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  • 01:08

    The 2013 Blog BUST?

    in Politics Progressive

    Hachi Machi!  When only the most devoted liars in the right wing blogosphere are having ANYTHING positive to say about last night's sparsely attended "Blog Bash", you have to know it was a miserable failure.  They expected 500. If they got 100, I'm shocked.  The Breitbart Gang, except for boozy old R. Stacy McCain, were ignored by the awards. And Lee Stranahan (see the slideshow below) seemed to spend the evening following Mandy Nagy (The Liberty Chick) around, fixated on her ass!
    We'll discuss what we think are the reasons behind this spectacular failure on today's show.

  • 01:22

    2-20-2013 It's Official! They Want to Kill Me!

    in Politics Progressive

    I had planned to make a trip Wednesday related to my upcoming court cases. Now, my wife won't allow me to leave the house. And having Parkinson's disease for 13 years, it's not like I have any choice. I can't go anywhere without her help. So, the show I had planned for tomorrow is out the window.
    Instead we'll talk about how the right wing mafia has put a hit out on me. They have made it official. They want me dead.
    And Shaun McCutcheon? Shaun McCutcheon. Where have we heard that name before. Shaun McCutcheon? Hmmm....
    On this show, I chew ass and spit out vertebrae.

  • 01:26

    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West #CPAC

    in Politics

    Join Stevie and Steve LIVE from the Getting Hammered Party at CPAC2013. We're opening the doors AND the bar...AND...we're doing it all NO PANTS folks (we will be wearing Boxers). If you'e at CPAC, please feel free to drop by, we'll have Rum and Gin (of course), but as always, bring your own booze as well...we'll supply the fun!

  • 01:30

    Fun at the Expense of Others!

    in Politics Progressive

    We're changing the FEEL of the show, starting with this one. Less of me sitting and bitching about the clowns who are screaming for attention. More outright mockery instead. We celebrate Andrew Breitbart's first year in Hell, we drop in on a meeting of the College of Cardinals, Lee Stranahan comes to Maryland, and we have a nice new song about Ali Akbar and his upcoming Blog Bash at CPAC2013... in other words... we have fun at the expense of others!
    The Right Wing Media Mafia has had just about enough of me. They have appointed the dimmest bulb in their burned out marquee to file criminal charges against me for telling the truth.
    Their hope? My 13-years with Parkinson's disease have left me unable to deal with the stress and I'll quit. Either that, or the stress will kill me.
    I will not be silenced without being killed.
    If I die, I will stop broadcasting.
    If I am silenced, there will be...

  • 01:32

    Feb. 12, 2013 - It's Mandy Nagy Day!

    in Politics Progressive

    A month ago, Mandy Nagy -- who tweets and blogs as @Liberty_Chick -- was begging for money to help pay her medical expenses. A writer for Breitbart.com, now -- all of a sudden -- Ms. Nagy has come up with the cash to attend CPAC2013! Is it a medical miracle? Or a testament to the stupidity of right wingers who throw their money at anyone who sings the songs they like to hear?
    Also, Lee Stranahan freaks out when a blogger tells his real story.
    And what in God's name happened to @Patterico?
    These stories and more discussed on this episode of Mean Old Uncle Bastard Radio!

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