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    SIDETRACKED Episode 111: Craigslist Scam & how Anarchy would've Helped

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    Main Topic:  Craigslist Scam & how Anarchy would've Helped

    Side Topics:  Evidence that Chris Kyle was a liar.  Serial Pelican Slashings in Florida.  CEO of Target gets large severance package... and 17,600 ex-employees are raising eyebrows about it.  Pot related poison-control calls spike in Colorado.  Bo has an idea to take care of offended terrorists.  Dog left chained to Wal-Mart in subfreezing weather survives.  A Cash-less society & Bill Gates.

    All This in 30 minutes!!

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    Craigslist Blowjobs

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    Joe and Kate are joined by comedian Tim Dillon to talk about when he decided to quit his job, get sober, and come out of the closet. He shares his first experience after coming out which included craigslist and blowjobs.

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    Hot Tubs For Sale Portland Craigslist, Portable Spas, OR

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    Hot Tubs For Sale Portland Craigslist, OR ? 503-533-5603 ? Portable Spas, OR.  Hot Tub Clearance Sale. http://www.OregonHotTub.com - Hot Tubs For Sale Portland, OR. New, Used Hot Tubs, Hot Tub Sale. 97229, 97206, 97223

    Oregon Hot Tub is Oregon's largest and most established hot tub company.  Based in Portland, we've been serving Oregon and SW Washington since 1979.  With 5 stores to serve you, we are the Premier, Full Service Hot Tub, Swim Spa and Sauna Dealer in the area.   

    With showrooms serving Beaverton, Clackamas, Bend, Portland and Vancouver, WA we have earned the reputation of being a one-stop destination for all your hot tub, swim spa and sauna needs.

    If you're looking for a new or used hot tub, swim spa or sauna, then you've come to the right place.  At Oregon Hot Tub, Our goal is to provide you with the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience, before, during and after the sale.  That's why all our sales, service, delivery teams and water care specialists are certified, factory trained and employed by us.  

    To learn more, pick up a copy of our free report "5 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a Hot Tub or Spa".  Just give us a call at 503-533-5603 or go to http://www.oregonhottub.com/specials 

    Hot Tubs For Sale Portland Craigslist

    Portable Spas, OR

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    THE DETECTORS RADIO NETWORK D'Anne Burley Craigslist People in Need

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    we talk about the issue of people in the United States facing eviction and homelessness on craigslist and what really is going on with people within the United States that we do not see.

    We  talk about the issues that impact on your life and cover the news stories not shared in the mainstream about issues such as politics religion entertainment justice system dating in the movies developing business and more

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    The Funniest Craigslist Ads & Reasons Men Die Sooner than Women

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    Want to hear some of the funniest and craziest Craigslist ads? Then tune in today, because we've got a list of ads you won't want to miss! We've also got the 10 dating rules that you need to break and 11 reasons men die sooner than women. Plus headlines, couples therapy, crazy train, and more!

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    Danny Coleman: Creator & Host of Rock On Radio

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    Musicians need performance venues, and Danny Coleman’s Rock On Radio is the forum for interviewing and listening to solo artists, creative guests, including reality stars, Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers, and many up-and-coming but unsigned NJ artists and entertainers. The famous and not so famous are made to feel right at home in the ROR studio where live performances, phone calls, Facebook, email, and chat rooms keep Danny a very busy radio host, effortlessly multitasking for 2 hours each Sunday night. And there’s even a studio audience to keep him further engaged. The night I listened in and watched the live video, Manda Morris was in the studio with her guitar having played the Stone Pony the previous night. Danny is a life-long drummer who graduated from broadcasting school but realized radio wasn't paying as well as his day job. When a back injury forced him out of work, he saw a Craigslist ad looking for Radio Show Ideas/Hosts Wanted. He pitched his idea, and ROCK ON RADIO was born April 26, 2009. “Rock On Radio was started because I felt that musicians needed a venue to be heard, not only musically, but personally as well,” Coleman says. “I hope my listeners get to know my guests on a more personal level. Many people have seen my guests in coffee house, bars, and showcases but don't know them as individuals. I want my listeners to be entertained, informed and to feel like they know me, my guest, and all of us at ROCK ON RADIO on a more personal level every week.” After the interview, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

  • Carlito live on MRTR

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    New Years Special!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio Interviews Singer/Actor: Carlito

    25 year old Carlito Olivero hails from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. Singing in English and Spanish from the age of 5, he had aspirations of making singing and performing his career.

    In 2007 responding to a Craigslist ad, Carlito auditioned for a lead vocalist role for the Latin Pop group Menudo. Later that year, an MTV reality television series titled Making Menudo premiered with 15 contestants competing to land a slot in the new band. Besides a return to the original name, this 2007 lineup would be the first to live under the new age cap of 20. Carlito Olivero, along with 4 other latin hopefuls were formed as the new Menudo with an album planned for release in the fall. Signed to Sony Music, the group toured in support of their debut singles “Lost” and “More Than Words”. The group disbanded the following year and Carlito relocated to Los Angeles to continue to pursue his singing career and move into the acting arena.

    Upon his arrival to Los Angeles, Carlito was tapped as a lead in Mario Van Peebles directed teen based film entitled “We The Party” (released 2012) and years later in 2013 auditioned for the Hit Tv show “X Factor” on fox. Ending the competition as a TOP 3 finalist and becoming one of the first latino contestants to ever participate on the show, Carlito has walked away with fans hearts worldwide.

    With 2 major films hitting theaters in 21015, Carlito is continuing to grow on both his acting and songwriting skills, while collaborating with numerous industry pros. His Urban based Rhythmic Pop flavored with occasional Spanish language have created a unique sound which sets him apart from the male vocalists in the current pop/r&b landscape.


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    7 Deadly Web Design Sins

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    Are You Making These Seven Web Design Sins? People have different ideas about what makes really good web design. Some think that a website needs to be super-sleek with and up-to-date, modern design in order to get attention.

    While other people believe that web design doesn’t really matter all that much and you just need a site that works and lets people do what they want, like Craigslist and Google. And there’s a lot in between. We’re going to cover a very important topic, the MISTAKES you may be making when designing your website. 

    Also, we’re continuing our interviews from Fail Fest by Launch Fishers with interviews with Jeb Banner of SmallBox and Shawn Schwegman of Gusto. Hear what he had to say about failure today on the EDGE!

    This week on Edge of the Web Radio, sponsored by the Marketing Technology Blog, we discuss the latest marketing technology on the web. We frequently have leading marketers and the founders of marketing technology companies that we discuss these platforms with. Every week we provide guidance to marketing professionals - whether you're running your own company or you're a CMO at an international corporation - we always have information that you can use to increase the performance of your online marketing.


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    Victim Voice Told Through Family #Project1000000Voices Justice for Jolissa

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    Jolissa Rangel Soccorro, 10/29/92 - 10/25/13, was murdered by 3 cowardly men who entered her home by shooting the door down and killed her.  Only 21 years old and leaving a lot of friends and family who love and hold her dear in their memory to this day, with hopes of having her murderers are brought to justice -- not to forget, but just to be able to let go and bring closure to this seemingly senseless murder.

    Jolissa's family is going to join me on the show and reflect upon their daughter/sister that they miss so very much, what they know that has been done, and what they are hoping to result through the listeners of this show and beyond in their hopes and dreams that justice is finally had for Jolissa.

    It's a story of inspiration and hope that we hope you will join us and help them to share their voice(s) with others to make a difference.  Besides the murderers taking Jolissa from her famil, they also took her from her 3 yr old son.

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    You may also contact the family at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-For-Jolissa/649858311732245.  Be sure to share that page with your family and friends. If you, or anyone, has any information to share about the case, they are working with the FBI at this point.  They are asking for the community help to bring these three cowards to justice.

    #Project1000000Voices #JusticeforJolissa

    Craigslist:  http://austin.craigslist.org/vnn/4795054009.html


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    Using Craigslist the right way...

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    Here is your Trial from Yates and Ad Maker Tool - 14 days free trial.
    When you have a business - Whether Service or product oriented, it is hard to discount Craigslist and Backpage when wanting to get exposure to those that are searching those systems to find your type of business.
    If you are not advertising on those websites you will want to re-think your position after our Radio Show where we will be talking to Yates with Ad Maker Tool.
    We have been using their program with our Real Estate Business and If I were to tell you how many people visit our real estate website to search for houses, condo's and townhomes in the Santa Clarita Valley - it would be bordering unbelieviable.  However, the proof is in the analytics.
    Join us on our Santa Clarita Radio Show and listen to Yates as he explains the method to Ad Maker Tool's Madness.

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    #292 Craigslist Safety

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    The Internet can be a useful and convenient tool for buying and selling almost anything. However, a recent news story out of Michigan, reported that a teenager arranged a transaction with a seller to buy a cell phone through Craigslist and it ended in tragedy. The 19-year-old went alone to meet the seller and was shot dead, then robbed. Law enforcement believes he was targeted on purpose. The riskiest part about buying and selling on Craigslist is the transaction. If you or anyone you know uses Craigslist, there are some important things to keep in mind for safety and Google Me Talk Radio is here to help.

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