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    Are you creative, but don't know what to do next?

    in Business

    Tamara Kleinberg was the youngest person ever named to a leadership position in a leading global advertising agency and shows people how to take their creativeness to the next level.  Disney and General Mills are among her clients who have benefited from her expert advice.

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    Kundalini Rising: The Moon and Sexual Inner G

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    KUNDALINI RISING IS A LIVE CALL IN SHOW AT 718-506-1960 9 PMCT 10pm eastern 7 pm mountain time

    Nu Blak Order B.P.C. Radio 

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    Self-renewal: Tapping into Your Own Creativity

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    A fresh new approach to tapping into our own creativity is to use images and artifacts from your dreams. Explore the images conjured during sleeping and waking dream states, discover a wealth of ideas and inspiration that are more authentic and powerful because they reveal underlying spiritual self. Recognize the importance of allowing the spiritual side to infuse into everyday life.

    There are four types of creative expression: 1.Finding, 2.Arranging, 3.Altering, and 4.Making First, learn to access the dream world to heighten creativity; for most, this requires meditation and a quiet time for self. Secondly, write down the revelation, thought or concept so as not to lose the creativeness of the activity which exemplifies the temporary home for the spirit/ inspiration. Musing and daydreaming  help create a path that energize us and increase the intuitive capacity. When the process of “making” is guided by the inner vision of our sleeping and waking dream states, a connection to that which is larger than ourselves is possible and is n important life tool.

    Self-renewal begins with the marriage of intention and attention. Intention is asking a question while attention is listening for the answer. To be successful, you must learn to control the power of intention learning to focus and identify specifically what is desired. The more focused, the more likely you will be successful of obtaining attributes and resources that address your needs.

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    Creative Ideas For Designing with Italian Tiles and Ceramics of Milan

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    Hello Family, Welcome back this week to our clips and tips segment! Happy Wednesday and we're moving right into the fall season. We have a great show planned ahead for creating and implementing ideas with Italian Tiles and Ceramics of Milan. Yes, they are the leading industry trend setters for the ceramic tile industry, and we focus on how well they're able to capture creativeness, elegance and style with porcelain stone wares. We also go over how world renowned recording artist, songwriter, instramentalist, and now designer Lenny Kravitz has captivated the industry in his collaboration with a leading trend setting tile company- Lea Ceramiche. So, tune in with tonight for an exciting segment!

    See Ya There!


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    lyrikaalls rotation Big DREAMS LA

    in Music

    playing all underground music if i like it ill play it i like ppl who show there creativeness in their music God gave us a talent so dont be scurred to be YOU 

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    Happiness, Success and Personal Wellness

    in Weight Loss

    This episode of Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life features Dr. George C. Fraser. Fraser truly embodies the meaning of success. From the humble beginnings of being orphaned at 3 and spending 14 years in foster homes to being award a honorary doctorate and being featured on seven national magazine covers to be inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum to being married to Nora Jean for 40 years - George knows hardship, diversity and success. Join Robert Ferguson in this exclusive interview with Dr. George Fraser with the goal of broadening your scope of personal achievement and happiness.

    Learn more about George and his upcoming Power Networking Conference in Dallas, Texas June 25-28, 2014. This is an annual event!

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    Flawless Victory Over Writers Block

    in Writing

    We have all experienced writers block and here is the scenario. We are writing something great, meaningful, our best work and then boom we run out of steam, creativeness and more. Writers block has been a nightmare that has plagued thousands of writers over the centuries and now I am going to share some techniques that I use to avoid the nightmare. This won't be a long video but the information will be effective. I have been writing for over two decades and have my degree in creative writing. Please subscribe for more writing shows.

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    "If a person want to enter a strong man's house and steal his things first the person must tie the strong man. Then the person can steal the things from the strong man's house".I stand to say the strong man's house has been robbed...Tied down by...I. Education A. Deceptive, does not tap into their gifts of creativenessB. Third grade examinations, determining the number of prison to built II. ParentingA. The young ages of teenagers having babyB. Same Sex LoversC. Abuse from mother's boyfriendsIII. Social Economic statusA. Poverty B. Low Paid JobsIV. Environmental InfluencesA. Music IndustryB. Illegal drugsC. Prescription drugs

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    Yoga For Me? - The Only Way Out Is In Host Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    Have you asked yourself if you ought to start, begin, try this thing called Yoga?  I have and I'm glad I did.  I've been studying and teaching for fifty plus years and there is a reason for it.  It helps you to become ONE with your space, your purpose, your health and happiness.
    Join me today.

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    Interview with Oliver Polanco :Drummer from OF The Sea Band

    in Radio

    *Oliver is no longer in the of the sea band*  We will post the new band he is in ASAP!
    I spoke to Oliver Polanco (Drummer) who gave me the dish on everything that's taking place with his career the band and more!  Oliver is currently also in another band as well.  Soon as I get the info. I will dish it out to you. The “Of The Sea” Band consists of: Daniel Robbins on keys and piano from Los Angeles, California, Oliver: drums and vocals from NY,  John Kelly: vocals, bass and guitars from Philadelphia and Kerry Frysinger: lead vocals , guitars and piano from Philadelphia, PA.
    They all came together in Philadelphia, forming with a storm of energy, creativeness and rare chemistry. The focus of the band in terms of creativeness and style-is well crafted songs; experimenting with different sounds and styles that make up the bands true form.
    With their subtle darkness, or moodiness in their sound, may be compared to bands such as: Pink Floyd or U2, and with melodies strongly influenced by The Beatles.-At times their lyrics have a bit of macabre style, written based on personal experiences, or the confusion of society or one’s self. Of the Sea has just finished there first LP, and is currently working on their full length album. We are hoping to see you on the road soon, So that you are able to experience “the magic and mystery “Of The Sea”…

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    To Ben Stewart, art is the alpha and the omega, and it inspires people in a multitude of infinite directions. He feels art unifies Philosophy and Science, and is the fuel to overcome any obstacle and bring about change. Ben’s passion for knowledge and art has led him on a dynamic journey to produce many masterpieces. A skilled filmmaker and public speaker, Ben is best known for his three independently released documentary films: Esoteric Agenda (2008), Kymatica (2009), and Ungrip (2011). All three films explore, from different angles, the topics of freedom within and without, and the Elite agenda of those whose tenticles and strangleholds reach us through every facet of our lives – from political, to economic and social. Kymatica went on to win ‘Best Scientific Film’ in the 2009 New York Independent Film Festival.Ben expresses his own love for freedom as a singer/songwriter/musician with the alternative rock group, Hierosonic. The group is making waves and giving an expressive voice of creativeness to its fans. The full scope of Ben’s work with the films and the band has been called the “Mecca for all artists and revolutionaries”, inspiring and awakening others by revealing global conspiracy, and examining the depths of consciousness and perception.Continued here: http://truthconnections.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/ben-stewart/