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    Let's chat with Alina Garcia-Lapuerta, author of "La Belle Creole"

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    Guest:   Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog, joins me for a chat with Alina Garcia-Lapuerta, author of "La Belle Creole".

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    Creole or Cajun: A Conversation About Food and Culture

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    Join me and my special guest Michael W. DeVidts of the New Orleans School of Cooking. Michael is a member of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals), Slowfood, and the Southern Foodways Alliance. All three organizations are dedicated to the learning of the history of cultures through their food and the preservation of these foods.[REBROADCAST]

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Creole Joe Sample & Amjad Ali Khan!

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    You thought that you !might have heard EVERYTHING - oh, no - you DINT!  Wait until you hear our guests in the second and third hour of the show on 9/12!
    "Creole" Joe Sample has given us decades of Jazz - starting with the Jazz Crusaders in the 60's.  The last time Joe visited "Hybrid Jazz", he was very excited about heading into production with a dream that he has had for a long time.  And that is to record what he heard as a young boy...the delicious mix of French and African and other slowly stirred-in ethnicities that make up the hybrid stew of Creole.  Zydeco music!  Now, "Creole Joe Band" is out, surprising and delighting the fans who didn't see this coming - and the stellar band promoting the CD is heading to a city near us - and maybe YOU!
    Hear about the amazing journey that Joe is taking with Ray Parker, Jr. and C.J. Chenier - whose roots, via legendary Dad, Clifton, define the world that was Joe Sample's childhood.
    After Joe's relatively short visit (he's playing the Blue Note this week!), we'll get to know the Sorad Master, Amjad Ali Khan!  One of the most highly respected artists in his native India, the most wonderful Amjad has been traveling with his sons - to introduce ragas to an audience that has never heard them.  Amjad relishes this!  There is much to say about this man and his career - which has inspired two books - and has been so rich in honor and musicianship - that Amjad was given India's second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhashan.  Maestro Khan is part of a noble lineage that has seen generations of musicians - but his classically trained gift was perceived as extraordinary at a young age.  A chance to speak with the most noteworthy Sarod authority in the world is truly an honor!  You'll hear about the Khans' tour and hear inspiring music.
    Join us at one p.m. on 9/12!

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    Creole Culture and Inside the Creole Mafia

    in Politics Progressive

    Playwrights Mark Broyard and Roger Guenvuer Smith join us this Mardi Gras week to share their work Inside the Creole Mafia as well as the intriguing and often misunderstood story of the Louisiana Creoles. Expect an informative albeit satiric hour of gumbo and humor!

    Harlan Reece, Host/Producer
    Asani Charles, Co-Host/Co-Producer

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    This week, Chef Elliott is honored to share the technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, COOKBOOK AUTHOR, CINDY HEBERT!!!!

    Cindy is the proud author of her latest cookbook CINDY'S LOUISIANA HOME COOKING Vol. 2 is a product of Cindy’s Creole Kitchen.  Giving the everyday cook her family’s Creole and Cajun cooking tips created with their secret ingredient…LOVE! 

    Listen LIVE, from 7-8 pm, via mobile at 718-766-4964. Thanks for showing your love and support for Celebrity Chef Elliott!  (On-demand shows are available after each live show.)


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    Voices of Haiti

    in Culture

    Miss Zazou G. Pierre, aslo known as Zazou, is originally from St-Marc, Haiti. A poet based out in Florida, the young Haitian-American's dynamic and yet distinct voice speaks deeply into anyone's soul; her poetry without a doubt speaks for Haiti itself.  

    "When I was younger..." She writes on her Facebook Status,  "...I used to lose myself inside of books. That way, I didn't have to face the world...Thanks to this beautiful piece of literature, I have found enough solace and reinforcement to be functional in my own world. Books will always be my first love." 

    Please, take a listen, to one of the young artistic voices of Haiti. 

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    Ayiti, Yon Nouvèl Espwa.

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    Thoughts and views on where Haiti and Haitians are headed today. Is there any hope for Haiti or Haitians? If yes, where does it lie? As young Haitians living abroad, we have watched Haiti over the years worsen as a nation. Instability and Insecurity are not the main or only problems of Haiti. The Haitian man or the Haitian woman in society has a role to play, but It seems as if Haitians themselves have lost any hope in Haiti. Take a listen to what we discuss as Haitians, and as we ask pertinent questions on who we are, where we are going and where our hope lies. 

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    Lynette Washington is a native New Yorker. She sings in several languages. Her style is rooted in the jazz, R&B, and gospel. Lynette began singing in Russian nightclubs in New York and Europe. She recorded on GRP releases of jazz trumpeter Tom Browne and with her own R&B/Dance group Touché on Emergency Records. She worked with Aretha Franklin, U2, and Peter Gabriel and was featured in New Voices of Freedom in U2's Rattle & Hum, BBC's One World, One Voice, and Lenny Kravitz's "Give Peace A Chance" on Virgin Records. Lynette recorded radio commercials and appeared in national TV commercials for Roy Rogers, Mercedes Benz, Boy’s Town, Nescafe and Pizza Hut. She appeared with drummers Buddy Williams and Anton Fig, saxophonists Clifford Jordan and Gerry Niewood and bassists Alex Blake and Cameron Brown. Her appearances include Creole, The River Room, Sweet Rhythm, Azalea, Opa, and Lenox Lounge. In 1999, Lynette completed her first solo project entitled Long, Long Ago (A Jazz Celebration of Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa (1999)) featuring Chuck Mangione's reedman Gerry Niewood. Her second project, Smoky Dawn (2003) with Gold/Platinum Award winning producer, pianist Dennis Bell to release a double CD LIVE! at Harlem's Kennedy Center.





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    Spies Like Us

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    1526 San Miguel de Gualdape/(Sapelo Island, Georgia, Victorious) 1570 Gaspar Yanga's Revolt/(Veracruz, Victorious) 1712 New York Slave Revolt/(New York City, Suppressed) 1733 St.John Slave Revolt/(Saint John, Suppressed) 1739 Stono Rebellion/(South Carolina, Suppressed) 1741 New York Conspiracy/(New York City, Suppressed) 1760 Tacky's War/(Jamaica, Suppressed) 1791-1804 Haitian Revolution/(Saint-Domingue, Victorious) 1800 Gabriel Prosser(Virginia, Suppressed) 1803 Igbo Landing/(St.Simons Island, Georgia, Suppressed) 1805 Chatham Manor/(Virginia, Suppressed) 1811 German Coast Uprising/(Territory of Orleans, Suppressed) 1822 Denmark Vesey/(South Carolina, Suppressed) 1831 Nat Turner's Rebellion/(Virginia, Suppressed) 1831-1832 Baptist War/(Jamaica, Suppressed) 1839 Amistad, Ship Rebellion/(Off the Cuban Coast, Victorious) 1841 Creole Case, Ship Rebellion/(Off the Southern u.s. Coast, Victorious) 1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation/(Southern u.s., Suppressed) 1859 John Brown's Raid/(Virginia, Suppressed)


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    VALENTINE'S SPECIAL: Interview-Tina Wiliiams of Creole Love

    in Lifestyle

    Hello My Dears!Yes, we will be on the air LIVE at 2:30p.m. tomorrow when we will be joined by Tina Williams, President/CEO/Founder of Creole Love -- the mo'bettah body buttah!!Tina will bring us up to speed on her tremendous success with Creole Love Products (www.CreoleLoveProducts.com)Tina will also share some wonderful ideas on how to HOT UP or COOL DOWN your Valentine's Day.Join Us!

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    Legacy Of 1804 with Dr. Fabienne Doucet #Kreyòl #LOF1804

    in Culture

    Host Alice Backer welcomes NYU Professor Dr. Fabienne Doucet to discuss Selebrasyon Lang Kreyòl ak Kilti Ayisyen taking place at Brooklyn College on October 24-25. More at www.kiskeacity.com. 

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