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    Alex Jones is Right! Snowden is Right! Government Crooks Via FaceBook!

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    Alex Jones at Info Wars, Snowden, and others have warned us about the NSA, CIA, and other Governmental Crooks listening to private calls, emails, and shutting down freedom of speech. I just experienced it and WILL NOT be silent. WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND AGAINST GOVERNMENT TYRANY. Other topics include...Prime Minister Netanyahu is urging Jews to return to Israel due to ant-semitism. The United States President is giving Israel the cold shoulder, while the Speaker of the House has given him an invitation to speak before Congress. These are the End Times and this nation needs prayer. Call to Prayer in Front of the White House September 11, 2015. Contact Evangelist K L Rich via email at Finish@It-IsFinished.Com or 404-822-1339.

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    You Need The Crooks In The Church

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    We Are Please To Present Evangelist Darlene Campbell Here On The Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministry Where The Holy Spirit Is Our Overseer And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We Are A Bible Believing Ministry That Is Teaching Preaching And Reaching The Lost Souls For The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Name Of Jesus,All Are Welcome To Fellowship With Us Monday Through Friday From 10:30a.m Est Until 2:30 p.m Est And Saturday's From 12 p.m Est Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411


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    Charlie Crimebuster Car Jacking Tricks crooks use

    in Education

    Session II on How to avoid a Carjacking...in this session of the Charlie Crimebuster show, DC Crime-buster shares practical tips that few people think about to help avoid a car=jacking. Learn the newest "tricks" that the carjackers use to take your car and even sometimes lives. Most of all, learn how to avoid the 5 tricks that these perps use. Every parent should know these tricks and teach their young drivers how to protect themselves from them. 

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    The Brave May Fall But Never Yield. Democrats of all ages, social classes, beliefs and ethnicities, we are in for the fight of our lives this election cycle. A fight for what is right and just in America. On November 4, 2014 the election trumpet will sound. Will you awake from your slumber and answer the call? The torch has been lighted, the dawn is at hand. Who'll join us in the fight for our Land? This is ours to lose if we don't show up and vote. Too much is at stake as Republicans will do everything to win. Steal, cheat and lie is their matra as they have no plans for moving America forward. Your vote will stop them and bring back sense to the choatic political madness caused by them since 2010.

    What if the GOP took over the U.S. Senate and won more seats in the 435 member House of Representatives? If they won both chambers of Congress, we can look forward to them:

    Repealing the Affordable Care Act (replacing it with nothing)
    Impeaching Barack Obama (on bullshit charges)
    Privatizing Social Security and ending Medic Care/Medic Aid
    Killing Public School funding and creating FOR PROFIT Chartered Schools
    Having more Foreign Wars for Oil and defund much needed Infrastructure
    Eliminating the EPA, Departments of Education, Trade & Commerce and Interior
    Doing nothing about Immigration nor creating good Jobs
    Defund countless important Government Departments (wanting, but not getting, smaller Government)
    Give more tax cuts for the 1% with no regulations for Wall Street & Big Banks
    Assaulting Women's Rights, Gay Rights, etc.

    What will it take for America to wake up & fight back against Republican greed & corruption? The moment has arrived. It's put up or shut up time. C'MON DEMOCRATS!

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123



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    Madison Star Moon Exposing Sandy Crooks

    in Environment

    Madison Star Moon & friends discuss the false flag, gun grab FEMA exercise known as "Sandy Hook".

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    Ruthie Report: Live at Border, Roberts Crooks, Canadian Camera Crew, Feds

    in Politics

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fed's descend on Vekol Valley and

    Canadian Camera Crew filming Documentary

    Please join Ruthie on Thursday March 13th, 2014 from 8-10 pm CST on THE RUTHIE REPORT

    with GUEST: Robert "Lil "Dog" Crooks

    Please join Ruthie and ..... Robert LIVE from the ARIZONA BORDER

    Robert is - as many Patriots are doing - taking action against this invasion.

    eating, sleeping and reporting on the southern front in Vekol Valley, AZ

    Now the Fed's have descended - shutting this valley down - GREAT NEWS!!!

    Robert will update us on why and just what is happening

    And unlike the American MSM who ignore the dangerous and lawless situation

    along our southern border - some media is AWAKE and PAYING ATTENTION

    A Canadian Camera Crew is on their way to Robert - as we speak to film/document

    the influx of drugs, illegal entry and human smuggling

    Please join us as Robert fills us in -


    Cpt. Robert Crooks is the founder and leader of the Mountain Minutemen.

    Currently they are working a operation called: TAKE BACK THE NIGHT

    Website : http://www.mountainminutemen.com/

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    Robert Crooks on the Border and TBV special report

    in Politics

    Texas Border on their last watch. ROBERT CROOKS This will be a GREAT show - live from the border and with a recent catch -just two days ago - of six north bound undocumented International travelers!
    Cpt. Robert Crooks is the founder and leader of the Mountain Minutemen. Currently they are working a operation called: TAKE BACK THE NIGHT
    This operation is in AZ. on I-8, at the head of the VEKOL VALLEY...
    We have a strangle hold on the drug smuggling operation here. We have been very active in the "Counter-Narco Terrorism" aspect of the immigration issue.
    They have positioned themselves on BLM#8009, a route 1 mile south of Interstate 8. at the dead end of Freeman Road -
    a direct route to the Tohno-Odham Indian Reservation which has been taken over by the Sinaloa Cartel. Cartels using Ariz. mountaintops to spy on cops - Nightly News - msnbc.com
    More than $7 million in pot found in abandoned vehicles

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    ISPS Radio Podcast w/ Commissioner @ManuelFerrero

    in Sports

    ISPS Radio Podcast w/ Commissioner @ManuelFerrero


    Every Tuesday Night talk to the Commissioner of ISPS, Manuel T. Ferrero III.  Call 347-637-3978 and talk about Slow Pitch Softball!


    Tonight we talk about last week's tournaments with Pierre Denson from Fort Myers, Florida, Vince Crooks from Torrance, California and Dr. Marlow Hernandez from Pembrok Pines to talk about the CANO HEALTH Charity Softball Tournament.


    Also, Florida State Director, Gabe Caride to talk about upcoming tournament.



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    Susie Madrak & Jay Ackroyd • VS Sundays

    in Politics Progressive

    From Martin Luther King to Eric Holder. Commentary from Susie Madrak Managing editor at Crooks and Liars and Jay Ackroyd. Political satire from Culture of Truth. Susie’s blog is Suburban Guerrilla at susiemadrak.com. Follow @SusieMadrak @JayAckroyd @Bobblespeak

    From Susie: Holder Limits Asset Seizures Under Federal Program

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    Eliminating Worry & Stress to create Financial Success! with Chellie Campbell

    in Business

    Women have some very specific fears related to success and money.  Boy when I dug into this myself, I realised I had more fears and beliefs around money than I could have imagined!  I know it's likely you can relate.

    A recent study said that “almost half of U.S. women fear becoming bag ladies, even many of those earning six-figure salaries.” The financial services industry is always telling us that we’re going to run out of money, we won’t be able to retire or pay our medical expenses. No wonder people are afraid.  And to compound it all we have a community of heart-centered soul-preneurs who find it difficult to ask for money, value their own work through their offers, and charge a good rate for what they are doing.

    They often didn't have a problem with it, when working for someone else or in the corporate world, but it's that 'working for yourself'piece, and the spiritual connection that can also get our the way!  

    I'm excited to have Chellie Campbell, a fabulous Finance Mentor and Author who's been to hell and back in her own world of financial freedom.  She's been so successful that she now conducts many workshops and has licensed desseminators of her work.  

    She's written her 3rd book!   From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress and we're going get into the nitty gritty of how to get out of that worry or stress state that keeps us from financial success!  

    Join us for what will be a very interesting show.   If you have any questions you'd like to ask, please email info@keystoclarity.com and we'll endeavor to address them LIVE. :)


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    Why Politics And Religion Argue Creationism And Evolution Not Science

    in Music

    Mass confusion on world reality, and the reason is, crooks don't want people to know the literal act that created  modern people.

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