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    Corrupt Criminal Justice System

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    Tonight we will continue to discuss this corrupt criminal justice system as we have been doing for many years.

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    Department of Defense Podcast #1

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    This week's podcast with Secretary of Defense, Sullivan1995; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense & America's Securirty Affairs, sportbix; Asssistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs, lulu-lemon!; Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, -=Madara=-; Major, Aljamaaheer; Lieutenant Colonel, David-Rules; and producer, Warrant Officer, CF-AIRCOM

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    Criminal Defense Attorney Alison Triessl

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    Today's Topic is Criminal Defense Attorney Alison Triessl creator of the app Wild About Trial™. Alison will discuss her app Wild About Trial which covers between 15 and 20 of the juiciest criminal court cases nationwide and provides up to the minute reports from local reporters in the courtroom and gives you access to court documents and legal commentary. We will also discuss her time as a criminal defense attorney and why people are so fascinated with criminal trials.  Alison Triessl, 2009 President of the Los Angeles County Criminal Courts Bar Association, exclusively practices criminal defense law specializing in third strike, drug and assault cases. In addition to being one of the top attorney's in Los Angeles, Alison is the co-founder and CEO of the Pasadena Recovery Center, a 98 bed drug and alcohol treatment center which she co-founded in 2000 with her father, the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Lee Bloom. For more information about Alison please visit her websites Wildabouttrial.com and alisontrie

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    Glitz And Glamour - Should Your Criminal Background Determine Your Future?

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    Model Angela, Desi, and Houston ReRe go in with weekly gossip, caller feedback, and more! Also call-in to discuss this week's topic at 347-202-0389.

    Featured Topic: Should your criminal background determine your future?

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    Department of Defense Podcast: Meritorious Mast Special

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    Personnel of the Department of Defense on Habbo (SECDEF-US) discussing the happenings of the Sixth Seasonal Meritorious Mast on 24 Aug 14. Others will be able to discuss these events with us throughout the show. A section of the show will be dedicated to those who are interested in asking questions to the members of the podcast, and overall discussion. Questions can be submitted to a member of the podcast or mentioned in headquarters at the time of the event. 

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    Ferguson Missouri: Is the criminal justice system broken and in need of repair?

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    Join us 5:30 CST as we raised the question: 

    Ferguson Missouri: Is the criminal justice system broken and in need of repair?


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    Defense Against The Dark Arts (Free DADA GIVEAWAY!)

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    We will be discussing Defense Against The Dark Arts!!!!

    Our mission is to encourage and connect people to the Powerful Spiritual Teachings of a Living Enlightened Master by being an example to His Teachings. Discussions of Healing's, Prayer, Devotion, God, under the guidance of Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Master Acharya Kathy Gibson.




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    With Liberty and Criminal Justice for All

    in Education

    In this blog I talk about an article which I found on Autism Web which was written by Alex Zimmerman.   A new study shows that a higher number of people on the spectrum are getting caught up legal affairs.  

    To learn more please check out my article here.  


    Here's what I have to say about that.

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    Legal Ramification Aftermath - Criminal Defense/Firearms Attorney Joseph Silvoso

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    Exclusive Interview with a Criminal Defense / Firearms Attorney, Mr. Joseph Silvoso, and my returning Guest, a former USMC Mr. Patrick Garrity, discussing what common things take place during altercations and legal ramifications, and the Aftermath. Mr. Joseph Silvoso of Michel & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law. Read more about Mr. Joseph Silvoso, III


    Join Host of iDARE Outdoors Radio: Nicky Dare, Certified Firearms Instructor NRA, Certified Firearms Safety Instructor DOJ Department of Justice, RSO Range Safety Officer, CERT Community Emergency Response Team, Outdoor Enthusiast. Author of "The Audacity of Veracity" (2014)  www.NickyDareBooks.com


    iDARE, Inc  1-866-280-6888

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    Ashton Carter – Secretary of Defense

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    Darrell Castle discusses who Ashton Carter is, what his background is and what qualifies him to be Secretary of Defense at this time.

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    Blood in My Eye was completed only days before the martyrdom of George Jackson, August 21, 1971 at the hands of San Quentin prision guards.  While in prision he read widely and transformed into an activist and political theoretician who defined himself as a revolutionary.  As a revolutionary he found meaning in his prision existence.

    George Jackson University is designed to turn the criminal mentality into a progressive one. Every prisioner behind bars or walking the streets have the potential to have a changed mentality, and work against the system that enslaved us to begin with.

    Listen in as we discuss the writings of George Jackson, talk to his family, friends, comrades, those whom he was incarcerated with.

    We will examine the ideology of George Jackson; and see how far advanced he was/is.

    What can we do for Political Prisioners?  What's the latest news and more!

    Join Comrade Castro & Komrade Kadafi - Kilaika Baruti & Alafia Medina

     CALL 1 (877) 225-3532









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