the demands of a typical full-time relationship.

    Helen is also the author of her memoirs "Sugar Daddy Diaries" and her latest book, "Screw the Fairytale:A Modern Guide to Love and Sex".

    If you have show topic suggestions or would like to be a guest or a sponsor on the Partners in Health and Biz radio show, email Gail at: partnersinhealth@verizon.net or visit www.partnersinhealth.biz

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    Were talking with Corallus radio for a round table discussion

    in Pets

    In this episode we are joined by the hosts of Corallus Radio. We will be hitting on a variety of topics and hitting them round table style.


    Join us along with Jeff Godbold and Dayton Croydon for an eposde that will be as entertaing as it is informative!

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    Musician, FrankMusik

    in Music

    Let us introduce you to the world of FRANKMUSIK, aka Vincent Frank. A St Martins dropout with his music HQ in Croydon and gran as a stylist. A self-taught multi instrumentalist, producer, remixer, talented graphic designer, photographer, video director by default and future music impresario. (from Soundcloud)

    We will be speaking to him about his new single, Ephemeral Summer, from his upcoming album, his career and talk fan calls as well!

    For even more on FRANKMUSIK check out his site: http://www.frankmusik.com and more here at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankmusik and listen to his music at https://soundcloud.com/frankmusik

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    Women's lives - a laughing matter?

    in Women

    In this episode we explore how laughter can transform your life experience.
    Drastic to Fantastic is passionate about enabling women to take control of their lives and to live their lives with fun, laughter, a fresh eye -  healthily happily and effectively.  
    Drastic to Fantastic recognises that as women get in touch with their own true sense of themselves, and work with rather than inevitably against themselves and their own patterns and rhythmns they will be happier, healthier and more effective and inevitably have great influence for others in how to live their own lives.  
    Life, and the never ending to-do list can be overwhelming - learning to laugh at ourselves and our lives can seem an obvious thing to do - but if life really does seem overwhelming, and laughter does not seem possible - how can we turn it around so that it is?
    In this episode Clara Gibson is talking with Emma Stroud - a comedienne and performance coach about her work with women and how we can turn the serious into a laughing matter.
    Emma is a Managing Director of Pitch Perfect Club. She excels in empowering an individual’s personal presence to allow them to feel more confident in various performance-driven scenarios. This includes presenting at meetings, conferences, sales pitches and new business pitches. Emma also brings a wealth of experience from the performing arts and theatre industry. You can currently find her performing with Funny Women Players and doing her own one women improvisation show.
    To come and see Clara and Emma in action - come and join us at The Drastic to Fantastic Women's Road Show on the 23&24th November in Croydon, London. 

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    The fatlossdoctor reveals what most doctors wont tell you!

    in Women

    How often is it that you go to a doctor who says that you dont need nutritional supplementation?  
    Well today I am talking with a consultant doctor who is passionate about the importance of diet to your health and that nutritional supplementation is vital for your optimal health.  
    Dr Leigh Willoughby has spent many years studying cellular nutrition.  She is passionate about assisting individuals to stay healthy, regain their health and to be in the best state for surgery.
    So listen in to find the tips and strategies that she recommends for her patients.
    To find out more information about how you can get help to change some of your unwanted habits call for a 30 minute FREE telephone consultation with Drastic to Fantastic.
    If you want to join a transformative weekend with fabulous presenters and set yourself new goals and steps to take charge of your life - then come to the Drastic to Fantastic Women's road show on the 23rd and 24th November 2013 at the Croydon Conference Centre.

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    From burnt out to a vibrant you!

    in Women

    Drastic to Fantastic Radio has your health and wellbeing at heart.  In this episode Clara Gibson is introducing how women can take charge of their health and well being - by becoming aware of the patterns that they run.
    Women often feel exhausted, burnt out - when they are running patterns and feel stuck in situations that they feel they have no control over.  There are some key and fundamental steps to taking charge of your life.
    Listen in to find out how you can easily take charge of your health and wellbeing and also improve your energy and self confidence.
    Join Clara at 'The Drastic to Fantastic Women's Road Show' on the 23 & 24th November at the Croydon Conference Centre.  Book NOW to take advantage of the early bird ticket prices.

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    Dj mango #1 Dj In the UK Burn Fyah on Caribbean Radio Show

    in Music

    Dj mango #1 Dj In the UK Burn Fyah on Caribbean Radio Show live from Croydon United Kindom

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    Drastic or Fantastic - how is your pelvic floor

    in Women

    Whether it is post child birth or the impact of hormonal changes as women reach the age of menopause and beyond - our pelvic floor muscles are crucial to our internal health, our personal confidence in being able to laugh, sneeze or cough without a second thought or being able to maintain a mutually satisfying sexual relationship with our partner.  The only time women get any education about how to exercise and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles is fleetingly after childbirth, or when we have already developed a problem such as a prolapse or stress incontinence.  Listen in to find out how you can transform your pelvic floor.
    The focus of Drastic to Fantastic is to enable women to take charge of their life in the most holistic way.  We can wait until we have a problem and seek to shift from Drastic to Fantastic or we can develop new patterns of living in which we begin to take care right now - and without doubt when women choose to to live consciously and choose what they do and think - they will transform their lives and improve their health, happiness and effectiveness in every way.  Drastic to Fantastic helps women who are already struggling to transform or women who want to improve from where they are now.
    In Monday 22nd July's show Clara interviews Liva Nemeth of pelfixtechnique.co.uk about the importance of pelvic fitness and what women can do about it.
    Livia Nemeth will also be one of the keynote speakers at the 'Drastic to Fantastic women's road show' at the Croydon Conference Centre on the 23&24th November 2013.

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    DJ Mango Reggae lounge live from Uk

    in Music

    HOW I GOT STARTED bin buying and playing reggae music since i was about 8 or 9 years old always used to try make up two decks from wot ever i could find thats how i ran as a kid always loved the ska and reggae beat one good thing bowt reggae music when it hits u u feel no pain its a sence of release from your self come a long way from bedroom dj playing dub plates..... STYLE OF MUSIC reggae ska blue beat dnb jungle.....DJS I ADMIRE david rodigan tony willliams saxon coxan....FIRST PLACE I PLAYED OUT kybuttz ein gev isriel i run the bar and started spinning trojan style reggae in 1985....DREAM VENU TO PLAY reggae sunsplash jamacia..... PLACES IVE PLAYED vareious pubs in london, barbados blues in leads blues in cambelwell soul celler croydon gypsy tavern croydon www.djaudio.co.uk and fishy fm....BIT BOWT ME as a lover of all music reggae is my passion comes from the soul so one love to all and respect coz u know it due if you love music....BLESSINGS....