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    Overweight, Obesity, Eating Disorders: How Can Hypnosis Help?

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    Our culture today has become obsessed with diets. Instead of that word simply meaning, "that which you eat", it has become a word that implies deprivation, starving, restriction, and sacrifice. There are so many fads and theories about how to achieve that perfect body, (whether realistic or not), and yet more and more people are suffering with allergies, digestive disturbance, and more serious conditions like cancer, celiac, and Crohn's Disease, as well as eating disorders such as anorexia, bulemia, pica, and Pradar Willi Syndrome. Despite the media and the quest for the perfect figure, the obesity epidemic continues and we know all too well (hopefully) how this condition can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, not to mention other conditions like arthritis that are complicated by increasing weight.  

    Last time, we discussed how Ayurveda views food as medicine and how to incorporate Ayurvedic principles to achieve perfect weight and balance. Today Nick and Joanna will be discussing how hypnosis can help manage and heal the myriad of eating disorders that seem to affect us today.

    Is it a matter of willpower, or are we powerless to make the changes we need to make to live a happier, healthier life where we can live longer and prevent disease before it starts?

    Whether it's a matter of a few pounds you would like to lose, or a more serious problem of obesity and/or a related illness, hypnosis can help, along with a sensible diet and lifestyle that decreases stress, and brings some ease and sanity to this epidemic problem.  

    Find us always at www.thekalyanacentre.com / www.drjoannacarmichael.com or 484-412-8815.  

    Receive 20% off an initial consultation with Nick or Joanna when you mention this show! 

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    Health and Wellness

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    Today's show will cover recent health news including measles vaccines, AMA ethics, Governments bad diet advice, aggressiion in boys, feast and famine diet, women vets, coffee and multiple sclerosis, teachers influence on girls, oat toxins, fish oil, vitamin D, green lipped muscles, NSAID dangers, exercise, diabetes, painkiller abuse and HIV, food additives and crohn's disease, marjuana, Risperdal and male breasts,  birth control pills and brain tumors, Triclosan, probiotic bacteria, gut microbes, Helmet add-on's and concussions, sick medical practices in India, Fluoridation and thyroid function, antibiotics, and lastly more on vaccines.

    Each week Dr. Epley, D.C., C.C.W.P, and Dr. Gofourth, D.C. will discuss current health news and noteworthy studies, and their impact on our health.  Our emphysis is primarily on toxicity and deficiency and how this stress negatively effects our health.  Creating sufficency and eliminating toxicity by eating well, moving well, and thinking well can reverse the negative effects of stress and can lead to a lifetime of health and wellness.

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    The Untamed Fire of Crohn's Disease

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    Join us Tuesday, February 24th 2015 at 7:00 pm Est USA, as we regain our digestive health in dealing with Crohn's Disease.

    Crohn's Disease is becoming a popular disorder within the american culture. Millions of people now suffer daily with the crippling symptoms of this disease. With an untamed bout of inflammation running rampant within the digestive system, Crohn's Disease causes serious issues within the human body. 

    Miss Raina shares the knowledge of this destructive and possibly deadly disease. Learn how to correct this disease by changing your lifestyle!


    Call Miss Raina 310-861-2341

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    #170: The Wahls Protocol with Dr. Terry Wahls

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    1. What’s new for you from Diane [3:27]
    2. Introducing our guest, Dr. Terry Wahls [4:24]
    How long should I stay strictly on the Wahls Protocol? [15:57]
    Managing the Wahls Protocol with a busy lifestyle [19:37]
    What if my doctor isn't ready to listen? [23:35]
    Ketogenic Wahls Protocol and Hashimoto's [26:44]
    Dr. Wahls' take on coffee [29:18]
    How varied should our vegetable choices be? [30:19]
    Eating large amounts of fiber with Irritable Bowel Disease/Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis [37:39]
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Seafood Health Benefits [40:05]
    3. An interview from our sponsor: Seafood Sustainability with Randy Hartnell [43:53]
    Update on Dr. Wahl's research trials [46:42]
    Dr. Wahls' book updates [59:16]

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    Imagine Living Healthier with Fitness Coach and Author Bridgette L. Collins

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    Fitness coach Bridgette L. Collins is the owner of Total Innovative Wellness Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm that provides individuals and organizations with strategic solutions for implementing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits. Through MAC Fitness and Origins Publishing Company, subsidiaries of Total Innovative Wellness Solutions, LLC, she introduces innovative and creative resources for achieving well-being and physical fitness to help her clients gain traction on disease prevention and management. 

    Coach Collins is the author of three books, Broken In Plain Sight, Destined to Live Healthier: Mind, Body, and Soul, and Imagine Living Healthier: Mind, Body, and Soul, which have educated, encouraged, and empowered many through her intriguing and creative novel-like self-help stories that peel back the masks of challenges with weight, health, work, marriage, relationships, and lack of self-love. She is featured in The Ultimate Runner by Ultimate HCI Books, publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Her story, "Never Give Up: My Journey to Become a Runner", of transitioning from the sofa to the streets to become a marathon runner has inspired many to move their lifestyle habits in a different direction.

    Coach Collins is a certified personal trainer through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and a certified running coach through Road Runners Club of America. She has been an avid runner for more than 20 years participating in a plethora of race events (from 5Ks to marathons). She has coached a large number of beginner walkers and runners both privately and for national organizations like the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. For seven (7) years, she served as the race director and coordinator for the KwanzaaFest Beat Obesity Walk/Run Events held annually in Dallas, TX.

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    Steve Knowlton Running across the US two times. Why you should set goals

    in Motivation

    Running from Seattle, Washington to Key Largo, Florida in 2010 to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for crohn's disease.  He raised awareness and received many letters throughout the country and the world showing appreciation for bringing this unpopular disease to the forefront. 

    He recently published "Longer I Run" that tells of his early beginnings and introduction to running, his journey through the debilitating diseases of Crohn's and Alcoholism.  "there are great days ahead for me, I am just past two years of sobriety".

    He recently ran across America to honor veterans and work for change in the areas of homelessness, suicide and employment. 

    Steve Knowlton 


    Strategies of Success - Brian A Cohen DTM - www.briansos.com

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    Heal Your Gut!! Natural Solutions for IBS, Crohn's Dis, and G.E.R.D.

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    YES!! There is a Natural solution for Digestive Issues!! We will go over causes and cures for  IBS, G.E.R.D., Crohn's Disease.

    You will find the toxic environmental causes and you will get the keys on how to detox.

    Your gut can heal within 30 days

    Learn the keys to health!!

    Don't miss this episode!!

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    Relationship expert will help you and Dr. Bob verifies existence of spirit

    in Spirituality

    Who doesn’t want to reduce their stress and increase their passion? Today we have with us our own Relationship Expert. Janice Hoffmanhelps men and women understand why men and women think and behave the way they do.

    What makes Janice unique is her relationship with Dr. John Gray, creator of the Mars Venus world. Janice was the first Mars VenusFacilitator, personally trained by John Gray. She quickly became the Training Director for the Mars Venus Institute. Over the years, Janice helped train over 550 Mars Venus Facilitators worldwide.

    Radio host and author Dr. Bob Newton, author of Pathways to God and The Hidden Codes of God, will talk about biofeedback mechanisms in the body that allow us to verify and experience our Creator. He reveals devices and objects that magnify your connection to the Creator.

    Dr, Newton has healed many maladies including Cancer, AIDS and Crohn’s Disease. He has avidly pursued the study of Metaphysics and the Spiritual Sciences since the age of fifteen. Call in for a lively discussion about spirit and connection to God.


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    Brett A. Scudder hosts Human Conditions of the Aftermath of a Completed Suicide

    in Lifestyle

    Join Mr. Brett A. Scudde for The Human Conditions of the Aftermath of a Completed Suicide with guests Ms. Amy Susan Crohn and Ms. Laura Clark.

    About the Tour.

    SISFI is hosting our Suicide Awareness and Prevention NY Tour on Sept. 17th - Oct 3rd across NYC, Long Island and Westchester to bring more awareness, services, programs and resources to address the increasing numbers of people facing serious life and emotional challenges, and human suffering with suicide ideations/thoughts, and supporting families who lost loved ones to suicide.

    The theme of the tour is “Look into my heart and mind, tell me what you see”. It highlights the realities of not knowing what’s in a person’s mind or on their heart by what we see on the outside, and that we must engage in dialog and allow an open and comfortable atmosphere for people to open up and express themselves. The workshops and radio shows of the tour are scheduled at different times every day across the 3 cities.

    We have aligned 15 community workshops, 3 luncheons and 15 radio shows to bring people, mental health professionals, energy therapists, health professionals, survivors and healers together to address this very serious and important topic affecting many people in our communities. While the community workshops are local in the 3 cities, the radio shows will have guests from across the country who lost loved ones, and practitioners who specializes in the support, treatment, recovery and healing of mental health, life coaching, emotional wellness and human suffering.

    The tour schedule is at http://sisfi.org/suicidetours.html. Like the tour page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sisfi.suicideawarenesstours and Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/SuicideAPTours.

    Please share and help to promote. For any questions please contact us at SISFI via (347) 817-8686 or Ask@sisfi.org.

    Thank you and God bless. #OneLove


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    In Short Order -- Paul Battle, PA-C

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    Paul Battle PA-C obtained his bachelor of science degree in Physiology from the University of California Davis. He completed his Physician Assistant training at Emory University School of Medicine in 1981. He has practiced for over 30 years in 10 different specialties around the United States. He currently works in a neurosurgical practice implanting spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulators in Denver Colorado. Additionally he has a wellness practice in Golden, Colorado.

    He was introduced to low dose naltrexone in 2007 reading Dr. Jill Smith’s article about naltrexone and Crohn’s disease. Unfortunately his 10-year-old son was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease. In 2007 his son had an acute exacerbation where naltrexone saved his life. Since that time Paul’s mission has been to educate many people about low dose naltrexone.

    PA Battle has lectured at several international medical conferences about the use of low dose naltrexone in autoimmune disease and cancer. He uses it for several different applications in his practices.

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    In Short Order -- Robert Jones, Live Streaming CEO

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    November 2-8 is LDN Awareness Week.  The 2014 LDN AIIC Conference is raising awareness about a ground-breaking drug (LDN) that has proven beneficial in treating over 175 health conditions

    Physicians, patients and experts from all over the world will gather in Las Vegas this November at a major conference to discuss and raise awareness about a ground-breaking drug that can help eradicate pain for those affected by a range of autoimmune diseases and conditions.

    The LDN 2014 AIIC Conference 2014 will take place on the 7th and 8th November at the MEET in Las Vegas with a number of high profile medical experts confirmed to speak.

    Doctors around the world are now starting to realize the benefits of using LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) to treat a range of conditions from Crohn’s and HIV to MS, ME, Lyme, arthritis, infertility and more.

     LDN has traditionally been used in higher doses (50mg) to treat drug/alcohol addicts but, since the 1980s, doctors have prescribed it in lower doses (3-4.5mg), and it is currently helping over a quarter of a million people worldwide suffering from a range of autoimmune conditions.

     As a result, and to raise awareness of how other people could be helped, the LDN Research Trust was set up in 2004.

     LDN works as an opiate antagonist, inhibiting natural endorphins thus forcing the body to produce more which, in turn, reduces painful symptoms and improves well-being and those using it have experienced a huge improvement in their conditions, with some disappearing altogether.

     The LDN 2014 AIIC Conference 2014 will include expert presenters and­ panelists, all streamed live.


    Issued on behalf of LDN Research

    Contact: Linda Elesgood – contact@ldnresearchtrust.org

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