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    Kookiedoodle - A Place Where Kids Can Get Kooky With Crafts, with Sheila Weiford

    in Entrepreneur

    This week, host Kelly Scanlon visits with Sheila Weiford of Kookiedoodle Crafts, a local arts and crafts studio for children ages 3 to 12. Founded by mother-daughter entrepreneur duo Katie and Sheila Weiford, the Kookiedoodle arts and crafts studio provides a safe, fun and bright environment for children to work with stencils, decoupage, felt, paint and more. Children can decorate a beeswax candle, try out sand painting, and explore other mediums too.

    The studio also opens its doors for events and private birthday parties, as well as team-building exercises for business people.


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    PrettyNCrafts - The Crafts Of Pinterest - Episode 2

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    PrettyNCrafts - The Crafts Of Pinterest - Episode 2

    On today's show we'll be talking about crafts on pinterest. What do you like to do? What are some crafts that you have tried? Have you tried any of these crafts and fail?

    Also listen for the free giveaway rules for the hunger game bracelet!

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    in Spirituality

    Soaping Secrets and Entreprenurship for women. Learn the skills necessary to made homemade soaps, lotions, scrubs and herbal remedies. How to start a business in the arts and crafts.

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    EP#19 Memoir meet Poetry: Kira Lynne Allen crafts debut book in two genres

    in Writing

    In May, I interviewed author Kira Lynne Allen about her new book Write This Second out now on Prashanti Press. In this episode, Kira explains how she used various strategic moves to recreate voice and pace in her work. She tells you what she thinks of the publishing process (as opposed to self-publishing) and whether it helped or hurt her work. You'll also hear what obsession fueled her desire to finish the book by October 2014.

    Kira is an artist in the most robust sense of the word. In the interview part that is on my editing floor through no fault of its own, we talk about her collage work which she's been doing for years. Actually, her mother also had the talent. In this image which accompanies her blog post, "You Call It A Book, I Call It A Movement or 7 Reasons Why I Founded: Write This Second," we see a young compilation Kira - a mix of real photos and sketch work which she drew herself.

    I absolutely loved this book and would read it again, so I advise you to check it out. But in the words of the first book reviewer I knew, "don't take my word for it." 

    “Kira Lynne Allen’s first full length book of poetry is so gorgeous, so rich in honesty, truth, pain and healing, beauty and rage and humanity, that it is going to change lives. It gives permission, and that means that it gives life. It gives off heat and fresh air. It exposes, encourages, challenges, delights. I found it thrilling.” —Anne Lamott, New York Times bestselling author of, Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace; and Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life  

    Visit Behindtheprose.com for the full show page!

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    Journey in Rhythm Episode 10:"Arts and Crafts of Healing" Guest Speaker: Kais -

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    Kais was born in Puerto Rico and came to New York in 1978. He saw the graffiti on the subway train and right away knew that he wanted to get down. Kais has tagged, bombed, and done many elaborate pieces in the Bronx and other areas throughout New York. His involvement with Hip-Hop goes back to the early 80s when he was in a break dance group called Bronx Break Masters. Currently he is involved in the world of Hip-Hop through music. Kais Raps and Sing with a Bronx group called Division X. He still paints constantly with BT Crew and dedicates it to the public through wall production.



    is one of the forces that enables you to give sounds to, or verbalize,

    your spiritual intuitions and thoughts, into a form that you can

    communicate to others.


    Much Respect To;

      The Great Divine Supreme Being (Amen & Amenet), Dieties, Ancestresses, Ancestors, Elders, Youth, Family, Friends, & Foes In Harmony With Nature/Universe/Order

    - Peace...


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    "Inside the Box" with Jay

    in Hobbies

    Hey Podcast Friends,

    Looking for that unique and special gift for that special person in your life?  How about giving them something specifically designed and custom made for them?  Or, do you enjoy the art and beauty of hand-made crafts?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this program is for you!

     We will be taking a sneak peek "inside the box" with Jay, on how to create and design  beautiful and unique hand-crafted pieces for any and everyone, no matter the occasion.  Find out how to make "shadow box pictures" and other hands-on crafts that are inexpensive and simple to make!   Also, get information how you can sign up the kid(s) or yourself for this affordable workshop to create the gift of a lifetime!

    Until next time...

    Thanks for listening and take care!



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    Crafts Vs. Chomsky! The Gloves Are Off

    in Current Events

    Going to be switching things up a little bit tonight in honor of the 9/11 anniversary week. Tune in at 9 for a riveting debate between the Front Row's, Steve Crafts and none other than Noam Chomskey! OK, OK, so we don't actually debate, Noam. But, we do take an interview of his and chew his ass up on his beliefs and statements about the events on 9/11. You won't want to miss it. 

    Conspiracy? Maybe. Screwed? Definitely. Whether you want to believe there is a grand conspiracy to bring down or fundamentally change America and the world really doesn't matter. The numbers are in and they suck. Here in the Front Row we'll be taking a look at the news and event from the serious to the sublime, from around the globe to around the corner in an effort to make some sense of it all and hopefully wake a few people ip along the way. Tune in each and every Monday at 7PM (EST) as we discuss a wide range of topics including: current news and events, the police state, the new world order, 9/11, the Federal Reserve, false-flags, the left/right paradigm, endless war, and in general, failure after failure of our "leaders" over the last couple hundred years. What's that definition of insanity again? Along the way, we also hope to mix in some good talk on music, comedy and entertainment and just for good measure, give some time to UFO's and more specifically, the ever-increasing evidence regarding the true origins of man and the bullshit we've been fed there since day 1. 

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    Designer Christine Marie Chen

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    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

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    Easy Food Crafts for Kids! Recipes and more!

    in Food

    Turning your kitchen into a food art studio is fun and delicious! It’s your way to engage your children to enjoy healthy real fresh foods that will help them to become the best they can be. Guest, Catherine McCord, cookbook author, founder of weelicious.com, and mother of two is often seen on television food shows. She is known for her simple colorful kitchen crafts designed for children and moms to do together. As founder of Weelicious.com, she has carved this recipe niche into her repertoire. Along with co-host, Carolina Jantac, RDN (Kid Kritics Approved) Catherine will teach us yummy food craft ideas you will love making with your children, be it for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner! 

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    in Spirituality

    Soaping Secrets and Entreprenurship for women. Learn the skills necessary to made homemade soaps, lotions, scrubs and herbal remedies. How to start a business in the arts and crafts.

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    Springtime Crafts

    in Hobbies

    Crafted Spaces Radio host Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby invites you to chat about creative springtime crafts.
    We also launch our Springtime Giveaway!