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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. James Berenson, MD, IMBCR

    in Health

    Multiple myeloma is typically tracked by measuring the M-protein, also called the "M-spike." But in some patients, the M-protein gets lost, making it difficult if not impossible to detect myeloma levels without a bone marrow biopsy. Dr. James R. Berenson, MD of the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research has been working on a new test (assay) and has found direct correllations between levels of BCMA and the M-spike. He also has identified new clues that BCMA levels can provide related to outcomes within specific patient populations. Learn more in this show about a new and potentially easier way to detect myeloma, which would be incredibly valuable for the non-secretor. 

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Paul Shami, MD, Huntsman Cancer Institute

    in Health

    JSK is the first in its class with a new and unique method of killing multiple myeloma. It has a broad-spectrum anti-cancer activity, especially for myeloma and AML (acute myeloid leukemia) but is not toxic for normal cells. The JSK product is running through the standard approval process and is now in an advanced stage of pre-clinical development. Orphan drug designation has been obtained for myeloma and toxicology studies are now in the planning stages. JSK is active against drug-resistant myeloma cells and could be use with bortezomib to treat multiple myeloma. Dr. Paul Shami, MD of the Huntsman Cancer Institute joins us to describe the develoment and use of this new treatment now in development.

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    2016 Digital Learning Day

    in Education

    Digital Learning Day  is a national campaign that celebrates educators and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice and effective use of technology in-and-out of classrooms throughout the country. Join us on this episode of NWP radio to hear from staff and key partners as they discuss how to participate in the fifth annual Digital Learning Day and engage with NWP's digital initiatives throughout the year.

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    in Education


    iNACOL state policy experts Dale Frost and Susan Gentz joins us for a look at how ESSA affects online learning re assessment, accountability and maybe some other words that begin with 'a' too


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    Kabbalah, Learning To Receive

    in Spirituality

    Join Host/Co-Host Arnie Levine and and Stephen Ezakovich for their monthly discussion on Purpose, Life, and Fulfillment...."Kabbalah, Learning To Receive"

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    ALS Crowd Radio: Dr. Alfred Goldberg, PhD, Harvard Medical School

    in Health

    Borrowing from one cancer treatment to treat another is common, but the insights learned from a cancer treatment class of drugs could be applied to neurological disorders like ALS. Dr. Alfred Goldberg, PhD of Harvard Medical School has deep expertise in proteasome inhibitors. These drugs are commonly used in blood cancers, but he has found a potential use for them in neurological disorders including ALS. 

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    Rediscovering the Joy of Learning with APS Teachers

    in Homeschooling

    Loving Learning - Rediscovering the Joy

    Hosted by Global Online Access Possibilties School teachers, Christine DiDomenico, Adelle King, Simone Padur and Sylvia Puentes

    Join us every week, beginning Monday, February 1, at 12:30 Pacific, to talk about kids, teachers, parents, education, home and so much more.

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    This Week's Guest is Learning Disabilities Advocate Jason Oliver

    in Health

    Learning Disabilities Advocate Jason Oliver joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Jason comes from a learning disabilities background and has overcome obstacles to become successful in every area of his life.. He now helps children and adults with disabilities to be all that they can be. This week's subject will be guiding a person with learning disabilities in obtaining employment.

    During the first half hour, Tony will go over additions to our website and will talk about the health topic of his choice.

    During the second half hour, Luella's topic will be addressing learning disabilities.




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    Accelerated healing clearing out but you no longer need

    in Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone and welcome to Soul Tuesday ,with www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful

    Jan. 26th, 2016 , taking calls 347-205 9957 for accelerated healing mini sessions, chat room open. 3p.m.- 4:30 east.

    My guest Joa & Maqua will gift us with the wisdom of accelerated healing. A tool that unlocks your perfect energy. Often suppressed old emotions from past traumatic experiences are trapped in our bodies. By using a  magnet,Joa & Maqua will show us how to swipe them out. Sounds unbelievable , but Miracles keep happening. Ask me how I know.

    JOA JANAKOAYAS, MA is President and Senior faculty member of the University of Mount Shasta. Joa holds two Masters Degrees in Spiritual Psychology, the second from the University of Santa Monica.

    MAQUA IQUA, MA. is a graduate and faculty member of University of Mount Shasta and Certified Accelerated Healing Instructor. She is a sought after holistic healer,certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Integrative Quantum Medicine Practitioner. Maqua is also a certified Empowerment Coach and certified Calling in the One Soulmate coach.

    You will learn how to get permanent relief from physical and emotional issues fast.

    Pray you feel to join us.

    Love Vanda


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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Ola Landgren, MD, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering

    in Health

    New developments for multiple myeloma are happening at an ever increasing pace. Dr. Ola Landgren is Chief of the Myeloma Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and heavily involved in the direction of myeloma research, both nationally and internationally. In this show he will give a wrap up of the recent Rome International Myeloma Working Group meeting as well as an ASH preview (for the upcoming December conference). He will also share up and coming clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to incorporate these new treatments into clinical practice. Learn what new drugs will be available and how they can be used in the myeloma clinic. 

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    SECURE America With USCF & 1%Watchdog's Asymmetrical Crowd Defense & Intel Grid!

    in National

    SECURE America With USCF & 1%Watchdog's Asymmetrical Crowd Defense & Intel Grid!

    Learn about the United States Civilian Forces and all 7 core components of their Civilian Defense Grid designed to protect the people, property and principles of the United States out in Geeo-Cyber-Space from acts of tyranny by state and non-state actors, foreign and domestic!

    1) USCF Watch Team - on Zello App

    2) USCF Civil Defense Radar - at USCFHQ.blogspot.com

    3) USCF Daily Intel Briefs, Reports and Data

    4) USCF Policy Disccussion Group - on Zello App

    5) USCF Supply Team - on Zello App

    6) USCF Action Team - on Zello App

    7) USCF Civil Defense Updates - Here on blogtalkradio.com!


    Call in with questions during the show LIVE!