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    Everyone's a Critic

    in Entertainment

    The spot where...you guessed it...everyone is a critic. We talk about the latest and anything on everything. there is no holding back.

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    Everyone's a Critic

    in Entertainment

    we talk about anything and everything and where....you guessed it...everyone is a critic.

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    How to Tame Your Inner Critic

    in Women

    We all have one - that voice that speaks up and stops us from moving forward. That voice that tries to convince us that we don't have what it takes to - fill in the blank.

    While we can't get rid of it, we can learn how to move past it.

    Join Michelle Hollinger as she shares how to take control of your inner voice.

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    Cruise Critic Editor Carolyn Spencer Brown

    in Travel

    Carolyn Spencer Brown, Cruise Critic editor, joins Peter Greenberg aboard the inaugural Uniworld ship, the SS Catherine. While on board they discuss the growing popularity of river cruising. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises only host a few hundred guests, creating a more intimate atmosphere. 

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    Holistic Health Hour with Aleka- The Inner Critic

    in Spirituality

    There are many names for the inner critic: the ego, the inner child, the critical parent or even the “parasite”. What is the inner critic? How is it created? What are the implications of its presence?  Can we get rid of it?  Are there benefits to its existence? In this enlightening show, Aleka gets up close and personal with the inner critic by calling it out of the shadows of our mind and bringing it into the light of awareness. 

    *This is a recorded show.

    Join Professionally Certified Holistic Life Strategies Coach Aleka Thorvalson, CPC, PCC for the Holistic Health Hour. This unique and inspiring show allows us to look at our lives in a "whole" new way; tuning in to our health, wellness and happiness from a mind, body, spirit and soul perspective. It's Aleka's intention to create a new kind of dialog about our health, bodies, relationships and lives --  empowering transformation from the inside out.

    *Aleka Thorvalson is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained through the International Coach Academy in the Advanced Coach Training Program. She is also a member and a Professionally Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.

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    Critic David Thomson

    in Movies

    Acclaimed film critic and historian David Thomson discusses his new book titled Moments That Made the Movies.

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    Dissecting Docs with Film critic Don Schwartz & Carole Dean

    in Film

    Don Schwartz, Doc film critic, author of Telling Their Own Stories and Carole Dean, grantor of Roy Dean Film Grants & fiscal sponsor with From the Heart Productions review top docs.

    To learn more about Carole Dean and From the Heart visit http://fromtheheartproductions.com/

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    Event Talk with Nina Capone and Mr. Critic 347-215-9590

    in Music

    There's a new Duo in Radio... Nina Capone has teamed up with Mr Critic to Visit events, Resturants, Venues, watch and listen to up and coming artist music, products, fashion trends and provide their honest opinions on the who, what, when, where, why, and how. There will be positives and negatives no holds bars converstations, about all discussions. Listeners feel free to get involve agree to disagree tune in 347-215-9590 to express how you feel on the topic. 

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    The Good Doctor Theatre Critic

    in Entertainment

    That was the storyline for my preview show with the actors and stage crew

    Today S3prodctions ventures into new territory. Theatre promotions. The MHS Theatre Productions and Thespian Troupe #7389 Proudly Presents Neil Simon’s “The Good Doctor”.

    The shows lead Director of the show John Avatefi and were talking about trying something new for our different venues when the idea popped up to promote “The Good Doctor” and be on the few High Schools to have their radio commercial to promote their productions. I, being one to always willing to try something new, agreed.
    I hope to talk to Both Directors, Actors and of course my favorites the tech people

     so on  today's show I want to play Critic beacuse I can

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Saturday night showing of the “Good Doctor “presented by the MHS Theatre Productions and Thespian troupe # 7389. All I can say is BRAVO, BRAVO. I really enjoyed the show especially act 7 “The Defenseless Creature” while I will not tell you the storyline let it suffice to say I have faced the “Defenseless  Creature “many times in the last 12 years. The part of the show that hit me the most was the LOVE, Dedication, Time, and Hard work that a group of high school students using a minimum of props could take an American playwright’s show transform it into a Russian Theatre show. Again I say BRAVO.
    Best Actor goes to Director John Avatefi who during the Final Curtain Call pretended to have strong Emotional ties with his actors and Thespians in saying good bye to his seniors. That was great Acting John “I am Mr. Spock, emotions are Illogical”
    THANK YOU to the entire MHS Theatre Productions and Thespian troupe # 7389 for a great show


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    The Regular Moviegoer

    in Movies

    A movie review show for movie lovers and fanatics.

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    in Current Events

    Join the LIONS as WE duscuss the CRITICS and HYPOCRITS! WE will be discussing self-righteous behavior and the mind of the slanderer and defamer. How does the self-righteous critic hinder the Progress of God and those who seek to ADVANCE? Tune in and LISTEN as WE get into this mighty DISCUSSION!

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