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    Old School crack ups- Remembering the good ol' days

    in Entertainment

    Remember the styles, dances, who dated who?  Share the things that still make you laugh or cry!  Then laugh about it again tonigh



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    There's a Crack in Your Armor: Mending Cracks in a Broken Vessel

    in Christianity

    Jer. 18:4 "And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make."  Many believers have had to pick up the pieces of a broken life.  Perhaps you may be one of them.  Join Pastor Tandeka Isaac as she reveals, through the Word of God, how to seal the cracks in an earthen, broken vessel to bring a wholeness to where there has been weakness. We will also identify seven spiritual characteristics found in each person and how God views each of us based upon our level of spiritual walk. Grab your Bible, notepads and ink pens and journey with us through the Word of God as we continue our teaching from this series entitled "There's a Crack in Your Armor"

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    Open Discussion - Ageless Beauty, Citizens Duty, Blind Side Mom

    in Pop Culture

    EXCLUSIVE: Now 'pro-rape' blogger 'Roosh the Douche' hires security guard to watch over him at his mother's house after complaining about threats 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3434277/Now-Roosh-douche-gets-burly-security-guard-threats-pro-rape-blog-storm-telling-police-wanted-attention-didn-t-expect-this.html#ixzz3zL6Ic7k8 

    Cops take revenge on Florida woman who pulled over speeding officer - by tweeting a photo of her 'drinking and driving a boat' and posting her phone number online

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3433965/Police-union-chief-blasts-Florida-woman-pulled-speeding-cop-social-media-bikini-photo-driving-boat-drinking-beer-posting-phone-number.html#ixzz3zL6U2XYf 

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    Shirts v. Skins (Super Bowl 50 Preview Show)

    in Sports

    It's Super Bowl 50, and there can only be one trophy holder. Either Carolina or Denver goes home with the hardware, and we'll break it down and give you keys to success for both teams, along with all the juicy storylines (don't sleep on Denver!). It should be a great game, so crack yourself a beer, gather your munchies, and tune into some "Shirts v. Skins" Super Bowl 50 pre-game!

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author David Chatfield. He's stopping by the Author Chat Show to discuss his new book, Taking Control: Cracking the Code to Happiness.

    About the book:

    Do you feel out of control, depressed, stuck, disillusioned, defeated, rejected, dejected, afraid, confused? If so, this book will help you take back control of your life and give you the key to crack the code to happiness. You can get what you want, be the person you want to be, and most of all, you can be happy. The lessons in this book are time-proven, reliable, easy and fun. You will learn to live with integrity and gain the trust and confidence of your friends and family. You will learn about positive and healthy relationships, how to form them and how to maintain them. 

    About the author:

    Decades and hundreds of deals ago, David Blake Chatfield began his career as an attorney and manager, representing global companies, music artists and producers, motion picture and television writers, producers, actors, and editors. During his career he has twice served as the president of his local bar association, been elected to public office where he served two terms as a councilman, and has been a senior executive in both public and privately held companies, including a nationally distributed record company and a music and video production and publishing company. He currently has his own law practice where he serves as General Counsel in several diverse companies, is the managing partner of The United Music Group, a partner in C & A Management, and owns Chatfield Entertainment. 


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    Your Energy Your World - "THE NEGRO VS THE NIGGA"

    in Culture

    There is an old saying, “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!” When he arrived at the new school, the principal nor the teachers had no clue to who he or his grandmother were, to be frank they did not care.

    I’m sure at the time he was thinking, “Now this is true freedom!” Freedom to skip class without his grandmother ever finding out, run around with the wrong crowd, smoke and talk back to teachers as well. He finally got a taste of that cookie, needless to say guidance, direction, and purpose went out the back door!

    Hearing his story got me to thinking about our lost ones of today. If we had the Negro guidance like my mentor was/is to me, we would not have lost our way.

    The Negro lost it’s fight when crack came along, it also lost most of it’s power in a paternity lawsuit, because of babies out of wedlock. The negro lost his best friend “my brother’s keeper” in a neighborhood shootout and left town for good when “ashamed” talked “shamed” into doing a reality show starring “immoral” and his family.

    Join Anthony and I as we discuss "THE NEGRO VS THE NIGGA"

    Call/Listen (347) 326-9139


    "Your Radio Your Conversation" ©™

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    Grown Folks Talk With Shaun D. Upshaw

    in Culture

    The conversation on the topic: "Why Do You Hate On Your Black Brother? Why Do You Hate On Your Black Sister?" kicked off this past Tuesday night with the ladies rendering their insight. Now it is the men's turn to take a crack at trying to figure things out!

    Like Tuesday night, the plan is to get answers to questions such "Why Do Black People Tend Not To Support Their Own?" and "Why Are Black People Are So Critical Of Each Other?" and "Why Do Backstab One Another?" and "Why Do Black People Wish Failure Upon Each Other?"

    We seriously want to get to the root of these issues without pointing the finger at the normal sources black people tend to point at for such behavior. If you want to be apart of the conversation, then join us at the roundtable by dialing into the GFT Hotline (646) 787-1851. Also, don't forget to follow me on social media for all show updates and upcoming events!

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/GrownFolksTalkWithShaunDUpshaw

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShaunDUpshaw

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/ShaunDUpshaw 

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/ShaunDUpshaw

    Google +: https://plus.google.com/+GrownFolksTalkWithShaunUpshaw

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    Feb03,16CandidFrankLiveCflTalk with Mike Aaron John and Candid

    in Football

    Call us 714 242-5250 or join us using skype.  Finally Argo Tickets are ready for sale with Season Ticket Holders getting first crack.  Argo Lifers thinking about their seats. We know where we will be. Message John to find out where we will be. Free Agency the Schedule is up this month.

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    Substance Abuse the cause and effects, Crack , Meth, Marijuana, Alcohol Abuse

    in Entertainment

    The Cause and Effect of taking that first hit of any drug and once that happens your life is forever changed. Can anyone say they tried Crack Cocaine or Meth and any other illegal substance and said it only happened one time and I  went back to making better decisions after that initial  hit.

    Toughcookie will have several ex-addicts who will disssect and tell their stories of what it felt like taking their first hit of their choice of becoming addicted to a lifestyle, of homelessness, abuse, pain, hurt, loss of self-esteem, dignity, and falling into a life of shame.

    Lisa Debarros (Boston MA) will tell her story of pain and why it took 25 years to no longer want another hit of Crack Cocaine, Robin Johnson (Sacramento, CA) will discuss her life long battle with Crack Cocaine to a Recovering Substance Abuse Counselor.

    The cause and effect on the Family, Community and especially the individual who chooses Crack, Meth, Marijuana, Alcohol, and any other drug that can potentially lead to a life of crime, shame, pain and death. How do an addict recover from the use of Substance abuse to self?

    Who is profiting from drug use in many communities of color?

    Pipeline to prison for mothers and fathers! Why is it important for Churches and The School System and Communities to come together and stop this epidemic of families being torn apart and kids becoming  addicted themselves at an early age.

    Who is at fault?

    Personal Responsibility or a set up by the Powers that be.

    There will be a Special guests calling in discussing their experience and testimony's of  family members addicted to drugs and how it effected their life.

    Check out the movie starring Jennifer Hudson, The Inevitable defeat of  Mister and Pete.

    One of my guest appeared in this movie and will  ditch out secrets of famous Celebrity stars who abused drugs.

    Tune in 7:30 PM PST


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    Getting Back Your Mind When You're at Wits' End

    in Christianity

    Have you ever felt like you’ve hit rock bottom?  Have you come to that place in life when you’ve had just about all you can take and you don't know what else to do. You know...it’s that place that feels like a dark and deep pit with no way out. Have you ever been there? Maybe you’re there right now.  Or maybe you're the leader who has said, "I just need to leave the ministry. I cannot continue like this. I've lost it. I am worthless and there is nothing that I have to offer any more."  You've been searching for a purpose and meaning in life.  You’ve tried this road and that road, but so far all roads have led to detours and dead ends. As believers, we frequently seek solutions which flagrantly disregard what the Bible has to say, in favor of what worldly wisdom claims will work.  Join us as we discover what God says to do.  Tune in as Min. Pat Wright ministers this powerful topic.  Grab your Bibles, note pads and ink pens and journey with us as we continue our discussion on "There's a Crack in Your Armour"

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    Two Minute Tuesday W/ Da Turn Up King SirB

    in Radio

    Da Turn up is real. With da Two Minute Tuesday Special. If you haven't caught on yet, yes It's a show dedicated to each caller personally. You choose your two minute topic. Rather you wanna ramble, sing, crack jokes, cry, or read poetry. This show is wat you make so join in the fun. Call (347)857-4391 show starts @ 7pst 8mst 9cst 10est. As always press 1 to talk.....

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