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    The What If Show featuring Manfred Zepeda | Creating with Entities

    in Self Help

    About Manfred Zepeda

    My experience with the spirit world in this lifetime started when I was a child, seeing dead people, shadows or lights, earth spirits, listening voices inside and outside me, perceiving their emotions and thoughts (which I thought they were mine) and must of the times it was not fun, some experiences and stories I heard created fear around that realm. It was so intense that I started to ignore it in order to make it disappear until I stopped being aware of them (But nobody told me that my body would be aware of them ALL THE TIME!!) Nobody could assist me or tell me at that time what was happening or how to deal with all that so I just refused to see and tried to fit in this reality.

    In my early 20´s I started to get back that entities awareness, still I did not have tools to work with so I started to study different energetic and healing modalities to help myself about that and other areas in my life. Each tool I learnt took me to the next one until I found out the amazing and pragmatic Access Consciousness and TTTE tools where all these capacities emerged stronger than ever! Those assisted me to clear the fear I bought from others, trust and honor myself and to start creating a different reality with entities. At the end, nothing outside you is more powerful than you are!

    Creating with Entities

    Have you ever used your magic and energy to manifest and create? What if there are many conscious beings ready to contribute to you with more of that energy? These beings will play with you in the game of living, they have your back, they will contribute and they are waiting for you to ask them to assist you, are you asking?  Join me to explore the infinite possibilities in this magical world with entities. 

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    Creating Your Inner Harmony!

    in Self Help

    Creating Your Inner Harmony!

    Angels, this week we are going to be speaking about ways and examples that YOU can begin Creating Harmony within YOUToday!

     We will have a special Guest with us from The Hindu Network talking about Creating Harmony in your life from the Hindu perspective. 

    Also a great meditation, Empowering Affirmations that you can begin using and much more!

    Tuesday Oct. 27th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST

    Call into our show @(646)595-3594 or join our Chat Room online!


    bringing people back to themselves

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    Creating Wealth with Intellectual Property

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss how your "IDEAS" are Intellectual Property and those "ideas" can earn you money and "create money" and "create wealth" for many generations to come. There are four basic distinctions of Intellectual Property when it comes to getting "legal protection" for your ideas:

    Trade Secret

    Feel free to call in with any of your quesitons, comments, or contributions to our talk today.

    Visit our website @ itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to "It's My House Readio" by dialing 712-432-8863.

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    Flowing With Spirit :: Techniques for Creating a New Reality

    in Spirituality

    Kyra Merna and Essence Ka tha'ras share inisghts and wisdom, offering helpful Techniques For Creating a New Reality. Creaating a reality that is in alignment with Sacred Work and in tune with the synchronistic beauty if the Universe. 
    You can find more of Essence's and Kyras work at Shambahalla and New Earth.

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    in Motivation

    Rexford Sam is the CEO af Rainbow Global, a United Kingdom (UK) based mangement and business systems consulting and training organization. He  has been involved in projects and activities in the UK, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa.  He is also a visiting instructor for the University of California Riverside Extensior Center's Post-graduate program in Management, sharing insights on the Digital Economy, among others.  He also supports a number of post-graduate programs in the United Kingdom on a freelance basis.  He is also sought after for his social media and branding insights.

    Rexford is a value managemet expert, conference speaker, leadership coach, personal development advocate, motivational speaker, and the author of "Creating Your Future: Keys to Recognizing, Preparing and Going for Opportunities.  He currently sits on the board of a large non-profit organization in the UK.


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    Co-Creating Happiness with the Angels

    in Spirituality

    Join the "Psychic Reflections From Starcrafts" crew on Blog Talk Radio at 7pm PST on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 for a LIVE show all about creating a happier Life with the help of the Angels!
    Many people know that Angels are all around them, but some don't know that Angels, Archangels, and Guides are all ready and willing to help with every challenge in Life. Others work with Angels on occasion, but wonder why the results of their work is less than they expected. 
    We'll teach you some simple & fool-proof ways to connect with your Angels and other Members of your personal Divine Crew to Co-create the Happiness you seek.
    Then we'll take calls at (657)383-1814 to give you some FREE Messages from the Divine Ones, too! 

    Think about what kind of advice you most hope to get, then give us a call!
    We'll look forward to hearing from you!

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    What are the impossible possibilities?

    in Lifestyle


    A lot of people learn what is possible and what is not. Some love to dream, others go for their dreams.

    Wonder what would happen if you do not try to compute anything and would listen to your awareness?



    New Show on "Creating Possibilities"

    This world is full of possibilities and we have choice to create the life we desire. 

    What does intensity mean? Do you sometimes feel like you are going to burst? Cry? You do not know what to do? What can you choose so it changes?

    What if this show can contribute to opening up more Possibilities in Your Life, In Your Business, In every area of your Life?

    What if we can create so much awareness that we don't buy into limitations as real? And we would be willing to acknowledge our awareness and choose from what we know? And be willing to be the magic we know is possible?

    Welcome to open up to more space... space of possibilties:-)

    Creating Possibilities with Lisen 
    A Global Creation In Consciousness


    Access Facilitator & Access Organizer
    Bars, Foundation & Level 1
    Access Body Process Facilitator
    Right Voice for You Facilitator
    Cert. Coach

    Lisen +46 708 39 39 97 | lisen.bengtsson@me.com

    Skype namn


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    How Are Your Emotions Creating You?

    in Self Help

    Welcome to the Voice of Change.  Today Jyude Albright and I will be discussing How Are Your Emotions Creating You?  

         Are you aware that your emotions are helping you create the life you are living?  If you love the life you have created – fabulous, you've got it!  However, if you are desiring change, it occurs when your emotional state changes.  Learn how our unconscious beliefs and emotions can be identified and changed if we choose.  Understand that there are no victims - only creators and you are that creator.  Happy creating!

    Jyude Allbright: Jyude nurtures her audiences and clients in creating peace and joy in their relationships & living spaces - personally, professionally and romantically. Using her skills as a public speaker, an NLP Master Practitioner, Addiction Recovery Coach, Access Bars facilitator, Certified Prevention Specialist, and spiritual teacher, she has authored several  books on addictions, parenting, and dating.
           Her books can be found at www.jyudeallbright.com, She currently co-hosts the radio show, "Awareness Changes Truth," on Blog Talk Radio -www.awarenesschangestruth.com

    Sharon Ann Wikoff: Sharon is passionate about creating peaceful environments in which one can raise peaceful children.  She is author of The Art of Communicating with Infants and Young Children and The 10 Minute Miracle.  She's worked as an elementary teacher, director of children's programming in metaphysical churches, an EFT Practitioner and piano teacher, bringing the Art of playing the piano to children and adults. She can be contacted through her website www.SharonAnnWikoff.com or sharonannwikoff@gmail.com

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    Should You Tell Family/Friends You Used Donor Sperm/Egg/Embryo

    in Parents

    Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Bette Galen, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in alternative family building.

    For a discussion of this show, go to our blog tomorrow http://creatingafamily.org/blog/. 

    Creating a Family has many free resources related to this topic on our website at www.CreatingaFamily.org. 

    Please leave us a review on iTunes. It only takes a moment and it really helps others find us. Thanks.

    Click to Tweet: http://ctt.ec/daK30

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    Show Highlights: https://creatingafamily.org/infertility-category/should-you-tell-familyfriends-you-used-donor-spermeggembryo/

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    Creating Great Health - How are you living your purpose?

    in Self Help

    Welcome to an all new episode of Creating Great Health with your host Ayoe Lai!

    How can we live our life and be true to our purpose?

    In this show Ayoe talks about some of the obstacles that hinders us from living an inspired life. She also gives concrete tips on how to live a more inspired life, In-Spirit, taking the ego out of the equation. Simply letting go of our ego and following our passion is a great start to living In-Spirit.


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    Creating Great Health - Are you feeling disconnected?

    in Health

    Welcome to Creating Great Health with your host, Ayoe Lai.

    In this episode we will talk about how we often feel disconnected from ourselves, our friends and family. Ayoe will share personal stories with you about how she handles those feelings and move on from there. There will be suggestions on how you can move forward towards being more connected to your life and really enjoy and embrace that you are here right at this moment.

    Please send me your feedback on ayoe@creatinggreathealth.com or on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Ayoe-Ingemann-Lai-Author-1620425204847468/timeline/?ref=hl