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    Enjoy your power, create the reality you desire!

    in Paranormal

     Ellen Hartwell and John Warren (ellenhartwell.com) invite you to join them in a fantastic journey in which we will identify with you the patterns that hold you back from that which you desire into the patterns and practices that will bring you into your joy!  What are you responding to? What your parents want? What commercials tell you to desire? What the media teaches? OR... are you responding to the inner being - God/Spirit/Universe within you ever nudging and urging you into your power, your health, your wealth, your right relationships?  Join us! Call in! Let's learn together!

    John and Ellen will be airing their show every Saturday at noon EST, 11:00 a.m. CST and 9:00am PST! Don't miss this opportunity to embrace your authentic self!

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    2015~Create Your Reality Now

    in Spirituality

    Join me for our new years show, and what would unfold is created right now.  Be as infinite as you truly are and with all that we understand, allows us to expand in many ways.  Intuitive times and let's explore what is in store ~ it is all about potentiality, not reading minds, it is about the potential and what is possible is within you right now.

    Let's explore the gifts you have to discern your Higher Self, your spirit guides, and your inter-stellar families.

    Learn to trust who you are and what your potential and gifts are....this is your potential and your birthright.  Get connected and stay in tune!  

    Joanna L . RossPerez


    Intuitive Visionary & Esoteric Teacher



    see universalunity.ca (facebook, google, twitter, spreecast, blogtalkradio, flikr, instagram) Join me! 

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    Are you ready to create a crystal clear Vision for you and your Business?

    in Self Help

    Why is it so difficult for many to see and have a clear Vision of what they want for themselves and for their business?

    Here are six important elements to a successful strategic plan:

    Core Values
    Strategic areas of focus
    Strategic goals
    Action plans

    Did you notice what comes first? VISION always comes first. Always. If you have a clear vision, you would eventually attract the right strategy. However if you don't have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.

    I have seen this over and over again in my professional practice as an executive coach and business advisor and in my personal life. Once I get clear on what I wanted, the how almost took care of itself. Today I will share with you a few suggestions and tips on how to create a clear vision for yourself and for your business.

    Think about this: What if, you can spend some time somewhere private to clear your mind with one objective in mind and the objective is to get crystal-clear on what your vision is? What do you want to see happen? What would your vision look like a year from now, three years from now and so on? Don't be concerned with the HOW, stay focused on your vision.

    If you think about the how too soon, you most likely to inhibit your vision (Your “what”) and block yourself from thinking big. What we truly need is a vision that is so big and compelling not only to others, but yourself.

     Your Vision should be so compelling, so it can motivate you to stay the course and accomplish your vision.

    So grab your notebook, a piece of paper and list your vision statement! Write it down and do what it take to see it clearly.

    Follow your vision, even if others cannot see it. Vision gives your life purpose and living on purpose is what life is all about. ~Coach Rea


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    Suspend the Rules, Create a New Reality

    in Lifestyle

    You have an opportunity to expand beyond your current circumstances. What holds you back? Mind? Subconscious? Past events? Fears? Judgements? Limiting Beliefs? Pick one or more likely all of the above that apply. 

    How do you suspend those limitations and go beyond the evidence you are seeing in the physical realm? 

    There is something more waiting for you. Are you ready to experience it? Are you ready to step into what is possible for yourself and those you're here to impact? Are you ready to go beyond the confines, beyond the rules you've been living by? 

    Join your host Star Staubach of Ignite Radiance as she explores what is possible, how to access it and how you can make the shifts necessary to access what awaits you. 


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    in Spirituality

    What is reality?  The state of things as they actually exist.  But most people have trouble with reality.   Past childhood experiences tells us that it's a hurtful place and a place to be avoided.

    Consciousness studies and creating the life you want are both reality-based, however, so we had better learn to cooperate with it and cooperate with it well if you're going to have a wonderful life.

    Join us for this marvelous show!

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    reality rules survivor recap

    in Blogs

    Andrew is still away so we welcome back our two guest co hosts from last week. Travis and Cody.

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    How to create presentations that sell.

    in Management

    Great presentations can attract new referral partners, new borrowers and new loan officers.  It doesn't matter if you're a rookie loan officer, a seasoned producer or a branch manager trying to grow her branch, you need to know how to present.  In today's episode, we discuss what it takes to create persuasive presentations.

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    The Grind Talk Radio "Manifest Your Greatest Potential Now!"

    in Entertainment

    The Grind Talk Radio 
    "Manifest Your Greatest Potential Now!"
    Wednesday 12:00 -12:30 pm (MST)
    Short link:http://tobtr.com/s/8098837 
    Call In Listeners: (347) 934-0628

    The Grind Talk Radio "Manifest Your Greatest Potential Now!" Learn how to make manifest your greatest dreams with simple proven steps... In celebration of Duane Bluestein's transformation were spending the afternoon giving away our most valuable secrets to success just in time for Thanksgiving. The process of manifestation is so amazing and powerful...make ALL your dreams come true just in time for 2016. Don't wait another minute. Its your time to experience the life you've only dreamed about...And find out why EVERY MEMBER of our team has permanent smiles on their face and nothing but joy in their spirit. Its your turn..join the movement and become unstoppable!

  • The WHY in Your NOW....

    in Self Help

    Sybil Sloan, CPC, CVDC

    Sybil Sloan a Certified Life Coach  and Certified Veteran Developlment Coach comes online to share how to get through intricate parts of our RIGHT NOW!

    Ever wonder why? Yes Why you continue to reap the same results in your life. People walk in and out of your life or finances never stay stabilized. The behaviors and habits we have all play a part.

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    Why is your NOW important?

    in Self Help

    Sybil Sloan, CPC, CVDC

    Sybil Sloan a Certified Life Coach  and Certified Veteran Developlment Coach comes online to share how to get through intricate parts of our RIGHT NOW!

    Your Life Coach Sybil Sloan discuss how important your Now is to your Next Victory in Life!!

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    reality rules survivor recap

    in Film

    Tonights recap we will have 2 special co host as andrew is out having worldy adventures.

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