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    ProjectNOLA: Crime and crime abatement in New Orleans

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    Let's discuss crime in New Orleans, and how we can work together to make New Orleans a safer place

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    The Web Crime Show

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    We discuss cyber attacks, cyber hacks and cyber crime an how to protect yourself from any computer related crime.

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    Web Crime Info Show: Preventing an eMail Hack

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    Many people don't realize that a cyber crime attack occurs when you open an innocent looking email. Special guest Daniel Wastak, CEO of Kloud Integrated Systems will discuss how to avoid an eMail attack and what to do if you are hacked.

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    The Web Crime Info Show. What is a Denial of Service attack?

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    Dan Wastak is the CEO of Kloud Integrated Systems. He is an engineer and an inventor. His company specializes in Cyber Crime PREVENTION as opposed to other companies who tout Cyber Crime Detection. If you have a Detection service, it's too late, you've already been hacked. If you use a Prevention service you prevent the attack from occuring. Dan will discuss all the details how to Prevent a hack.

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    Who Is The Most Vulnerable To Cyber Terrorism?

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    Cyber terrorism is growing in leaqps and bounds. Every business, every person as well as the Federal Government is at risk. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent trying to limit the amount of loss that will happen from a cyber attack.

    The problem is that these millions are being spent unwisely because it is still applied to cyber crime detection and prevention. Until we all change our cyber crime strategy thinking, everyone will continue to be vulnerable.

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    Judith A. Yates: True Crime Author, Journalist, & Criminologist

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    Judith A. Yates: True Crime Author, Journalist, & Criminologist

    Award-winning true crime author and criminologist Judith A. Yates has been employed in law enforcement for over 25 years. She is the author of

    When Nashville Bled: The untold stories of serial killer Paul Dennis Reid


     "The Devil You Know: The Crime They Said "Can't Happen Here"


    and a crime prevention workbook, "How to Recognize the Devil." Ms. Yates has lectured across the country on crime. She has attended law enforcement schools across the U.S.


    She has worked in loss prevention, the Sheriff's Department, the federal prison system at each capacity (minimum security to maximum), as a private investigator, and as a criminal justice professor/instructor. She is also a true crime freelance writer for several online publications.

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    Crime Fiction Master ROBERT CRAIS is LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is honored to welcome crime fiction master, author Robert Crais to the studio in a rare interview about his new book, THE PROMISE.    In the mid-eighties, feeling constrained by the collaborative working requirements of Hollywood, Crais resigned from a lucrative position as a contract writer and television producer in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a novelist. His first efforts proved unsuccessful, but upon the death of his father in 1985, Crais was inspired to create Elvis Cole, using elements of his own life as the basis of the story. The resulting novel, The Monkey’s Raincoat, won the Anthony and Macavity Awards and was nominated for the Edgar Award. It has since been selected as one of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.  ELVIS AND JOE ARE BACK! This time they join forces with SUSPECT heroes Scott James and his K9 partner, Maggie, in RC's new novel, THE PROMISE.

    This is a copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Find us on social media everywhere and send a tweet to @authorsontheair and @PamStackHost.


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    Authors of the Dark Justice Bundle LIVE! Special 2nd "Saturday" Crime

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    Do you know about StoryBundle.com? If not, you should! And you'll find out on a very special edition of Second Sunday Crime, this time on Wednesday, November 11. Ten fabulous authors have contributed a full novel to a special bundle of crime fiction which is only available for another week! When we say "fabulous," btw, we mean it: the bundle AND THE SHOW will include NY Times Best Sellers Lawrence Block, Rebecca Cantrell, July Hyzy, Kris Nelscott, Dean Wesley Smith, and 2nd Sunday Crime host, Libby Hellmann. Plus others! Please join us for what will certainly be a rollicking party on Authors On The Air. We'll talk crime, fiction, bundles, and more! Have a question for Larry Block? Call in. Have a comment on the Bundle itself, let us know. Did you can name your own price for the Bundle? Hear about all of it and more...

    As Curator Kristine Rusch says:

    "This bundle comes as close to crime fiction perfection as possible... We have a lot of diversity here. Our investigators include an African American detective, a Canadian doctor of Asian extraction, a disabled stockbroker and a group of retired cold case detectives. Throw in a few amateur detectives, a disgraced ex-cop, a female bounty hunter, and the famous Matthew Scudder, who has appeared in film (most recently A Walk Among The Tombstones), and you’ll encounter the full range of characters the mystery genre has to offer.

    I’ve read and loved the work of each and every one of these writers. Some of them I’ve read since I started reading mystery and some I’ve read since before they ever had a book published. In one of my other incarnations, I’m an award-winning editor, so believe me when I tell you that if there were some kind of Kristine Kathryn Rusch Gold Seal of Approval, the books in this bundle would receive it."

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    It’s been 25 years since bestselling author Patricia Cornwell launched the hugely popular Dr. Kay Scarpetta series – and a national obsession with forensic research!! Yep, before there was CSI, NCIS and all the other copy cats, there was Cornwell and Scarpetta! Twenty-five years since her first book, POSTMORTEM was rejected by numerous publishers because no one wanted to read about a “woman who cuts people open.” But how wrong were they! The morgue is taboo no more, and now, yep, twenty-five years later, 29 New York Times Bestsellers under her belt,  Patricia Cornwell is back with a new captivating Scarpetta thriller DEPRAVED HEART - with all the shocking twists, high-wire tension, and cutting-edge forensic detail that Cornwell is famous for, proving yet again why she’s the world’s #1 bestselling crime writer!!

    Retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton flew 151 combat missions during his twenty years in the USAF. For his service Col. Hampton received four Distinguished Flying Crosses with valor, a Purple Heart, eight Air Medals with Valor, five Meritorious Service Medals, and numerous other citations. He is a graduate of the elite USAF Fighter Weapons School, USN Top Gun School, and USAF Special Operations School. Hampton was named his squadron’s Instructor Pilot of the Year six times and pioneered air-combat tactics that are now standard. A frequent guest analyst on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC,  the graduate of Texas A&M University has published numerous articles. He is the author of the national bestsellers VIPER PILOT and LORDS OF THE SKY. In his new book THE HUNTER KILLERS, he recounts the extraordinary story of the first Wild Weasels, the band of maverick aviators who flew the most dangerous missions of the Vietnam War.

    For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Muslim crime in America

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    Muslims have been getting a free government pass for all their crimes just like Illegal aliens do. When has a Muslim Criminal ever arrested out of Dereborn and sent to jail? Why does government allow No Go Zones in the United States? Why does Government support Muslim crime and even their terrorist training camps?


         Are you a Christian and want to stop them? This show is for you. It is time to demand your Christian Rights from Government. The US Government does not fear Christians BUT it's time they do. Government has been treating Christians like a doormat and we just turned the other cheek.  We are done turning the other cheek and now its time to TAKE BACK the United States of America and scare the living hell in all who work for the Government, and make them think twice on what they vote for.

    This show is covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

    Dierks out.

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    Is Your IT Department Up to Snuff

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    Your IT department whether in-house or outsourced is an integral part of your IT infrastructure well being. They not only must maintain your computers, servers and Internet connection, but to today they must be able to protect your data from a cyber attack. If they can do that with the least amount of loss and cost to you, Great! If not, they MUST be replaced. Too many small to mis-sized companies have been hacked and the majority of them wer not properly protected because their IT specialists were not up to snuff. Today's show will discuss what you can do to protect and prevent a cyber attack and what your IT department needs to know.