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    Chris Pawelski: Farmroot

    in Entrepreneur

    We met Mr. Pawelski in his fight for his farm, now he is on to talk on his idea of Farmroot, this idea helps both Farmers sell more crops and those in most need of good food.

    Mr. Pawelski, will tell us on his idea how it helps all parties.

    I am very impressed in how in the middle of a fight, Mr. Pawelski can think of others. I am very happy to be part of his effort to do so

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    "How To Plan and Plant a Garden" with Host Terrance Muhammad

    in Food

    Welcome to Farming and Gardening, presented by the News, Research and Communications Committee! Your Host is Brother Terrance Muhammad, he is looking forward to giving instruction to many who have asked him to provide them with this information, so this evening our program will be instructional...be ready to take some notes to keep in a file so that when you begin to focus on planning to plant your garden indoors or outdoors you will have notes to refer too! We look forward to your questions and comments on Saturday February 6, 2016 at 8:00pm, est.To enter the studio dial 347-945-5454. To enter the chat room go to the Ministry of Agriculture home page and scroll down where you will enter http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa

     To visit the farm go to www.noimoa,com. Thanks to all who have been supportive of our community show throughout the previous years (2.5).To contact the programs engineer: im.tb.09122011@gmai.com. Thanks to all!

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    The Originals "Wild at Heart" Review

    in Entertainment

    Join The Originals hosts every Saturday as they discuss the highlights of the latest episode.

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    While Klaus finds himself dealing with pressing matters at home, Elijah reluctantly aligns with Aya after learning that she may have knowledge of an elusive weapon that could kill an Original Vampire for good. Meanwhile, alone and shunned by her coven of witches, a desperate Davina is left conflicted after she is approached with an enticing offer that could bring her one step closer to reuniting with Kol. Hayley, Marcel and Cami also appear.

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    Wild Out Wednesday W/ Ebony and Sirr BG

    in Radio

    Ebony and Sirr BG does it again Wild'N out. By now yall know how it go. No rules just all out wilding. Don't be scared it's going down. It will be fun, grown, sexy, freaky, and extreme. Never know what could happen. It's all fun and games when you WILDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OUTTTTTT..... 

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    Dan Kurzrock ReGrained Eat Beer

    in Entrepreneur

    We turn from the attacks on Farmers to some shows on Food issues of Food Waste

    Dan Kurzrock with Regrain will be on to talk abould this cool company and how they take left over product from brewing Beer and make eatables from this, saveing room in Landfills as they make yummy food!

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    in Entertainment

    A cowhand once told Hoots "You’re hotter than the West Texas Sun, and as purdy as the Pecos sunset". She’s a hot cup of a woman with a dash of sexy, and a sprinkle of funny on top. She’s a proud grandmother of 5 precious little cowgirls, and so excited that to have a little cowboy due in June of this year! She loves Lone Star Beer, camping, gardening, cookbooks, sewing, entertaining family and friends, motorcycling with husband and biker friends, and going boot scoot'n with her sweet husband, The Duke. She’s a small town Texas gal, lived in Azle, Texas all her life! She’s owned a salon in Azle since 1997, and currently owns Kimberly's Vintage Beauty Parlour. She started burlesque in 2014 at the Burlesque Experience in Dallas. She’s now producing Fort Worth Wild West Burlesque and Variety Shows, visioned after the old west, including fire and aerial performers, circus performers, magicians, sideshow and freak shows! She;s bringing back the 'FEELS' of the traveling wild west shows at Scotts' Theater in Fort Worth, TX. This pistol pack'n sexy grandma is ready to DRAW!

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    Make Your Fears Work for You - Dark Goddess Study 3

    in Women

    This sweek we will discuss the witch and the crone.

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    Marjorie Farabee with latest update on threats to shoot wild burros in Arizona

    in Politics

    Hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

    Our guest is MARJORIE FARABEE, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, the Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (home of TMR Rescue) and founder of Wild Burro Protection League. 

    For over a year, Marjorie has been investigating the situation at the Black Mountain HMA in Arizona, and alerted the public that the BLM, catering to developers of wind, gas, and agriculture, threatened to roundup many of the few remaining wild burros.  Recently, there has been an even bigger threat: the Mojave County Supervisors recklessly suggested selling hunting permits to shoot the wild burros.  Find out the latest details in this update.


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    wild wednesday

    in Current Events

    Jeff and Sticks converse on the crazy Iowa outcomes Massad Ayoob drops in to talk gun control and BTW they blew up a passenger jet last night

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    "The Farm Report" with Dr. Ridgely M.Muhammad

    in Food

    Welcome and thank you for returning! We desire for each of you to have a prosperous year in 2016, in all that you do of good! We do not need any more bad guyzz...big grin! Your host for the show is Dr. Ridgely M. Muhammad and as you know -  expect the unexpected. We are setting up early for next week, due to an ice storm where the studio is located, in Virginia, some of our equipment is failing to operate, consistently. So we offer you this opportunity to visit the archives this evening, January 23, 2016 and select from the many recordings placed there for the past 2.5 years. We recommend the January 16, 2016 show with returning guest Vickie Marrone, an organic soil specialist, she was great! We look forward to your presence in the studio next Saturday January 30, 2016 at 8:00p.m. est. studio # is 347-945-5454.  Have a safe week, according to the weather broadcasts there are storms across the entire nation, some worse then others...

    To visit the farm and learn about us and become a contributor go to www.noimoa.com, look for the blogtalkradio button and give until your heart is content ! Program engineer, im.tb.09122011@gmail.com.

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    Clinical Case Studies w/DNA, Herbs & Trigger Points

    in Health

    Your hosts will elaborate on cases from their clinics this past week which will give insight into high-level skills utilized to alleviate pain, and internal conditions. Cases will be explained in detail and treatment protocols, their modifications will be discussed in detail. Join us and call in to share your stories or if you just have questions with cases of your own.