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    Creating Business Harmoney - Coaching and Marketing

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    Creating Business Harmoney with Mike Calderwood and his guest Ray Higdon & Jeff Lessard:

    2 time best selling author, speaker and blogger Ray Higdon went from foreclosure to building a multi million dollar a year coaching and training business. My journey taught me that the only security in your life is your ability to adapt to circumstances. You never know what life is going to throw at you. You just got to keep moving forward. Many people blame circumstances outside themselves for their situation, but that makes you powerless. You only have control over your internal world...that is what you need to focus on. When you focus on what's going on inside you-success will follow...no matter who you are.

    Jeff Lessard  - A 20 year veteran of the network marketing industry. A top 10 income earner in 2 separate companies and top 100 in a global company currently. All success based on focusing on others success first. A former stockbroker who realized he could impact people more through networking than as a broker. A family man married for 20 years with 2 great kids.


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    Creating Joy and Achieving Your Goals with Oshana Himot

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    Creating Joy and Achieving Your Goals with Oshana Himot is our guest on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. This work assists people to achieve their goals and create joy at the same time. Positive actions towards achieving goals that also create joy strengthens the ability of people to accomplish their goals effectively. This modern fable helps you to create more joy in your life and achieve wonderful results such as better health, better relationships, a fulfilling career and emotional wellbeing. Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT,  is an author and business consultant.  She is starting a global training institute which assists people to achieve their goals, communicate effectively and make a positive contribution to society.  Oshana has two Masters of Business Administration degrees from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California and is presently writing a book about joy. This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc.

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    Creating Business Harmoney - Building Your Business

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    Creating Business Harmoney with Mike Calderwood and his guest Chris Sprague & Julie Anne Eason
    Chris M. Sprague a best-selling author, inspirational speaker and successful entrepreneur on a mission to empower and inspire the world to transform their life by finding their Zero Point. Finding your Zero Point is the key to reducing frustration, increasing performance and increasing happiness To help audiences and clients find their Zero Point, I combine inspiration, motivation and empowerment along with tested methodologies, strategies and principles to take people from where they are to where they were meant to be.
    Julie Anne Eason helps experts, speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and CEOs write books that expand their brands and build their businesses. Julie Anne has been a professional writer for over 20 years. After figuring out that fiction writing wasn’t for her, she turned to freelance journalism and copywriting for a living. Today individuals are taking the initiative and writing, publishing, and marketing their own books without the need for an agent or publisher to give them a chance — which means that finally businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the amazing power of books to build their businesses.

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    Creating Opportunities With Social Media

    in Technology

    Nick Smoot, Founder, HereOnBiz, introduced his app to the Social Geek Radio audience ten months ago http://bit.ly/18uwhCE HereOnBiz is a mobile app that identifies people in your professional network who are nearby, for connecting while traveling. 
    Nick rejoins AK Stout and Deb Evans to share what is new with HereOnBiz and how he and his team are creating opportunities for business professionals worldwide. 
    HereOnBiz was recently mentioned in Entreprenuer's magazine in the "100 Brilliant Companies" article http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226680
    During the last 15 minutes of the show, AK will share her App of the Week, and other cool tools and sites in the very popular #GeekItOut segment
    Join the conversation on Facebook or follow AKStout18 and DebCE and tweet your questions! 
    Social Geek Radio sponsors: 
    SayingItSocial and Deb Evans Consulting, LLC

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    More About BlogMutt-Freelance writing opportunities

    in Entrepreneur

    We will be starting at 2:10 p.m. Please stay tuned. In the previous episode, Deb talked about the Blogmutt.com opportunity for beginning your work at home freelance writing career. Tune in today to hear more about that opportunity for work at home writing jobs, and how you can use it as a stepping stone to better, higher-paying opportunities for working at home. Also find out the average pay rate for a work at home writer in today's real market.

    This is part of a continuing series for work at home opportunities that Deb is hosting for people who want to make a full or part-time income working at home. Set your own hours, work at your own pace, and fund YOUR dream...not someone else's. Here the link to Deb's ebook  about this topic if you want to learn even more about how you can make your dream of working at home a reality.

    Remember, it's never too late to steer your own ship. But you have to start with a small boat.


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    Consider This…Pathways to New Opportunities in 2015

    in Spirituality

    Ready to consider some new goals for spiritual and educational growth?  Today we will be discussing some ideas and opportunities for spiritual and educational growth!



    Welcome! Mondays ~ Now at 8pm ~ Rev. Drs. Linda Marie Nelson and Nancy Ash offer spiritual evolutionary dialog from the heart uniting our world in Oneness honoring ALL perspectives in sacred traditions. Enjoy cutting-edge, timely discussion with veteran, contemporary, trans-denominational minister co-hosts, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie and Rev. Dr. Nancy. Raise your vibration with Doing a 360 Meditations with beautiful music to re-calibrate consciousness. Since 2010, Consider This programs have inspired and motivated learning -- opening your heart to the multiple ways that integral minds are dedicated to transform our world. Heartfelt Blessings!

    Nancy: http://www.Doinga360.com

    Linda Marie: http://www.shekinahruha.org

    We Love You ~ We Thank You

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    Right Voice For You... Your time to Shine?

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    RIGHT VOICE FOR YOU... Your time to Shine?

    New Show on "Creating Possibilities"

    What creation are you avoiding to be? 
    What if there are tools you can use in your daily life, at your work and in your business that would open up to creating what you know is possible?
    Would you like to become a creator of possibilities?
    The magic we all know is possible... life full of possibilities!

    Pragmatic way of using the tools so you get practice and can apply them directly in your life.
    So we will be using the Access tools in action.

    Is 2015 your year to shine?

    This world is full of possibilities and we have choice to create the life we desire. 

    Welcome to open up to more space... space of possibilties:-)


    Creating Possibilities with Lisen Bengtsson
    A Global Creation In Consciousness





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    Restructuring your mindset: Turning failures into opportunities

    in Lifestyle

    We've all faced some sort of failure in our lives. However big or small, it has impacted you in some way or another, but mostly, in a negative way. But why does it have to be negative?

    In tonight's episode, we will address the issue of failure and why we have assoicated it negatively and how, starting today, we can change that around, and turn these "obstacles" into opportunities to create your ideal life.

  • Intensity of Living with Lisen

    in Lifestyle

    INTENSITY OF LIVING... is it the new BLACK?

    New Show on "Creating Possibilities"

    This world is full of possibilities and we have choice to create the life we desire. 

    What does intensity mean? Do you sometimes feel like you are going to burst? Cry? You do not know what to do? What can you choose so it changes?

    What if this show can contribute to opening up more Possibilities in Your Life, In Your Business, In every area of your Life?

    What if we can create so much awareness that we don't buy into limitations as real? And we would be willing to acknowledge our awareness and choose from what we know? And be willing to be the magic we know is possible?

    Welcome to open up to more space... space of possibilties:-)

    Creating Possibilities with Lisen 
    A Global Creation In Consciousness

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    Creating Business Harmoney Interactive & Email Marketing

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    Creating Business Harmoney with Mike Calderwood and his guest Brian Basilico & Martin Stellar:
    Brian Basilico is a internationally recognized author and speaker. He’s the founder and president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc.
    Martin Stellar - Email marketing specialist, ex-monk, once-upon a tailor, semi-retired copywriter. Big fan of psychology, ethics and persuasion.

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    “The Creating Change in 2015 Movement and How It May Impact You”

    in LGBT

    Russell D. Roybal, Deputy Director of External Affairs at the National LGBTQ Task Force will join CWT4R. This year marks the 27th year that the National LGBTQ Task Force will present Creating Change, the premier annual organizing and skills-building event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their allies. The event will be held in Denver Colorado, February 4-8, 2015. Taken from the website, “The Task Force has advanced a vision of fairness and justice that include the creation and implementation of the New Beginning Initiative coalition, which secures federal administrative policy changes to improve the lives of LGBT people and their families. The conference attracts more than 3,500 people from all over the country every year. Presenters and participants come from all walks of life and include members of the business community, elected officials, students, faith leaders and staff and volunteers of non-profit organizations”. There is an organization named The National LGBTQ Task Force that fights for change in your life every day. Join us Wednesday Night starting at 10:30est, 9:30cst, 8:30mtn and 7:30pst call 347-215-8985 to find out what they are doing in 2015, how young leaders are being trained, and what impact these changes could have on your life and that of your family. Remember to Press 1 to speak, to get involved. It is not too late to get our tickets and be a part of CREATING CHANGE 2015 in Denver, Colorado.Silence has been an Option for way to long. Now it’s time to ask “Can You Hear Us NOW”?


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