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    Geoff Crocker

    in Paranormal

    Geoff Crocker
    From one of Europe's most engaging thinkers and speakers comes a fresh, contemporary perspective on atheism as enhanced by the personal and social values of religious myth. He will present his perspective on the belief systems impact on shaping us. An early adopter of evangelical Christianity, at age 14, Crocker embraced the charismatic movement in the Anglican Church. Later, as a regular contributor to church conventions, he spoke on Bible themes, and co-published the Living Word Bible study guide with the UK Bible Society.
    Although he himself underwent a major re-evaluation of faith, Crocker retains a strong conviction in the value of religion as interpreted in myth. His groundbreaking new book, An Enlightened Philosophy, inspires readers to move beyond a barren confrontation between atheism and religion.

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    Beverly Mosley-Crocker Special Speaker

    in Religion

    A Special  Guest Speaker Beverly Mosley-Crocker  at  special time 4:30  PM  she will  be  sharing a testimony,  talking bout  her music  release how to book her  or whatever God leads her to do..may be  sharing a message or verses  or whatever I'm giving her control to do whatever she and God wants tonight.  If any  one  would like to do a special service as well message me on facebook  /pastorbillyhigdon

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    Special Broadcast With Special Guest Beverly Crocker

    in Religion

    Special  Broadcast  With Special  Guest Beverly Crocker

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    Interview with Pastor Jason Alverez

    in Entertainment

    Pastor Jason Alvarez is an anointed Psalmist with a keen ability to bring worshippers into the presence of God through His musical gifting. His Pastoral, Teaching and Apostolic calling have developed and flow through his authority as a chief musician and singer and especially have developed through his extensive time spent in prayer and God’s Word.

      Many great artist recorded there including

    Eric Clapton,  Joe Crocker,  Kool and The Gang's timeless song "Celebration," and Meatloaf's biggest album "Bat out of hell." 

    He was the golden voice on the hit song "Shame Shame Shame"by Shirley and Company  that sold millions of records.

    He wrote Phyllis Hyman's classic "Somewhere in my Life Time."  

    He wrote hits songs for the Moments

    At the height of his career, Jason Alvarez  turned down a major recording contract to  lead worship for Nicky Cruz and R.W. Shambach experiencing the miracle working power of God. 

    Dedicated to Spirit Filled Worship, LOJ has built a state of the art recording studio where over 70 albums have been produced and released worldwide.

    Dedicated also to creative media: The Love of Jesus TV programs, Life’s Journey and Spotlight touch the hearts of millions and we give God all thanks and Praise and New Radio Show on WLIB!

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    News for the Soul April 20/15 Morning Shows

    in Self Help



    SEND IN A DRAWING OR PHOTO FOR FREE MINI DOWSING SESSION Monday 11AM PST ON THE AIR – Geomancer Dowsing with Nicky Crocker – Hand draw and photograph a simple outline of your home or office.   Mark where NORTH is on the drawing and include the basic outline – showing where the bed, desk, windows, doors etc. are.      Nicky will DOWSE YOUR PHOTO and you can call in for the details on her dowsing session! (646) 595 4274 …   Do you have Geopathic Stress or Noxious Earth Energies are affecting you and your home or office?  Now you can find out!   


    SEND DRAWINGS TO:  onair@newsforthesoul.com

    CALL IN TO THE SHOW:  (646) 595 4274  (Monday 11AM PACIFIC)

    TUNE IN TO THE SHOW:  www.NewsfortheSoul.com

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    Guest Lauren Crocker

    in Sports

    We were joined by 103.9 WFAS radio personality Lauren Crocker to talk a bit about her career and her love for all things entertainment. We also discussed upcoming summer movies and shows with Hans.

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    in Culture

    Join us for part 2 of our interview with the incredible Elaine Crocker. Here more of what she has to say about child sexual abuse--having been a victim and now an advocate.

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    The Simple Joy of Easter Recipes Easy Egg Bake

    in Moms and Family

    Easter morning can be hectic. The kids want to hunt for eggs & candy. You need to get everyone ready to go to church. And, it's probably a good idea to give everyone a nutricious breakfast before diving into those Easter baskets & heading out the door! How do you find the time to prepare breakfast, let alone eat it?

    Betty Crocker to the rescue with some help from Jean Ann! In this episode, Jean Ann share a simple recipe for egg casserole that includes Bisquick, Tater Tots & BACON! As if that isn't enough, you can make this recipe the day before, put it in the fridge, then bake the next morning.

    This is also perfect for after church brunch! You can find a link to this recipe by clicking HERE!

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    These Cookies are Anything but Sweet

    in Technology

    It used to be that cookies were a sweet treat.  But not any more.  That's because everyone from search engines, to media conglomerates, to advertisers, to cybercriminals have learned how to use these online morsels to sweeten their deal -- regardless of what it means to you.  If you are tired of getting the "Betty Crocker" treatment every time you surf the web,  then tune into this episode of Working the Web to Win where we will show you how to start counting calories online.

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    Sexual Abuse Survivor Elaine Crocker -Bey

    in Women

    Survivor Day

    Today we rejoice with survivor and former drug addict Elaine Crocker -Bey. She is not just a survivor, she is a THRIVOR. Elaine is on a mission to share her story to help others. 

    Being sexually abused led her to a life of drugs and bad choices. Today she is brand new. She is a radio show host and blogs frequently about sexual abuse at www.releaseher.net. 

    Listen as she shares her journey and her mission to help others. 




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    Clint Kirkpatrick "Crocker"

    in Entertainment

    Renee Garza will be interviewing Clint Kirkpatrick the brother of Chris Crocker. Don't forget to tune in to listen to the interview live. If you have a question or would like to say hi to Clint call (347) 215-6800.