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    Let's chat with Alina Garcia-Lapuerta, author of "La Belle Creole"

    in Politics

    Guest:   Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog, joins me for a chat with Alina Garcia-Lapuerta, author of "La Belle Creole".

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    Musician J.R. Byrd, Bestseller books, Creole Choir & God Love Haiti Book

    in Current Events

    January 12 marks the 5th anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. There are many events happening around the world to remember the many who died and those who survived this tragedy. Join Marie to discuss books, e-publishing, indie authors, independent best selling books, magazines, Second Life events and share original music and writing. What's on your reading list? What's your favorite book? Do you have a favorite author you can't get enough of? We welcome calls from listeners & want to hear from you. If you enjoy the segment, follow the show to get notices.

    Music by Musician/Songwriter J.R. Byrd


    The Creole Choir Of Cuba 

    Book (s) Featured

    God Loves Haiti by Dimitry Elias Léger

    Haiti after the Earthquake by Paul Farmer

    The Earthquake in Haiti by Anne Lies

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    Chef Elliott is honored to share his technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, CEO & FOUNDER OF JESS NAWLINGS CATERING, EXECUTIVE CHEF MOSES JACKSON!!!!

    Chef Moses received formal training at the Culinary Institute of New Orleans. After graduating, Chef Moses exhibited his culinary skills in his native city of New Orleans. While under the tutelage of such renowned Chefs as Emeril Laggasse at Nola’s restaurant and Paul Prudhomme at K-Paul Louisiana Kitchen, Chef Moses learned the art and distinctions between Creole and Cajun cooking.Chef Moses continues to show his love for food and people by offering his talents to demonstrate to others how to prepare delicious meals through cooking classes and his catering service, Jess Nawlings Catering. His passion and desire is to share the joy of cooking with everyone and his slogan is “there is no short cut for cooking good food for the soul”.

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    PAIRED: Cajun to Creole - Talking Louisiana food

    in Food

    Louisiana food is distinctive created from more than 300 years of food traditions that combines influences from Mexico to Africa, Europe and Native American cultures. Gumbo is a dish that combines two or more meats or seafood that combines influences from African, European and Native American cultures.

    The name comes from the Bantu word for okra, a fiberous plant that is eaten in soups, stews, fried, sauteed and steamed. 

    Gumbo is also a perfect example of what makes Louisiana food unique and it tells a story of where you come from. Made with seafood, your from the coast.  With meats like venisor or squirrel, your family has a history of hunters and living form the land.  Gumbo is normally served with rice, but if you spoon it over potato salad, your heritage comes from Germany.

    Join guest host Jim Picht along with Lousianians Bill and Laura Weatherford, all Louisianian foodies ready to talk Gumbo to King's Cake.

    Paired explores the foods you love every Monday at 6:30pm EST. The CommDigiNews Hour are the daily shows from the writers of Communities Digital News where you can find every story you need to read.



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    A Tribute to Black History Month: Ebonics, Gullah and Creole

    in History

    Due to globalization-the interaction between cultures, religion, commerce, and transportation-Language has become a necessary issue for serious exploration and discussion. Should every Nation on the globe adopt a policy to teach and speak multiple languages? This podcast will focus on the fact of African Americans being a natural people of multiple languages standard English, Ebonics, Gullah, and more. Call in and press 1 with questions or comments, (347) 843-4163.


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    Exploring Laura Plantation and Faubourg Treme

    in Travel

    Louisana's Creole culture and a famed New Orleans' neighborhood share the spotlight on today's show.  Our Creole cultural exploration takes us just outside New Orleans to the Old Mississippe River Road where we'll share the story of a Creole family and a plantation named Laura--voted "Best history tour in the USA" by Lonely Planet Travel and a top travel attraction in Louisiana.  Laura Plantation, named after Laura Locoul Gore, is an old sugarcane plantation over 200 years old.  We experienced life on the plantation as a member of the Locoul family through the voice of one of Laura's decendents, Norman Marmillion.  We will also visit Faubourg Treme with filmmaker Dawn Logsdon.  Treme is considered the oldest black neighborhood in America and the birthplace of the civil rights movement in the South.  Treme is a place where African-Americans lived free during slavery and became a place of social and economic diversity.  

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    Special Saturday

    in Education

    Peace and Blessings la familiá

    Join us this Sat on Special Saturday of the P.O.P.S MOVEMENT RADIO NETWORK

    Call in: (713) 955-0708

    7:30pm (est)

    Positive touch is a revolutionary act of LOVE

    Our guest speaker is the Beloved Sister Yvonne Rosegarden
    --------------- ----------------------
    Yvonne Rosegarden, of Saponi, African,Louisiana Creole and Choctaw heritage is a community wellness artist, touch revolutionary, educator, and certified master gardener. Promotes Wellness with energy/touch medicine (Soul Prescription Journeys) and the 1LoveCircle line of organic botanicals, issues a spring challenge to reach out and touch someone in a positive way as part of the 1 LoveCircle human touch (r) evolution tour---happening wherever YOU are!

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    Creole or Cajun: A Conversation About Food and Culture

    in Food

    Join me and my special guest Michael W. DeVidts of the New Orleans School of Cooking. Michael is a member of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals), Slowfood, and the Southern Foodways Alliance. All three organizations are dedicated to the learning of the history of cultures through their food and the preservation of these foods.[REBROADCAST]

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    Creole Culture and Inside the Creole Mafia

    in Politics Progressive

    Playwrights Mark Broyard and Roger Guenvuer Smith join us this Mardi Gras week to share their work Inside the Creole Mafia as well as the intriguing and often misunderstood story of the Louisiana Creoles. Expect an informative albeit satiric hour of gumbo and humor!

    Harlan Reece, Host/Producer
    Asani Charles, Co-Host/Co-Producer

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Creole Joe Sample & Amjad Ali Khan!

    in Music

    You thought that you !might have heard EVERYTHING - oh, no - you DINT!  Wait until you hear our guests in the second and third hour of the show on 9/12!
    "Creole" Joe Sample has given us decades of Jazz - starting with the Jazz Crusaders in the 60's.  The last time Joe visited "Hybrid Jazz", he was very excited about heading into production with a dream that he has had for a long time.  And that is to record what he heard as a young boy...the delicious mix of French and African and other slowly stirred-in ethnicities that make up the hybrid stew of Creole.  Zydeco music!  Now, "Creole Joe Band" is out, surprising and delighting the fans who didn't see this coming - and the stellar band promoting the CD is heading to a city near us - and maybe YOU!
    Hear about the amazing journey that Joe is taking with Ray Parker, Jr. and C.J. Chenier - whose roots, via legendary Dad, Clifton, define the world that was Joe Sample's childhood.
    After Joe's relatively short visit (he's playing the Blue Note this week!), we'll get to know the Sorad Master, Amjad Ali Khan!  One of the most highly respected artists in his native India, the most wonderful Amjad has been traveling with his sons - to introduce ragas to an audience that has never heard them.  Amjad relishes this!  There is much to say about this man and his career - which has inspired two books - and has been so rich in honor and musicianship - that Amjad was given India's second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhashan.  Maestro Khan is part of a noble lineage that has seen generations of musicians - but his classically trained gift was perceived as extraordinary at a young age.  A chance to speak with the most noteworthy Sarod authority in the world is truly an honor!  You'll hear about the Khans' tour and hear inspiring music.
    Join us at one p.m. on 9/12!

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    The Queen Me Show: Marie Laveau The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

    in Radio

    The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. In all times, in all places, no one has ever risen to the statue or fame in Voodoo as Marie Laveau. Famed in history, infamous in folklore and ever present, even today. Voodoo is one of many incarnations of African-based spiritual folkways rooted in West African Dahomeyan Vodun. Its liturgical language is Louisiana Creole French, language of the Louisiana Creole people. Join us as we honor Marie Laveau for black history month. We practice voodoo everyday and dont even realize it. Tune in