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    rapist on facebook?

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    There have been people making accounts on facebook and they have been reports that thees acounts might be run by rapists

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    #47 - Oddities, Horror, and MMA Fighters!!

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    October Scare a thon continues this Friday!

    We are discussing weird oddities type stories including haunted items, bizarre encounters, and horror movies!

    Plus we have Amber "The Bully" Brown to discuss her upcoming bout for Invicta fighting on 11/1!

    We also will be talking with Charlie "Brown" Williams about his Professional Fight Debut at King of the Cage on 11/1! 

    Both will be discussing what scares them as well considering its that time of the year!

    Listen LIVE Friday 10/24 at 9PM EST and call us up (619)924-0762 to get in on all the fun!

    Check our our Mothership Site The Intestinal Fortitude to see interesting stories, and updates to this show as well as others!

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    Putting a Face on SLENDERMAN

    in Spirituality

    With the tragic stabbing of a 12 year old girl in Wisconsin, USA (19 times?  Really girls?) attributed to followers of "SLENDER MAN" a tall, faceless character of disputed origin, Jeffrey puts a face on this entity to help stop the spread of its influence.  Tulpa?  Shadowman? Stick Man?  Djinn?  Hear what Jeff thinks and even share your own ideas.  A must hear show.  

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    The Graveyard Shift Episode 23: Flying Spaghetti Monsters and Slender Men

    in Comedy

    It's the NEW YEAR and Emi is BACK with a Vengeance!  In this episode, Emi brings in the new year by discussing the increasingly epic popular topic of Creepypasta!  Has it TRULY become our generation's new folklore?  How did it begin?  What's the most popular CP and what's the scariest?  Emi discusses and shares excerpts from some of his favorite Creepypastas!  What's yours?  Be sure to favorite this episode and call in to share YOUR faves!  IF YOU DARE! 


  • Creepypasta

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    Creepypastas are short horror stories, fanfiction or other media that are collected and shared across the Internet with the intent of frightening or unnerving the reader.The name is derived from the internet slang term "copypasta", which refers to text that has been copied and pasted by users onto discussion boards multiple times. Creepypastas are similar to urban legends, although creepypastas do not always take the form of written text or spoken word; some consist of allegedly haunted images, videos, or games.

    Creepypastas come in a variety of styles, but some are particularly common. "Haunted image" creepypastas are fictional stories that include a picture that is said to haunt and torment the reader. "Lost episode" creepypastas are fictional stories about discarded or unused episodes of real shows, usually cartoons. Lost episodes are intended to unnerve the reader by deviating from the normative behavior of characters, centering on death, and including "hyper-realistic" images of the characters in the show. "Ritual" creepypastas are fictional procedures to invoke entities or supernatural experiences.

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    C.A.E. Presents: UNTITLED NONSENSE - Episode 3.5

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    Josh, Toni, and Kris are back with another installment of everyone's favorite late-night talk show, UNTITLED NONSENSE, podcasting's most unprofessionally professional show!
    This week, the boys talk Bullying and Amanda Todd, Creepypasta, and Relationships (Josh's FAVORITE subject), live this Friday night/Saturday morning at 3AM EST!
    You can call in and contribute to the program at (347) 215-7139.

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