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    'A Critic of the Criminal Justice System & Policing in Our Community' 8/22/2015

    in History

    Join 'Missing Pages of History' as we discuss the following theme: 'A Critic of the Criminal Justice Systeem & Policing in Our Community.' Listen in on Sat., August 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM EST, by calling in at (818) 337-0016, or join us online:  www.blogtalkradio.com/missing-pages-of-history-inc

  • Police Brutality and Racial Profiling

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    The stories are becoming all too familiar - Oscar Grant, John Crawford III, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and many others whose names don't make national headlines.  #BlackLivesMatter has become the cry of the African-American community as the lives of young Black men and women are taken at the hands of police while unarmed.  Why are people of color stopped, searched, arrested, and killed in disproportionate numbers compared to their Caucasian counterparts?  How can unarmed "suspects" such as John Crawford III or Oscar Grant get shot on site when people who commit heinous acts - such as James Eagan Holmes who killed 12 and injured 70 in a crowded movie theatre - are arrested and given every benefit of the doubt?  Let's discuss it and find some real solutions beyond the hashtags.  Because of the nature of this subject matter, parental discresion is advised for children under 13.

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    A Critique: The Criminal Justice Sys., Incarceration & Law Enforcement - 8/8/15

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    Join 'Missing Pages of History' on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 1:00 PM EST. We will examine the criminal justice system, the incarceration rate of Africa-Americans and the law enforcement as an oppressive tool. Join us by dialing in at (818) 337-0016 or go online:  www.blogtalkradio.com/missing-pages-of-history-inc

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    Profiling Franchisees

    in Technology

    Deb Evans, Franchise Foundry and Jack Monson, Manalto are joined by Rebecca Monet, founder and past president of Proven Match LLC, and Zoracle chief scientist. Monet has been in the franchise consulting and psychometric assessment business since 1993.  Monet is known for her uncanny ability to draw performance correlations. She is fascinated with neurology and human performance as it relates to business success. She is dedicated to helping franchisors recruit, qualify, train and support franchisees. 

    Join Social Geek Radio live or download on iTunes as the hosts and guest discuss what a franchisor should keep in mind when selecting a profiling franchise tool.

    Connect with Deb, Jack on Twitter

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    8-19-2015 - How Racist is our Criminal Justice System?

    in Politics Conservative

    The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice system is that it is a race-based  institution where African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much  more aggressive ways than white people. Saying the US criminal system is racist may be politically controversial in some  circles.  But the facts are overwhelming.Tonight our panel will discuss this topic and many more. 

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    "Help4Men Radio Special" Racial Profiling Against Black Men in America

    in US Government

    Every African-American male in this country who drives a vehicle, or has traveled by bus or plane, either knowingly or unknowingly has been the victim of racial profiling by law enforcement officials. Indeed, African-American males are disproportionately targeted, stopped, and searched by law enforcement officials based on race and gender. Those responsible for enforcement of public laws view African-American males as criminals. Unfortunately, the American justice system has condoned, supported, and in some instances encouraged such actions by law enforcement officials to stop, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate African-American males. On the basis of race and gender, governmental officials have devised a profile of the typical criminal: black and male.

    The term driving while black has been used to describe the practice of law enforcement officials to stop African-American drivers without probable cause. The practice particularly targets African-American males. African-American males are not only singled out while driving, but also while schooling, eating, running for political office, walking, banking, serving as a juror, getting a taxi, shopping, and just being black and a male. The mere fact of being black and male in America is sufficient cause for governmental and private law enforcement officials to abridge the rights of African-American males. This is not to suggest that law enforcement officers can never consider race when performing their job. Just the opposite, where a witness identifies the race and gender of a suspect, it is relevant evidence to consider in an effort to apprehend a criminal. Racial profiling, however, involves a pre-disposition held by law enforcement officers who are members of the majority, to believe that minorities, and particularly African-American males, are engaged in criminal activities; therefore, they are stopped and searched without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

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    Racial Profiling

    in Spirituality

    We explore what racial profiling is and it's purpose!!!!

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    TS RADIO w/ Joe Roubicek on Criminal law applied in corrupt probate cases

    in Parents

    Hosted By Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Our guest this eveniing is Joe Roubicek, a detective who has dealt directly with the targeting of the elderly by predators in the probate system.

    We are exposed to the criminal activity facilitated by corrupt probate courts and those who depend on them for access and protection, every day of the week.  While the elderly are systematically targeted, kidnapped, isolated and neglected so that their estate can be siphoned off by the court appointed predators, a growing movement is underway to charge those responsible, criminally.

    The corruption associated with probate courts across the country with the corresponding theft of estates perpetrated by predatory guardians, unethical attorneys and others who have interjected themselves into the case, has become a hot button topic. How to deal with these people in a so-called "justice system" that routinely works to protect the predators has also become the focus of many efforts.

    Joe will be speakiing about what can be applied to criminal law in probate cases.

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    Stanislaus County Dist. Atty. Steve Jacobson was arraigned in Department 2 on April 14, 2015, that would be the courtroom of Judge McFadden.

    The case number is 1492609. On March 3, the case was on intake and a judge was assigned.

    The case is Superior Court of California, Stanislaus County versus Steve Jacobson.

    The case type is criminal.

    On March 24. there was a hearing on an order to show cause in Department 2.

    On April 14, there was an arraignment again in Department 2.

    On May 15, there will be a law and motion hearing.

    That’s all we know, based upon a sketchy court report.

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    Michael Brown Not a criminal? - Kasich full blown amnesty! - Abortion in Europe.

    in Politics

    Hr1  AP reports on Michael Brown describe him as an "unarmed black man/youth" not an "unarmed black robbery suspect." No spin?

    Millennial tastes forcing McDonald's to reevaluate their options to stay relevant.

    GOP presidential candidate John Kasich goes full throttle for amnesty. Law-abiding illegal aliens = #oxymoron.

    Restaurant has most profitable weekend in 14 yrs after banning children under 7 yrs. Capitalism at it's finest.

    Beauty queen jailed after faking cancer

    Hr2  Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) wants National Motto removed from sheriff vehicles. Sheriff says "no thanks." In God We Trust.

    Michael Hausam weighs in on... well, everything!

    He's in favor of the "loser pays under any circumstance" when bringing lawsuits. Stop the frivolous, judge/court-shopping organizations.

    Christian purge? Kentucky Chaplain forbidden from answering the question "what does the Bible say about homosexuality?"

    WOW! Washington Spectator correspondent calls POW-MIA flag racist banner of lies. Seriously! Have some respect for veterans.

    Hr3  So much for equality... women want to slap a male privilege tax on men! Sexism to fight sexism? Man on the street Mark Dice proves that idiots walk among us.

    Rev. Al Sharpton twists Rand Paul's words about the poor and hard work. Shocker? Not so much.

    Donald Trump fires campaign employee for racist remarks. You're FIRED! Critics call Trump a racist for ever hiring the person. You just can't please some Liberals!

    How do European countries handle abortion? Think they're the same as U.S? You might be surprised...

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

  • Reservation Justice

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    This Show will explore the most recent Federal laws affecting Reservation Justice in the criminal context. Our guests are lawyers who will speak to the legal and practical issues affecting members and now, even nonnatives, on the reservation and in tribal court as they face the criminal process. Guests will also discuss various Tribal Law and Order codes and compare and contrast the overall criminal process and issues in their jurisdictions, including sentencing guidelines, with that of the State of Arizona. Listen in to get the latest updates on Reservation Justice.Please Join Host Sonia Martinez, member of the Board of Directors with Whipser n Thunder and guests as we discuss reservations violence, the cause and how justice fits into the picture - This show is produced by Claudia Julien, chair of the Blog Talk WnT show for http://www.whispernthunder.org/

    Host: Sonia Martinez, Law Office of Sonia Martinez

    Guests: Matthew Milo, Legal Defender’s Office, The Ak-Chin Indian Community Maricopa, Arizona

    Zachary Huselid, Huselid Law, Tonto Apache Tribal Prosecutor’s Office Payson, Arizona

    Jennifer Valadez, Law Office of Jennifer Valadez, Phoenix Arizona