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    Wealthy Wednesday Radio with Zoe Richards

    in Entrepreneur

    Wealthy Wednesday Radio show with your host, Luci McMonagle, is for Holistic Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Fempreneurs and small Business Owners interested in increasing their knowledge, education, skills and abilities to increase their wealth. It will have interviews with successful entrepreneurs that will provide you with their journey to success, provide tips and tools for your empowerment.

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    A powerful show with Business Strategist, Zoe Richards. She is  a Business Coach, Creator of The Sales Map and Best selling Author and public speaker. Join us to discover her secrets of success. She is a regular columnist for national magazines and often featured on local and international radio shows.  Her Expertise: Clarity with your business, making money with your business, business money mindset, Sales Map (replaces the sales funnel).

    Zoe helps her clients achieve visible results on the bottom line. She consistentsly increases turnover by 100-200% withon weeks of working with her and helps you reduce costs, improve porductivity and profits through her pragmatic approach.

    Creater of the Sales Map and 28 days to Your Best Month in Business, Zoe helps business owners make a differneence to their business month after month.

    Sign up for Zoe's free 30 Day Success Plan at https://success.simplero.com/page/32397-business-revolutionary

    She is currently launching the next intake for 28 Days to Your Best Month in Business online programme designed to get people working on a plan for earning more from their business.

    Check out Zoe's Website at www.successrevolution.co.uk

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    Sunday Night Dead Presents: The Evasive Interview with Dead Air's George Lopez.

    in Paranormal

    Tonight on Sunday Night Dead, We bring you the Evasive Interview with Dead Air's George Lopez. Mr. George Lopez, the creater and founder of Dead Air Paranormal Radio joins us. So tune in at 8 pm. Est,  7 pm Cst.

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    ''Paranormal Legend'' Daniel Roberge .. Creator of the ECHOVOX

    in Radio

    Tonight I talk with one of the best in the Paranormal Field, The Creater of the ECHOVOX a app that has created that allows you to talk to the Dead. He has other apps and all his work he has done in the paranormal Field will be talked about in the 1 hour show as well as what he has planned for the Future and Now.

    He is well Respected in the Field I support him 110% and what he has created for us to use in the paranormal Field is amazing and better then anything I ever used in the 10 years I been in the field. 

    He has more then the ECHOVOX he makes other apps as well. if you do not have it you need to get to your app Store and get it its $19.99 and it works better then 99.9999999% of What is out there!!  


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    Vision Boards, And Dreams Can Be Made Into A Reality

    in Spirituality

    Cassandra has a heart for inspiring women to never give up on their goals.  She is the Founder of Thoughtfulinspirations.com.  Her "Focus Cards" and books like "Never Give Up" help women achieve their most outrageous goals. She inspires women to make their dreams happen and shows them they have the courage to go after their wildest dreams.  With a successful family of six, an amazing business, and a Master’s Degree; She is proud to be able to successfully show women that you can be a great mom, wife, and live your dreams. She helps women find the inspiration to believe and to act on achieving the things they most desire. The time to start living is now! Make it happen.

    Award -Winning Author Sandra Elaine Scott is a Transformational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Life Coach who specializes in helping individuals turn their someday dreams into Today's reality. Sandra has an extensive background in strategic planning, management advocacy, fundraising, event planning, and corporate training. A gifted trainer, her stories are powerful and make a point that helps make a provocative idea unforgettable. 

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    Why we Don't Understand Religion !

    in Culture

    Join us on today's show as we will discuss the Many different ways people show their respect to their creater . phone lines will be open ..all this and much much more while you are Live n the day wit J !!!

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    Saturday Wake Up Call - The Force is IN You!

    in Spirituality

    WHAT KIND OF FORCE ARE YOU IN THIS WORLD? Are you a whimper, a wail or a WHOMP!

    What do you stand for?  Or are you sitting back, waiting for someone else to make the difference?

    Are you are force for good in this world?
    Do you consciously and deliberately live from a place of Love and Wisdom, Creativity and Understanding, Peace and Forgiveness?
    If we had technology that could measure the energy that you project Into the world, what would we discover?  Would we detect a strong expression of positive thoughts and attitudes, visions and expectations?




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    NPLFA's FTL Interviews w/ Ian Freeman, Mark Edge & Lauren Nicole

    in Politics


    Previously aired interviews of Non Partisan Liberty for All Radio with Host Dave Bourne edited into one show!!
    Host/Creater/Owner of Free Talk Live as well as seasoned and dedicated activist Ian Freedom talks about the liberty, FTL, his activism and experiences and more!!

    Then Mark Edge the other half of the founding Free Talk Live duo talks about his journey to liberty and the history of and creation of Free Talk Live!!

    Then occasional FTL co host Lauren Nicole talks about her history, experiences and liberty media projects!!

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    Bigfoot Ground Zero - Claudia Ackley Interview / Washington Sighting

    in Pop Culture

    Please join me on Friday night at 8pm EST for a compelling interview with Claudia Ackley.  Claudia had a sighting a few months back while hiking with some friends.  Claudia's account speaks to a smaller looking creater, with hairy features, dropping out of a tree, and running away on two lets.  Although the encounter was over in seconds, Claudia feels very strongly that she saw what appeared to be a baby Sasquatch.

    Similar sightings have been reported in the past, which makes me excited to bring this account to you.  Hopefully you will enjoy the program. If you have any feedback, hit me up on Bigfoot Ground Zero on FB, or directly at bigfootgroundzero@gmail.com.  And as always...thanks for listening!


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    Tina's Retreat With Poetry In The Mix featuring Ya Girl Slyce n Dream Killers

    in Books

    Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! 

    This week interviewing Author/Promoter/FB Group Creater Slyce aka Marilyn Brown as we sit and chat about what she has going on in the lab, your upcoming release of DREAM KILLERS and how she holds her own in the lit game. Not to mention the wonderful work she does with The Kings and Queens of Lit!!!


    Don't be shy... just remember we all had our first time somewhere with that perfect someone, so why not let your first time on the Mic be with me ??? We are one big family, reach one, teach one....... see ya soon.... much love..


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    Personal Empowerment with Mimi Clark and Niki Oman

    in Spirituality

    Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski are excited to welcome Mimi Clark and Niki Oman to our show.

    Niki is a Virgo with a Scorpio moon and Gemini rising. She believes that she needs to be able to help others if she can use the practices in her own life. She’s a mother, healer, Shaman, Teacher, Artist, certified Reiki practitioner, Inner Parent Coach, student and professional traveler. She loves the Ho’oponopono method.

    Niki feels it’s important to support mothers and dads and talking about authenticity about experiences, troubles, struggles and all we go through in parenting.



    Mimi is an astrologer, energetic and body worker, and intuitive, as well as a co-creater of the community Gaia Blooming. She spends her time being curious about and exploring the world, different healing modalities and the patterns of energy. She is a Sagittarius Sun with a Leo Moon and Gemini rising and lives in San Diego, CA with her 2 cats.

    "To me, ultimate freedom is embracing your true self and feeling good! To feel good, you really need to KNOW yourself. My methods of holistic healing brings parts of you forward that have potentially been forgotten. Holistic healing is about focusing on a being as WHOLE, including body, mind, spirit, soul, consciousness, energy, etc. I bring a myriad of techniques to the table to help people find the harmony within these aspects of the whole. I also believe in “walking your talk” and consider myself to be my own greatest guinea pig. Every technique that I work with is something that I have experienced as healing for myself first. I have a daily practice of meditation, mantra, yoga and sometimes dance that helps me connect in and open Spirit who is really in control of my practice! I am just a well honed tool."


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    real izsum radio with swiss barbie bone the real

    in Entertainment

    real iszum radio is a talk show , a adventure were we keep it real tell the real and let you no whats really going on now and the latest fashion trens and secreats swiss barbie bone has great music that you will love come tune in to the best reality radio show ever posible ,, swiss barbie bone the creater of love and hip hop , think like a man act like a woman , the tv talk show the real the queen latifah show ki ki palmer trttshow basket ball wives x wifes of holly woood think like a man act like a womn the kevin hart show the