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    BGU: Public Library Apps That Will Take You To The Next Level

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    Join Professor Bougie Girl as she discusses public library apps that will take you to the next level.

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    Georgette Crandall Music writer and author

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    When life gets challenging for me, I like to find a quiet place, mainly my bathroom, to communicate with God and to seek his directions.  During this time, I find it’s easy to express myself in words, which results in the songs I have written.  Communicating with God under any circumstance, whether happy or sad helps me to know his voice and builds a relationship with him.  I am at my best and a force to reckon with when I seek him early in the morning.  As stated in the book of Psalms; Early in the morning I let my request be known before thee and I wait with expectations.  Waiting with expectations, is having faith beyond all my circumstances and knowing that God will come through. Being a person who likes to have consistent communications with God through prayer, I know that there cannot be unresolved issues in my heart.  Whenever I struggle with forgiveness, I focused my attention on my own faults and mistakes. 

    This helps me to highlight God’s constant forgiveness and also the forgiveness from people whom I have hurt in thoughts, deeds and action.  I have had discouraging times in my life and at some point or the other threw in the towel, chooses my own path and went my own way.  I understand that there are failures in our Christian walk; however, failure never stopped God from loving us.   Staying in sin, has kept me longer than I wanted to stay, but the consequences of disobeying God drew me even closer to him.   I have tried to stay quiet about God’s love, but like Jeremiah said, “I feel like fire shut up in my bones’. Experiencing the audible voice of God, speaking with me one and one has helped me to stand firm in my faith.   Knowing that God had called me to a specific task of ministering to the lost souls is considered the highest honor and privilege I will ever gain in my life. 

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    The Pot of a Gold at the End of the Rainbow:The Public Library

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    Tonya and Denise will have a special guest to share all the wonderful resources and services available at your local neighborhood public library. In addition to talking about the book clubs, reading lists, tutorial services, the hosts and their guest will also share their favorite finds. The visit is like a kid in a candy store for parents of children who love books, or for those of you who are trying to convince kids to like books! Either way, the public  library is a great parenting resource.

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    American Library in Paris Programs Manager

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    This week's Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from the new Peninsula Paris in France. Grant Rosenberg, programs manager for the American Library in Paris, explains that the French language is not just the language of love and why the American Library in Paris is a cultural center of the city—it houses the largest collection of English books on the entire continent.

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    Storytellers Featuring Library of Congress International Writing Showcase

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    For Immediate Release October 29, 2014

    Storytellers Campfire Featuring Library of Congress Inaugural "International Writing Program Showcase"

    Storytellers Campfire will preview the sixteen writers featured at the Library of Congress inaugural “International Writers Program Showcase” with Guest appearance of Spokesperson and Director of the University of Iowa International Writing Program, Christopher Merrill.

    Storytellers Campfire has long been an advocate of poetry, prose, short verse and has included poetry as a vital part of literacy and education, even honoring Poetry Authors, through the Marble Award Program. In view of Storytellers Campfire's own efforts, it should be no surprise they will preview the Library of Congress inaugural "International Writers Program Showcase."

    Storytellers Campfire has been a fundamental part of collaborating International cultural literacy and education and through the years exhibited writing through other cultures, bringing International Guest on the radio program. The Library of Congress "International Writers Program Showcase parallels the efforts and goals of the University of Iowa International Writing and Storytellers Campfire writing programs. 

    On Sunday, November 02, 2014 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time; Spokesperson Christopher Merrill will make a Guest appearance at Storytellers Campfire to give their global audience a glimpse of the Iowa International Writing Program and what we can expect at the inaugural Showcase at the Library of Congress presentation.

    Library of Congress Showcase participants will include writers, playwrights, poets, translators, and essayists from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Israel, Afghanistan, Ghana, Egypt, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

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    Conversation with the Masters: Hazelton & Chiorazzi on Law Library Education

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    This month we'll talk with Professors Penny Hazelton and Mike Chiorazzi about law librarianship as a career and about law library education. NOTE to new listeners: For this episode, I used a new microphone set up and it picked up lots of paper shuffling - and it's annoying. We've identified the problem and future shows will be much cleaner and easier to listen to. This one is worth it, despite the distractions.  I apologize for the sound.... RL

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    A Maker Space in Your Library: Where a True Learning Community Can Takes Place

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    Building a Maker Space in Your Library: Where a True Learning Community Can Take Place.

    "Our guests today are John Parker and Tiffany Whitehead.  John is Digital Learning Specialist, Technology Services, Buncombe County Schools, in Asheville, NC, and Tiffany is Librarian, Central Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA.



    www.follett.com @follettlearning www.follettchallenge.com

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    PEDRO Paranormal Presents "Ghost Hunting 101" at Rolling Hills Library, MO

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    PEDRO (Paranormal Encounter Documentation and Research Organization) Paranormal Presents "Ghost Hunting 101" at the Rolling Hills Library, 1904 N Belt Hwy, Saint Joseph, Missouri 64506. Website: http://www.rhcl.org/

    This event is open to everyone.

    Please come and listen, chat and/or call in with questions and polite comments - 646-716-6207

    We're teaming up with PEDRO to bring the discussion to you over the internet as well as live at the Library! They will talk about technique, equipment and strategy of Paranormal Investigations.

    PEDRO on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PedroParanormal 

    Team Member Janet Reed has written the book "Excelsior Springs: Haunted Haven" Go get your copy today!  http://www.amazon.com/Excelsior-Springs-Janet-R-Reed/dp/0738583367

    "Excelsior Springs: Haunted Haven takes the reader back to a time when miracle cures were the stuff of legend. Here in the late 1800s, rumors of healing mineral water springs spread faster than wildfires, and the growth of a city was ignited by mankind's obsession for health. Practically overnight, Excelsior Springs grew from a farming community to a luxury resort town known as "America's Haven of Health." Discover tales of the famous and infamous who sought out treatments for various ills of the day. Many who arrived hoping to be restored by in the waters that gushed forth from the depths may still linger on as spirits. Ghostly tales surrounding this area have been carefully researched and are presented as a legacy to the town's founding fathers, their descendants, and current residents who still welcome visitors from around the world."

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    Your Ancestors Stories - Folklife Center, Crandall Library

    in History

      Erica Wolfe Burke, archivist and special collections librarian, will tell us all about the award-winningThe Center for Folklife, History & Cultural Programs at the Crandall Public Library  in Glen

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    Holly McKenna. talks about the Albany Public Library Foundation

    in Politics

    Holly McKenna., President of the Albany Public Library Foundation talks about the Albany Public Library event on Saturday November 15, whose guests include Paul Grondahl, William Kennedy and Amy Amy Biancolli

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    Software Lending Library Helps Companies Afford High-Tech Tools for Success

    in Technology

    The founders of Software Lending Library share what they are doing to help small and medium-sized businesses better afford software and technology that will help them grow, expand and compete more effectively.

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