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    Greatest Fights #19: Leonard-Duran-I-80; Holmes-Witherspoon-83

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    Recorded on: 3/04/2012

    Roberto Duran vs Ray Leonard I (6/20/80)


    Larry Holmes vs Tim Witherspoon (1983)

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    NBA Stephen Jackson Jacob Stitch Duran Redskins Terrance Plummer

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    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it. We are expected to be joined by former NBA star Stephen Jackson, who will discuss his career and so much more. Also, Cutman Jacob "Stitch" Duran will join us to discuss Dana White, "Creed" and more. Redskins LB Terrance Plummer will join us to discuss the start of training camp. Hall of Famer Willie Roaf will join us to give his take on "Deflategate" and Actor and one of stars of "Straight Outta Compton" Neil Brown Jr will join us to discuss the movie and more  Talking all the "Deflategate" and Tom Brady, MLB trading deadliine and so much more. Call 646-727-3070 to join the fun. 

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    VOICE OF YUBA COUNTY150613BCommonCoreKatherine O'Neal Duran

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    Katherine O'Neal Duran who is an Elk Grove mom who was banned from her son's school because he was passing out "Opt Out" forms.

    See video and article links below.  She is well versed in Common Core and has been a warrior against it for longer than I.

     She can talk about: Opting Out, what happened with getting banned from the school; the law that schools don't tell parents about that says they can opt their children out of tests, surveys; and questionnaires;

    She has worked in concert with Sinhue Noriega on the Constitutionality of Common Core the House of reps are getting ready to reintroduce ESEA ( Elementary and Secondary Education Act) http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/114th-congress-2015-2016/costestimate/s1177.pdf

     She knows some about Governor Bobby Jindal's lawsuit

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    #MisoginoirMonday - Misoginoir Exposed, Episode 1 - Does She Know What You Did?

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    Hey gang. 

    So we're changing #MoralMonday to #MisoginoirMonday and we'll be tackling intraracial sexism that black men use against black women. 

    In this episode we'll be looking at how some of these men will share around pictures of these women without their consent or knowledge, making them famous in some circles simplying slut shaming speculation by gawking, gazing straingers. 

    What's trending tonight. 

    Coca-Cola: British Woman Says She Lost 112 Pounds by Giving Up Soda

    Dianna Duran: New Mexico State Secretary Charged With 64 Counts Including Fraud, Official Says

    Wahlburgers: Burger Chain Run by Wahlberg Family Coming to Farmingdale, NY, Report Says

    Steve Backshall: BBC Presenter Interrupts Live Interview After Spotting a Blue Whale

    Same-Sex Marriage: US Supreme Court Rules Against Kentucky Clerk Who Refused to Serve Gay Couples

    Xbox One Elite: New Model Will Feature 1-Terabyte Hard Drive and Customizable Controller

    Kirk Cousins: Washington Redskins Name Player Starting Quarterback for 2015 Season

    Edgewater High School: Florida Teacher Files Lawsuit Claiming She Was Fired for Dating Black Man

    Longmire: Trailer Released for Season 4 Netflix Premiere of Drama Series

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    The Sports Warriors Ep. 42: Are you ready to get Stitch'd up

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    Show #42 once again, The Sports Warriors bring on another guest that will cross the line former UFC top cornerman Jacob "Stich" Duran.  Bellator MMA Ian Butler joins The Sports Warriors to discuss what his future holds TFE (Tru Form Entertainment) and Bellator.  The Sports Warriors will also touch on topics like the debut of Tru Form Entertainment at Four Points Sheraton in San Diego August 22nd, Premier Boxing Champions saw a return of an ICON plus more on this impact show.

    #CrossTheLine #StichDuran #IanButler




    in Politics Conservative



    OBAMA IS THE Most divisive dictator in American history. Generations will spit at the mention of his name. He did not create this Balkanized pile of shet by himself. He had lots of communist help from his communist party. The party of no God, no flag, no country and no kids.

    The party that wages war against children.The party that pays Planned Slaughterhood $300.00 a crushed head with the brains removed. Paid out of your pocket by your tax money. One third of your income goes to kill your spirit of America. The party the legalizes drugs and turns brainwashed media mites into political zombies. The coyote party that smuggles in unidentified slaves. When they are abused to death no one will miss them.WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS RIP OFF GOVERNMENT.WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK.

    The only ones looking out for you and me is El Trumpo, Ted the Cross Cruz and Doc Carson. Do not trust the media including Fix news they gave us this National defective. Pray to God that this bird flipper and his Soviet/ Iranian backed party does not get us all killed before he is thrown out or charged with Benghazi treason. Cowardice in the face of the enemy.


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    All Things Spiritual And Supernatural with Bill Cote - August 20,2015

    in Spirituality

    LIVE tonight on All Things Spiritual And Supernatural your host Coyote Chris Sutton is joined by Bill Cote as they discuss Prophecies and Star Teachings in the Si-Si Wiss Medicine Tradition.


    Bill began studying with Johnny Moses in 1987. He became a drum maker (having made over 1700 drums) and have shared the teachings, ceremonies, and work of the Si.Si.Wiss medicine as instructed by Johnny. Bill has transcribed many of the teachings and stories that Johnny has shared. Those stories and books are offered on his website atwww.bearsongcreations.com

    Bill has also worked as a social worker and program manager for the state of Washington for 15 years and has worked for several tribes in Washington State. In addition to transcribing the medicine teachings, he has created his own poetry book and is also an artist. Bill has been creating drums for about twenty years. 

    Be sure to join the interactive chat room on our website at http://www.incubiincarnate.com/atsaslistenlive!

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    All Things Spiritual And Supernatural with Dr. Rebecca Housel - August 27,2015

    in Spirituality

    Tonight on All Things Spiritual And Supernatural your host Coyote Chris Sutton welcomes the amazing Dr. Rebecca Housel - The Pop Culture Professor!

    Rebecca Housel, Ph.D., also known as "The Pop Culture Professor" (TM), is an author, freelance writer and editor. Rebecca, listed in the Directory of American Poets & Writers for her work in nonfiction, was nominated by Prevention magazine essayist and best-selling author of The Immortal Life of HenriettaLacks, Rebecca Skloot, to the National Association of Science Writers for her work on cancer. Rebecca has published with best-selling author of The Accidental Buddhist, Dinty Moore's literary nonfiction journal,Brevity, and with commercial publications like Redbookmagazine and online journals like In Media Res. Her recent interviews appear in publications such as the LA Times, Esquire, USA TODAY,The Huffington Post, Inside Higher Ed, Woman's Worldmagazine, and Marie Claire as well as on FOX news, and NBC. Former President of the New York College English Association, Housel was a professor in western New York who taught popular culture, film, creative writing, literature, and medical humanities. Dr. Housel currently works on the Editorial Advisory Boards for the Journal of Popular Cultureand the Journal of American Culture; she has also worked as a reviewer for Syracuse University Press and Thomson Wadsworth. A writer of all genres, Housel has written and published both fiction and nonfiction in over ten books and 45 articles, essays, book chapters, book reviews, and encyclopedia entries. 

    Both Coyote Chris Sutton and Dr. Rebecca Housel are guests of the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015! Come meet them in person, get your tickets at www.mwp2015.com before they sell out!

    Be sure to go to www.incubiincarnate.com/ATSASlistenlive and join the interactive chat!

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    Nicole Duran

    in Education

    Nicole Duran is the Director of Raise the Vibration Reiki Healing Studio in Phoenix, AZ.
    Nicole is a LMT and a Reiki Master Teacher. She offers a hands on healing practice integrating pranayama, yoga, meditation and massage. Nicole's organic bodywork is designed to spiritually and therapeutically align the body to boost the immune system and release dis-ease out of the body. In 2014, Nicole completed her 500 hour Sattva Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh, India. She offers a lineage based Yoga practice that empowers breath work to acheive optimum health and balance. Nicole's passion for Animal, Youth & Elder Advocacy has inspired and supported positive action and change in the community. Nicole loves to support projects, people and activities that protect and honor the well-being of the planet. Please contact Nicole for Networking, Classes, Community Events, Workshops, & Speaking opportunities.
    Nicole Duran

  • Gate Beautiful - Mike Duran

    in Books

    Interview with Speculative Fiction author, Mike Duran

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    Real Life Real Faith welcomes Producer Jerri Beasley and Singer Chastity

    in Self Help

    Jerri P. Beasley

    Jerri is an innovative, effervescent, and tenacious servant of God chosen to infuse the Word through the art of aesthetic appeal. In a time when the truth is viewed as a trivial necessity, Jerri’s ministry is immersed in truth and honesty.  She epitomizes John 8:32: “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” while on her mission as a renowned writer, director, and producer of Christian stage plays, her critically acclaimed morning gospel radio show, and much sought after Mistress of Ceremonies prowess.

    Chastity is a force in the music industry as one of the top percussionists in the game as highlighted when she toured for Duran Duran! She truly redefines, #hitlikeagirl as she breaks down barriers in the music industry and has emerged as an inspiration to girls of all ages -- a great example as parents encourage their daughters to chase their dreams! Chastity would love to chat with you!

    In April, Beauty in the Breakdown released of their best-selling debut EP, "Neon," which features their 2nd single, "It's Not Too Late" and a remix of "Around the World" courtesy of house legend, DJ Rap. Among the tracks on Neon are "Satellite," "Falling Forward," and "Deep Love," with Sahaj Ticotin of the band RA.