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    EFT Master Jaqui Crooks' MasterClass: Sharing What I've Learned

    in Self Help

    TapFest is pleased to welcome back EFT Master Jacqui Crooks, whose 15 years of experience has now been contained in her EFT Masterclass webinar series.  Those of you who haven't met or worked with her are in for a treat!  On this episode of TapFest, Jaqui speaks candidly about her desire to share her skills with those of you who really want to make an even greater difference for your clients and your own level of satisfaction, too.  During our visit we'll discuss how to introduce techniques and tips you can use straight away, and start using in your sessions for better results.

    Jacqui says "For a long while I’ve been wanting to offer my skills to those who don’t live in the UK.The Masterclass series will build your skill set, and includes the most important things I’ve learned since I started using EFT in 1999.” Listeners will get a secret, substantial  discount, too!

    We'll discuss these Masterclasses:

    Getting to the real roots of an issue easily
    Using language for change (including reframing)
    Working with parts and the inner child
    Clearing Ancestral and family patterns
    Rebirthing to create a new start for the rest of your life
    Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead

    Join TapFest host Jondi Whitis for another lively evening conversation with the best EFT experts, authors and practitioners to super-charge your results and satisfaction with EFT.  You can find Trainer & Practitioner Jondi in NYC, USA.  Jondi@TapFest.com, or meet her in person at the giant Spring Energy Event in April, 2015!

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    You Need The Crooks In The Church

    in Current Events

    We Are Please To Present Evangelist Darlene Campbell Here On The Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministry Where The Holy Spirit Is Our Overseer And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We Are A Bible Believing Ministry That Is Teaching Preaching And Reaching The Lost Souls For The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Name Of Jesus,All Are Welcome To Fellowship With Us Monday Through Friday From 10:30a.m Est Until 2:30 p.m Est And Saturday's From 12 p.m Est Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411


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    Alex Jones is Right! Snowden is Right! Government Crooks Via FaceBook!

    in Christianity

    Alex Jones at Info Wars, Snowden, and others have warned us about the NSA, CIA, and other Governmental Crooks listening to private calls, emails, and shutting down freedom of speech. I just experienced it and WILL NOT be silent. WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND AGAINST GOVERNMENT TYRANY. Other topics include...Prime Minister Netanyahu is urging Jews to return to Israel due to ant-semitism. The United States President is giving Israel the cold shoulder, while the Speaker of the House has given him an invitation to speak before Congress. These are the End Times and this nation needs prayer. Call to Prayer in Front of the White House September 11, 2015. Contact Evangelist K L Rich via email at Finish@It-IsFinished.Com or 404-822-1339.

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    The Brave May Fall But Never Yield. Democrats of all ages, social classes, beliefs and ethnicities, we are in for the fight of our lives this election cycle. A fight for what is right and just in America. On November 4, 2014 the election trumpet will sound. Will you awake from your slumber and answer the call? The torch has been lighted, the dawn is at hand. Who'll join us in the fight for our Land? This is ours to lose if we don't show up and vote. Too much is at stake as Republicans will do everything to win. Steal, cheat and lie is their matra as they have no plans for moving America forward. Your vote will stop them and bring back sense to the choatic political madness caused by them since 2010.

    What if the GOP took over the U.S. Senate and won more seats in the 435 member House of Representatives? If they won both chambers of Congress, we can look forward to them:

    Repealing the Affordable Care Act (replacing it with nothing)
    Impeaching Barack Obama (on bullshit charges)
    Privatizing Social Security and ending Medic Care/Medic Aid
    Killing Public School funding and creating FOR PROFIT Chartered Schools
    Having more Foreign Wars for Oil and defund much needed Infrastructure
    Eliminating the EPA, Departments of Education, Trade & Commerce and Interior
    Doing nothing about Immigration nor creating good Jobs
    Defund countless important Government Departments (wanting, but not getting, smaller Government)
    Give more tax cuts for the 1% with no regulations for Wall Street & Big Banks
    Assaulting Women's Rights, Gay Rights, etc.

    What will it take for America to wake up & fight back against Republican greed & corruption? The moment has arrived. It's put up or shut up time. C'MON DEMOCRATS!

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123



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    FLAUXY GZ -WHATS POPPIN 21, 2 PAC - A CELEBRATION, 9:00AM PST 646-595-3402

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    A lesson from the tragic church shooting- plus more ways to stay safe

    in Education

    In South Carolina the unthinkable happened. While people were praying, a hate filled young man shot people dead. What one lesson can we learn to keep ourselves safe from such mad men? Also, we continue to share with you ways to make your safety a lifestyle that fits and feels good. More crazy crooks, cyber crime and News You Can Use! 

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    Susie Madrak & Sara Robinson • Conversations with Conservatives

    in Politics Progressive

    Finding common ground, seeing change. Sara Robinson and Susie Madrak (Mng Ed. Crooks and Liars) compare notes. Political satire from Culture of Truth. Jay Ackroyd hosts.

    The 2015 Virtually Speaking Media Panel: Andrew Jerrell Jones, Avedon Carol, Charles Lenchner, Cliff Schecter, David Dayen, Dave Johnson, David Waldman, digby, Gaius Publius, Joan McCarter, Marcy Wheeler, RJ Eskow, Sara Robinson, Spocko, Stuart Zechman, Susan Madrak.

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    Afternoon Chat On Current Events Disabled Veterans Issues

    in Current Events

    Once again I bitch, howler, scream about how it's not just the Veterans Administration screwing Disabled Veterans everyday. The same methods are utilized by the Senate And Congress seems like when it comes to screwing Disabled Veterans Or Retired Veterans. Here the latest on todays show.

    Also I have a Five Minute audio piece from National Public Radio that a interview they done with Representative Seth Moulton on his rescent visit to a Veterans Hospital.

    So call into the show at (646) 716-8912 and ask question or give comment

    This just in ! My request was just denied by The Disabled Veterans National Foundation which is a charitable organization . They could not underwrite some Radio Broadcast for Disabled Veteran Radio.

    Good Day William,

    That is not a service we provide, but thank you for your inquiry.

    Kind Regards,

    Resource Team


    Oh and my friend is trying to get me in for a audition for the Randy Jackson Guitar.


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    What Would Life Be Like Without Business?

    in Lifestyle

    Can you believe that without business you wouldn't have a roof over your head?  Can you believe that without government you would have more money to spend?  Can you believe there is another way to look at life that doesn't include following another human being?

    Can you see that creating a value is in line with our Creator and that we should value the values of Business people?  Can you see that without business there would be  no Government?  Good for you?  Isn't it time to look at honest business people in a different light than crooks and thieves?  At least consider it!

    If you can't agree or if you do agree, call me up and give me an earful of your "double-barrel brain" as I call it!   You will have plenty of time to let me have it !

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    Charlie Crimebuster Car Jacking Tricks crooks use

    in Education

    Session II on How to avoid a Carjacking...in this session of the Charlie Crimebuster show, DC Crime-buster shares practical tips that few people think about to help avoid a car=jacking. Learn the newest "tricks" that the carjackers use to take your car and even sometimes lives. Most of all, learn how to avoid the 5 tricks that these perps use. Every parent should know these tricks and teach their young drivers how to protect themselves from them. 

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    Yes, Yes, Hell NO! Turning your Biggest Fears into Trustworthy Friends.

    in Business

    Ready to start creating the flow, momentum and success that's been eluding you?  

    If you've been feeling stuck or having resistance around something you truly want to bring into being, you might be surprised to find out what's been holding you back...

    Dr Brian Whetten, who I met at an event recently - revealed something HUGE!   That 99% of us have a Yes, Yes, Hell NO holding us back from our BIG Dream or Vision.   

    I personally discovered that I had been holding back on walking my talk around Visibility - which is the BIG thing I teach and coach my clients around.   DING! DING!!     (we teach what we most need to learn - right?!)

    Brian Whetten is not only a well respected and successful executive coach, leadership consultant and author, who coaches leaders (whose names you know) from behind the scenes, but he is also very connected to a self-development and spiritual path - that all led to what he is doing today.  He's tapped in!

    If you're ready to get out of your OWN way - and start seeing the successes and results you've been striving for, then come and join us to find out what your particular Yes, Yes, Hell No is, and what you can do about it.

    Brian recently authored the book based on this premise called Yes, Yes, Hell NO - the Little Book for making Big Decisions. 

    He'll not only help us shine a light on our fears and transform them, but he'll show us a tool on how to make important decisions in life, AND getting more of what you want most in life. 

    Can't wait to dive into this juicy conversation.

    Join us!   Schedule in the date and time by using the reminder setting on this page.   Don't miss it - he has a gift for you.