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    Feminist Groups Good Or Bad

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    Not to say that at some point feminist groups were not needed but now in this day and times they are doing more harm than good. Tonight we will explore some of the things that have changed so much because of the feminist movement. They don't just attack men they attack women as well. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm central time special guest host Alex Young will be on the mic 

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    11-05-14- Dr. Hildy® and Guests: TARGETED Individuals - Covert Harassment

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    Derrick Robinson - Biography - President - Freedom From Covert Harassment -
    MELINDA KIDDER, Owner, Columbia Investigations
    Tel: 573.673.2485 Fax: 888.673.2485
    Email: columbiasleuth@aol.com
    Columbia Investigations Scan Info Letter - 11-2014
    Columbia Investigations is one of a small handful of specialized agencies or individuals in the United States who are qualified to offer what are commonly referred to in the vernacular as “scans” for radio frequency identification, nanomaterials, and similar technologies in individuals. In addition, Columbia Investigations has supplemental testing which will become the standard via the National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Training, Exam and Certification regimen.  MORE>>>


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    Auction and BOI Groups On Facebook

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    OK so let's talk about Auction and BOI groups on FB. Do You love them or Hate them. Do you think these kinds of groups are good for the hobby? Call in and let us know. What you take on things are tonight. This should make for a fun show. I myself have some negative thoughts toward all this. But that's is just me. So hang on for some fun tonight. This should be a great show and I can't wait to get some folk's on the air to talk.

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    Satans Covert Operation: Persecution Through Film and The Media

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    What does the Bible say about the spirit of the Antichrist and the persecution of God's people around the world? How does Hollywood play a central role in Satans Covert Operation? Is it a wonder why the founder of the church of Satan, Anton LaVey said "We can use TV as a potent propaganda machine. The stage is set for the infusion of true satanic philosophy..." and, "The birth of TV was a magical event foreshadowing its satanic significance. The first commercial broadcast was aired on Walpurgisnacht, April 30th, 1939, at the New York World's Fair. Since then, TV's infiltration has been so gradual, so complete that no one even noticed. People don't need to go to church any more; they get their morality plays on television." There is a very deep Biblical mystery concerning the birth of the Hollywood Blockbuster, and perpetual indoctrination or "propaganda" in almost every movie ever made, but here is a mere scratching the surface. What I thought was going to be a talk on persecution in general, I believe God had me build the argument specifically for persecution in the media. I hope you prayerfully enjoy.

    Email me questions: kinofthedivine@aol.com

    Subject: GCRadio Listener

    My Last Short Film: The Brook

    Eye Opening Prisoners Movie Review

    Gravity Falls Cartoon Review

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    Coaching Scenarios: Groups and Teams

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    Frankie and Terri are getting into the thick of your coaching sessions, asking the important question: WHAT IF. “What happens when…” “How should you handle…” Today, the subject is coaching Groups and Teams, and our guest coaching expert is Jennifer Britton. Even if you have never coached in a group setting, this conversation will inspire!

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    Soul Groups, Soul Family and Soulmates

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    Join your hosts Clairvoyant Life Coach Bernadette Dickinson  and Psychic Medium Mark Troy to learn all about Soul groups, Soul families and Soulmates. Live discusion via chat and calls. We all come here to reunite with soul groups and soulmates to complete our lessons. Sometimes we instantly recognize someone we've never met before and feel we've known them forever. That may not be far from the truth!

    Hidden Wisdom Radio offers a refreshing spiritual perspective on life issues, relationships, spiritual growth and everything in between. Each week we discuss different topics affecting our ability to connect to God/Source energy. Tuesdays 5pm Pac/8pm ET with live calls and live chat. 347-324-3891

    For more info  on Bernadette go to www.bernadettesvision.com

    For more info on Mark go to www.marktroymedium.com

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    SMARTBRIEF AND SMARTBLOGS  present Susan Ragsdale, Editor's Choice Award Winning Blogger and Ann Saylor, her co author on 


    www.smartbrief.com  www.smartblogs.com @sbeducation

    www.theassetedge.net  @theassetedge


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    FaceBook Groups - like ""the mindstorm zone"" and others. What do they actually accomplish ??? GOOD

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    Dennis C Latham handles the phone lines while The Ordinary People Society - TOPS Radio Airs and Broadcasts - Ceo, Founder, and HOST Kenneth Glasgow.

    Call-in number: 1 (323) 679-0905 5PM to 7PM CDT - 6PM to 8PM EST


    Spiritual and community support and activism for , encompassing , and , for the homeless, ex-offenders, ex-drug addicts, women in crisis, etc. under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Glasgow

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    Chowan Discovery Group, Marvin T. Jones

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    Author & Historian Marvin T. Jones, Excutive Director & owner of Marvin T. Jones and Associates, specilizing in corporate communications photography and photographicdesign. His love of the community of his birth led him to create the now defunct Rowan-Chowan.com website, a personal website of stories and photo essays. jones is a native of Cofield, North Carolina; he attended the Winton Triangle's C.S. Brown School and graduated from Ahoskie High School.

    Marvin also wrote a chapter in Carolina Genesis, Beyond The Color Line and presents the first history of the Winton Triangle. Marvin's essay "The Leading Edge of Edges-The Tri-Racial People of the Winton Triangle", tells the story of a people who emerge from the meeting of the New and Old Worlds and how they created success from century to century in northeastern North Carolina. Highlights of the essay include: Origins of the Winton Triangle and the Triangle's contrbution to the Civil War in expanding freedom in the United States, Founding of Pleasant Plains Baptist Church & the C.S. Brown & Robert L. Vann Schools, and the achievements of their members & graduates. Leadership in worship, education, business & government.

    Associates; Laverne Jones, Director & Dr. Harold Mitchell, Director.

    Mission of the Chowan Discovery Group is to Collect, Preserve & present materials that describe & illustrate the Winton Triangle history. Dating back to the 1740's, North Carolina's Winton Triangle is one of the oldest communities if land-owning people of color in America. The Triangle originally encompassing the towns of Winton, Cofield & Union. In the late 19th century the Triangle expanded toward the newly incorporated town of Ahoskie.

    Read Full Discription of Edpisode Here


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    Truth, Wisdom, Strength, Understanding

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    Speaking on what's going on in some of these closed groups and/or pages on Facebook.


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