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    Covenants, there are over 400 in the Bible, but of those made by God to mankind, which ones have eternal consequences? 
    Behind the Faith Radio is based on the book written by Antonio M. Wilson called

  • Breaking Free From Soul Ties and Demonic Blood Covenants

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    Tonight we will explore a much needed topic;with my self Dr.Evette Young along with my speacial guest, Apostle Michele Toussaint of Manifesting International Kingdom Aliances. Tonight we will go into uncharted territories that have not yet been addressed as it relates to the condition of the soul of man and to cause the souls of God's people to be reconciled back to the revelation of who God is in an intimate way. Every part of our beings must be released from the yokes of bondage and captivity. Deliverance is not vastly taught in many circles and ministries today, but we are experiencing countless amounts of belivers struggling with sin, unbroken covenants, soul ties, and bondages that must be broken if the people of God will walk in true freedom. It is our desire to see the soul of man return to the original state that God intended it to be. Mental warfare and psychological battles will be eraticated tonight, people will be free from incest, molestation, and all kinds of satanic bondage. Join us tonight.

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    Restrictive Covenants for Home Healthcare Businesses

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    Restrictive covenants are critical to protect relationships with patients. However, recent court decisions have impacted the enforceability of such covenants.  Therefore, agencies must be cautious in how they draft such agreements. In this podcast, attorney Ted McGinn explains what you need to know before you draft restrictive covenant agreements.



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    God's Covenants

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    Judy  teaches about God's Covenants in the Old Testament as well as God's Covenants with each of us.

  • Paul and Susan Discuss Bible Covenants

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    Have you ever wondered what all of these theologies are that Christian scholars talk about, and what the differences are? This is another one of the ironies of the institutional church; these theologies go hand in glove with one's gospel, but few parishioners know what their pastors believe in regard to this issue.  

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    RTR: Understanding The Covenants

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    Real Talk Radio is taking over The Church Folk Revolution Radio today, so grab your bibles and your seat belts and hold on!!!!!!!   Today on Real Talk Radio, we are going to be talking about Understanding The Covenants!!   Is there a difference in the The Old and New Covenants and the Old and New Testaments, even though they are all contained in the same book, the Bible? Does the way God deals with us differ from the old covenant to the new covenant? If so, why? The difference is crucial to knowing who you are in Christ.  Join RTR at our regular time every Sunday morning at 10am est!!   Call 661.449.9951




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    Israel in the End Times: The Fulfillment of God's Covenants With Israel (Part 2)

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    TEXT: 2 Samuel 7:12-17

    In the Bible, God made covenants with several people -- Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and David. These covenants were God's solemn promises that He would do something on behalf of his servants who had shown faith, trust, and obedience in Him. One of the great things that we learn about these covenants is that, often, they are based solely on God's will, God's knowledge, and God's power. God puts his reputation on the line when he tells his servants, 'I am making this covenant with you, not because of what you have done, what you will do, or who you are.'

    That is the kind of covenant that God made with the people of Israel. In our message last week, we saw how He promised to give them a certain portion of land. Later on, he also promised that he would raise up an eternal ruler who would be a descendant of David to lead the nation. Michael A. Grisanti, an Old Testament professor at the Master's Seminary, writes: "God's establishment of His covenant with David represents one of the theological high points of the Old Testament Scriptures. This key event builds on the preceding covenants and looks forward to the ultimate establishment of God's reign on the earth."

    Today, we are going to continue looking at God's promise to eternally establish the throne of David over the nation of Israel. This is important even for Gentile Christians because Gentile believers will take part in the ultimate fulfillment of this promise in the Millennial Kingdom which will be ruled by Jesus Christ, the Son of David.

  • Bible Covenants: An Overview and Explanation

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    This episode seeks to resolve the confusion surrounding Bible covenants and their relationship to the gospel. 

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    Israel in the End Times: The Fulfillment of God's Covenants With Israel (Part 1)

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    TEXT: Ezekiel 16:59-63

    Today we come to the final phase of our series on Israel and the End Times. As you know, we have been looking at God’s plan for Israel in the last days. It is a three-fold plan that brings the story of God’s chosen people full circle. First, the Bible predicts the national conversion of Israel in the last days — likely during the Tribulation period. A huge number of Jews will turn to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Messiah. Second, God will use 144,000 Jewish witnesses to preach the Gospel during the Tribulation period. The Church will have been taken in the Rapture, and the Jewish evangelists will be witnesses for God during the darkest days on earth. Their faithfulness will bring about a huge harvest of Tribulation-age believers.

    Today, we are going to begin looking at God’s promise to fulfill the covenants He made with Israel in the Old Testament. These covenants will ultimately be fulfilled during the Millennial Kingdom. Our passage today provides us with the general overview of God’s perspective on the fulfillment of the covenants He made with Israel. Ezekiel delivered this prophecy while he was in exile with the Jews who had been carried off to Babylon. Matthew Henry writes that “God is justifying himself in the desolations he is about to bring upon Jerusalem; and very largely, in this chapter, he shows the prophet, and orders him to show the people, that he did but punish them as their sins deserved… Ezekiel here is directed to write to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for their conviction and humiliation, which was the thing they needed.”

    The passage starts out recounting Israel’s sins of idolatry and not trusting God which caused the covenants between God and Israel to be broken. However, it concludes on a hopeful message telling of Israel’s restoration and God’s promise to “remember” the covenants of old.