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    Dr. Ahmses Maat creator of Maat Thermal Therapy, w/REVELATION aka & GodIs L aka

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome Dr. Ahmses Maat 2 “Get Your, It Together!” January 30, 2016 @ 10:00am est. He’s a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Certified Clinical Perfusionist on an open heart team and Doctorate of Metaphysics. Dr. Maat is a 2004 Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, a World Games Gold Medalist with a 5th degree Black Belt, offering self-defense and Egyptian Tai Chi Instruction. He’s also President of TaMeri, Inc., a health service company that specializes in wellness in which Maat Thermal Therapy is held as intellectual property and its useful process is being used holistically. He’s a co-founder of African Defense at Montu University where he provides workshops, classes and courses on Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – A non-invasive, long term relief of resistant depression without medicines, Rapid Detox – A guaranteed method for complete detoxification from opioids, cocaine and methamphetamines without the harsh rigors of withdrawals in 3 days, Dream Timeline – A metaphysical unfolding of possible outcomes according to your life’s experience and passion, though not instructing any classes at this time, just to name few. His specialty however, is Maat Thermal Therapy – A Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapeutic Sauna method, used for healing cancers, AIDS, hepatitis, arthritis, fungal & yeast infections, adding complementary and natural healing methods to standard health care practices. So, continue affirming that we’re ALL activated seeds of consciousness, animated by the divine spirit of ALL That Is! 773-897-6555 & press 1 to share, listen live online or chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit 

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    Adjusting To Racism: Is It Emotionally Unhealthy For Children?

    in Women

    With all the highly publicized cases of police violence directed at young men, many community groups are holding seminars and workshops on "How to respond when stopped by police." Youth are warned to keep their hands in full view, make no sudden moves and speak calmly and respectfully. All good advice, but how are youth affected by the notion that the person that stops them might kill them in cold blood? The angry protests in the streets of major cities are a release of pent up rage at having to tolerate the indignity of constant humiliation. Are we making it worse by teaching our children to adjust to racism?


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    How To Heal & Seal Your Leaky Gut

    in Nutrition

    Leaky Gut, or Intestinal Permeability, is known as the “Disease Your Doctor Cannot Diagnose Easily” and with good reason. The myriad of signs and symptoms that are linked to a leaky gut are many fold and can be quite difficult to trace back to an overly porous, inflamed intestinal wall. Some of the progressions from a leaky gut can vary from diabetes, food allergies, low energy, joint pain, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions and slow metabolism. It may even trigger or worsen such disorders as asthma, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Luckily this can be influenced heavily by the foods you choose to eat and the foods you choose NOT to eat.

    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will share his take on this rapidly growing phenomenon and how by simply adjusting certain foods and lifestyle habits, you can heal your gut!

    You will learn:

    What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome
    9 Signs You Have A Leaky Gut
    What Causes Leaky Gut
    Other Issues Caused By A Leaky Gut
    Avoid These OTC Medications At All Costs!
    5 Healing Foods To Heal And Seal Your Leaky Gut
    Top Supplements To Support A Healthy Gut

    … And much, much more!

    So be sure to tune into 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser to put a stop to the leak!

    Meanwhile, be sure to click on www.WeiserLiving.com and sign up to our newsletter where your will find more articles, recipes, videos, products and consultations.

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    Are Your Dreams Worthy of YOU? (Coach Spotlight: Cheranissa Roach)

    in Lifestyle

    Join Host, Kristine Burke, as she interviews transformational coach, Cheranissa Roach.

    "I have a soft spot for moms, Cheranissa shares. "I love helping them to pursue their dreams while raising their families without sacrificing either."

    In addition, Cheranissa conducts seminars and workshops for corporations, community organizations and individuals. The seminars and workshops include: Adjusting to Change, Retrain your Brain for Success, What You Think About—You Bring About, Jump Start Your Journey to Success, Racing to the Top, and the life changing, Parenting Under Pressure.

    Ms. Roach is a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Diversity Trainer and a Certified Wellness Trainer with the Professional Woman Network. And she will be offering a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM to our listeners.


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    BONUS: THE QUAD POD - Phoenix Comic Con

    in Business

    Jillian Squires (Phoenix Comic Con) joins us to talk:

    The task of managing 75,000 attendees
    Leveraging enthusiastic volunteers
    Negotiations with Actors, Vendors and The City of Phoenix
    The non-stop planning of an event this size
    Setting up appearances years in advance
    Managing growth vs. reducing user experience
    Maintaining reliability with vendors

    The ABSOLUTE need to be accessible to your audience, meaning… GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!
    The management of literally HUNDERED OF TONS of product on a daily basis
    Big mistakes at this year’s convention and how that’s a GOOD thing
    Software and Systems, finding them, adjusting them and knowing when they need to be replaced
    How Jimmy Johns used a horrible situation to generate lifelong customers
    Accommodating talent requests, travel, limos and a cold diet coke at the snap of a finger
    The benefits of having a CIA agent on staff
    PS: Leonard Nimoy was apparently awesome

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    in Spirituality


    We are providing essential means for you to end the storyline of sicknes, disease and suffering, fear, addiction, poverty and pain, by adjusting your frame of reference and reorienting yourself to the WISDOM VIEW of SELF-EMPOWERMENT

    through receiving the gifting of empowerment to extract the essence of your consciousness from all apparent existence you either reject and deny or cling to and desire. We resolve your fixations by exterminating your agreed-upon habitual tendency at the root,

    laying bare for the truth of all existence that is none other than yourself.

    we will also generously offer RED QUAN YIN EMPOWERMENT to dredge the depths of your existence

    and Celestial ALchemy transmission of rasayana, the essential means to live on light.










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    Navigating the Trade: 2015 Takeaways Lead to 2016 Rules of the Road

    in Finance

    rcmTradingDesk - Your source for all aspects of trade navigation - From building trading systems to managing risk

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs breakdown in graphic detail actual trades occuring in real time and teachable moments of recent vintage. 

    Today's focus: Long Trading Strategies developed during an historical Fed Q.E. fueled Bull market need refining as the Stealth Bear Market continues to attack risk assets. Some terrific rallies occur during Bear Markets (evidence October of this year) so Long trading strategies can still be profitable but managing risk not maximizing risk becomes tantamount.

    2015 Takeways:

    Tighter trading in a Bear Market a must: Using day trading strategies on your Swing position

    Position size adjustment necessary

    Buying near lows vs buying breakouts

    Adjusting for increased volatility common during Bear Markets 

    Bear market evidence: S&P500 equally weighted index (See Blog) 

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    Lessons of the Universal Family

    in Spirituality

    New Moon... New Beginnings...  
    Adjusting to the Saturn-Neptune square...
    Mars Opposite Uranus

    Lessons of the Universal Family
    Please Join Us... As We Move Forward on Our Journey
    I'll be taking your calls tonight!

    Thursday   6pm PT / 9pm ET
    Please Call in with your Questions at 646-478-3085
    Press 1 to be put in the Queue, or Listen Via Webcast.
    BlogTalkRadio on the GalactucU Radio Network

    Join us for the weekly Universal Energy Notes update. Lessons of the Universal Family is based on Ancient Atlantis Teachings. If you feel like you don’t belong here, if the people on the street treat you better than your own family, if you feel alone, if you have been told your weird or crazy, if you never have quite fit in, If you are a healer, teacher or an artist, if you understand complex concepts, but see them simply, if Spirit Guides came to visit you at a very young age, if you can communicate with nature, animals and crystals, if you don’t think like everyone else, then you are a member of the Universal Family.

    We will as open the phone lines to answer your questions... Yes, they do walk among us... and there is life after death.

    Join us! There is something for everyone at all levels, for those just beginning their search for Spiritual wisdom, as well as those well along their journey.


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    Staying Healthy Throughout the Holidays...

    in Health

    With all of the office parties, sweets and champagne, is it possible to stay healthy thoughout the holidays? Dr. Pamela Salvitti of Pure and Simple Wellness will show you how.

    PURE & SIMPLE WELLNESS is a program* designed to provide our members with All-Natural Coaching, Adjusting, Therapies, Education, Nutrition and Tools to achieve optimal health & quality of life.

    Dr. Pamela Salvitti is a Chiropractic Wellness Physician as well as creator and facilitator of our program. We offer our members customized solutions to their health problems addressing issues including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, obesity, insomnia, digestion, etc.

    Follow Dr. Salvitti on Facebook


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    Cranial Sacral Therapy-Increasing CNS Circulation and Function

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Dubroff is back on our show! Cranial Sacral Therapy is a treatment that brings wonderful results to brain trauma, Depression, pain and much more.  Dr Dubroff discusses his experience with the deep healing that follows this client doctor connection through subtle body rhythms. Points of Interests that we will be discussing are: 1) What is it? 2) The Central Nervous system Treatment- ex Brain Trauma and 3) $25 Introductory appointment. Do you suffer from stress? Find yourself depressed? Are you in any pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/lindasconscioustalks to find out how this amazing modality brings results and more! If you have a question, we would love for you to call into (347) 850-8423.

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    Adrian Lobo Miramontes

    in Education

    Adrian Miramontes is a Dancer, Movement Artist, Healing Facilitator, and Holistic Health Coach. His mission is to elevate the human species by returning us natural living and bringing more movement and dance into our lives. As a Performance Artist, Adrian Lobo channels spiritual energy through his dance in order to bring healing, empowerment, and awakening to the audience. He has created his own unique dance style that fuses various Urban Dance Styles with Sacred Movement and Martial Arts designed to heal the body and expand consciousness. He has danced professionaly for 10 years, traveling internationaly, performed on countless stages, taught hundreds of students across the world, and has won dozens of dance competitons. Adrian Lobo is also a Healing Facilitator and Holistic Health coach that helps guide people to more Masterful forms of Expression and Healthier Lifestyles. He is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Polarity-Cranial Practitioner, and Integrative Nutritionist. He is a researcher of Esoteric Knowledge, Scientific discoveries, various Spiritual Traditions, and often writes empowering articles and blogs to inspire others. The Consciousness Revolution has begun, and Adrian Lobo is here to help others be apart of this growing movement." For more information feel free to contact him at www.adrianlobo.net www.youtube.com/adrianCM www.facebook.com/lobovortex adriancmiramontes@gmail.com

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