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    AUG Week #4.5 -&- SEPT Week #1 Bi-Weekly Reviews (Part 1)

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    On this Bi-weekly series of episodes, we start out with August Week 4.5 in review for Parts 1, 2, and 3, then move onto to September Week 1 in review for Parts 4, 5, and 6. Part 1 includes such TOPICS as GREAT EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, SINKHOLES, HURRICANES, MASSIVE WAVES, COSMIC SIGNS, FRANKEN FOODS, DISEASES, and more, on todays weekend of shows! CATCH UP ON WHAT YOU MIGH HAVE MISSED IN THE NEW!... GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED! ... JOIN US ON TODAYS LIVE BROADCAST.. 

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    Boyz N the Office- Government Shutdown

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    What up, what up, what up, WZUP??? (Martin Throwback)  Hey, we have another episode of Boyz N the Office coming to ya.  My co-host can't make it this Tuesday, but we have guest host, Dr. Ron Cristobal, MD.  He will be joining us to give us some perspectives on these topics.  Government shutdown, Killings at the White House, State of Mental Health in America, Education Nation on MSNBC, and of course our weekly prescriptions and movie reviews.  You don't want to miss out.  We also welcome you to call in and let us know what is on your mind.  Note, we are going to change our time to 9pm cst/ 10pm est.    So see you on Tuesday!!!

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    Tonight's Episode starts with Recap from all across the world including Kell Brook's TKO, Edwin Rodriguez 1st round KO, and Espn2 Friday Night Fights. Plus Preview of the upcoming fights which features a big heavyweight Chisora vs Scott from London,England, Ajose vs Lundy in the Espn 2 FNF main event, and a ShoBox main event between Unbeaten Prospect Mickey Bey vs John Molina. Other Topics for Discussion- Seth Mitchell vs Cristobal Arreolla in talks. -Mike Tyson becomes a boxing promoter. -Rumors of a Austin Trout vs Erislandy Lara fight for Mayweather vs Canelo PPV undercard. -19 killed in Indonesia riot. Plus more news items that will be covered. Listen Live On Your Phone 646-381-4990! Join The Round Table! Your Voice Will Be Heard! Follow on Twitter @RopeADopeRadio & Follow ropeadoperadio.wordpress.com 

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    First Contact Radio

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    First Contact Radio 7/17/13 Show #953 hosted by Joshua PoetCOSMIC WEATHERAstrologyhttp://www.mooncatsastrology.com/calendar/7-13.htmMoon Phasehttp://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.phpMayan Oraclehttp://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.plSpaceweather.comhttp://www.spaceweather.comUFO NEWSDaytime UFO/orb flying across the sky above San Antonio, Texas 13-Jul-2013UFO sighting over San Cristobal, Santiago, Chile on 14th July 2013Giant UFO Seen Below Ocean From NASA Live Cam, July 16, 2013.UFO Watches International Space Station On July 16, 2013, UFO Sighting News.The Back Story Behind the Recent UFO Sighting at Empire Bay AustraliaCrop Circle reported near Wiltshire, UK on 15th July 2013DAILY STORIES3MIN News July 17, 2013: Seismic Uptick, State of Flux, SpaceweatherJordan Maxwell Symbols Part 1Executive Order Accelerates Mandatory HIV Testing For All CitizensBusted! Mythbusters Not Allowed to Talk About RFID ChipsThe Holographic UniverseAngel Message 4 USirius B, July 16, Golden Age of Humankind July 16, 2013MUSICWake up Up by UFOetryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTyaEkiifEMhttp://www.firstcontactradio.comOur Youtube Channelsfirstcontactradio at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/firstcontactradiofirstcontactlive at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/firstcontactliveFair use, educational purposesPlease share

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    One of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango is a sensual ballroom dance that originated in South America in the early twentieth century. Tango is usually performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Originally, the tango was performed only by women, but once it spread into Argentina, it developed into a dance for couples. The popularity of the tango has greatly increased over the years. Argentine Tango is much more intimate than Modern Tango, and is well-suited to dancing in small settings. Argentine Tango retains the intimacy of the original dance.Tango was brought to Argentina from China. It became the erotic dance prostitutes practiced with men in brothels and tango bars.

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    Meditacion sobre el Perdon & Biografia de San Cristobal

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    Escucha hoy dia para que aprendas unas reflexiones del perdon y revisites la biografia de San Cristobal. Santo de los viajeros que se recuerda este dia. 

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    GRIDIRONSTUDS SHOW: 12/06/12: Weekend Football Preview + CFB

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    Chad Wilson and co-host Emil Calomino preview the football action for the weekend one day early.  Plus they discuss the ups and downs of college football.  Bielema bolts to Arkansas, Cristobal fired at FIU and Strong staying put.  Talk about that and more at 10 A.M. est.  Listen and call (347) 633-9365. Or reach us on Twitter: @Gridironstuds.  http://www.gridironstuds.com

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    La Biografia de San Cristobal

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    Escucha hoy día y aprende sobre un santo muy conocido en el mundo y protector de los viajeros. Este es el conocido San Cristobal quien busco al cristo hasta que lo encontró. Escucha hoy dia y aprende sobre este personaje especial.

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    SUBJECT 2 DISCUSSION Sunday September 9

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    On the podcast: Las Vegas Valley may see more storms, flash floods for Monday, Police Concerned About Pedestrian Deaths on Roadways, Parade attracts thousands to downtown Las Vegas to celebrate gay community, Artwork from Doris Duke's Shangri La to come to Nevada, Moderate earthquake strikes, Attacking Iran Would Take How Many Planes?, Alaska's Aleutians, Girl Gets the Plague After Playing Near Dead Squirrel, Animal carcasses wash up on Northshore in Isaac's aftermath, San Cristobal Eruption: Nicaragua Volcano Calms Some, But Area Under Alert,    Ratings: 'Good Morning America' Posts 18-Year High Against 'Today', Private Practice: True Blood's Alfre Woodard to Play Sam's Mom, Revenge Boss Reveals Why We Won't Meet Conrad's MIA Son — For Now, Jerry Bruckheimer Pilot, Two Others Picked Up by TNT

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    Columbus Day: Honoring Murder, Mutilation, and Rape

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    Please join us this episode as we deconstruct, in brutally honest fashion, the man commonly known as “Christopher Columbus”.  This man whose real name was Cristobal Colon, was a bloody mass murderer, serial rapist, mutilator and champion for the institution of chattel slavery. What does it say about United States society that this kind of monster is honored with a Federal Holiday? A Society the values perpetual war, plunder of other nations’ resources, institutional racism and white supremacy (to name a few)----that's the kind of society! This episode we use Columbus Day as a point of departure to further deconstruct the US’s foreign policy and society. These discussions must occur in order for this holiday, the US’s anti-human policies,  to cease!

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    July 26, 2012 with Richard Flamer and Ben Manski

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    We welcome guests:
    Richard Flamer
    Richard runs The Chiapas Project in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico. This community center includes a day care center, a modest kitchen, and classrooms for adult literacy, sewing and carpentry. It's a living continuation of the Catholic Worker movement started in 1933, New York City, by our co-founders Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Their ongoing commitment is to attempt to live out the Gospels and nonviolent teachings of Jesus, of Gandhi, of Mohammed in their daily lives. Ben Manski
    Ben is the campaign manager for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. He's also a well recognized voice in his own right, whose work work has taken him from farm fields to forest blockades, labor struggles to independent politics, clinic defense to legal defense, and to every region of the country. Internationally recognized to be among the most innovative of the new generation of U.S. progressives, Manski is best known for his efforts to build a new democracy movement in the United States. We look forward to some enlightening discussion with these people who are actively trying to make a difference.
    As always, we'll close the show with The News from Mount Liberty, which Mike Palecek creates each week, drawing on excerpts from his books reinvented to reflect what's happening right now.
    Join us live, or listen later. We have a dream of a better America, a better world; you can help us to make our dream a reality.

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