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    Building better businesses

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    This is brought to you from the Women's Business Centre in Newham, East London.  The Innoviate Her Legacy Group is committed to providing ongoing business support for small businesses in East London.  We host regular networking and business support events.  Today's blogtalk radio show is an example of some of the business support you can expect from accessing the Women's Business Centre. www.herbusinessuk.co.uk or signing up for the Innovate Her Legacy Group events.
    Today's show is hosted by two members of the Innovate Her Group - Caroline Eder - owner of a small business I Can Kids caroline.eder@icanforkids.com and Renny Adejuwon the director of Eden Mobile Creche www.edenmobilecreche.com. If you want further information about the content of today's show please feel free to contact us.

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    In the name of FEDERAL, state, & local Government amen

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    Are people of RELIGION & CHRISTIAN FAITHS being treating like second-class citizens? Does ALL branches of government dis-respect those who follow in the foot steps of Jesus Christ?
    Does A seperation of church and state mean we are NOW officially endowed by our elected officials as well as governemt appointed Judges?
    Does A creche, menorah, a santa and sleigh and a Frosty the Snowman violate the separation of church and state?
    An Olympia church was denied its request to hold a baptism ceremony at a park on the grounds of the Capitol. Officials at Reality Church had wanted to hold a barbecue and baptism last Sunday at Heritage Park.  The park, located on the grounds of the state Capitol, includes a 260-acre man-made lake. Church members had wanted to use a portable baptistery, not the lake. The Department of General Administration, the state agency that oversees the park, turned down their request stating that the proposed baptism service was a violation of the STATE constitution.
    Does A STATE trump our countries INDEPENDENCE as written by the founding Fathers? It seems like with each passing day and each passing NEW LAW, RULE & REGULATION those who honor the KING are denied by those who believe THEY ARE THE KINGS.
    Funny as Kwanzaa was EXPOSEDin its support of pro choice & more Government social services  it seems to of been given A pass by ALL levels of Government. So does where you go to church really make A difference where and what type of rights you are entitled to in Government or in  the judicial rules?
    TONIGHT we get back to OLD Conservative Prime Time show standards in A drop down all our complete bar room brawl style debate, Church & State or simply NOW STATE?
    Join us as we get that taste of OLD back into the system & go in full force - so call in and join the topic or may the chat room be with you TONIGHT on CPT.

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    in Spirituality

    Please join us for an interesting hour with a Franciscan priest teaching about one of the greatest saints of the Catholic Church. He is the first reported stigmatist, a mystic who founded the Franciscan Order, and is also credited with the first to make a manger (creche) for the Christ Child. As we enter the Christmas season, a more appropriate saint will not be found...

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