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    AUTHOR La’Tedra Bingham Travel with a Swag & Important to me? Is it to U?

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    Who is a Mobile, Al native and has lived in Foley, Al since 2003. La’Tedra begin writing when she was only 8 years of age. It wasn’t until 2008 that La’Tedra began to write what has now been published as “Ordained in the Streets....4 God’s Glory!” It was published and released in 2013. La’Tedra’s goal is to reach young women that have gone, going through or are about to encounter anything that she has. To let them know that God is real and it was Him that protected her when she did not know who He is. La’Tedra has proceeded to write her second book titled “In & Out of The Will of God”

    There are some powerful messages that she is trying to get to the generation of women today. You can also look for her new to be coming out in 2015 titled “Where Did It Come From?” Subtitled “Breaking Generational Curses”

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    9:45 p.m. Traveling with Swag - Alyce
    10:00 p.m. " It is important To Me" words gone unheard.

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    Grief Diaries with guest Nina Bingham

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    Join hosts Lynda Cheldelin Fell & Angie Cartwright on Grief Diaries Radio Show on Wednesday, October 15, as they catch up with Nina Bingham, author of Once the Storm is Over:  From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of My Daughter, which chronicles her descent into grief after the suicide of her daughter.

    Lynda & Angie will talk with Nina as she shares her journey through the aftermath of her daughter's suicide on Grief Diaries Radio Show.  Join us Wednesday, October 15  starting at 6 pm pacific / 9 pm eastern time.  Join the conversation by calling 855-345-4718 during the live broadcast.  For more information on Grief Diaries Radio Show visit www.griefdiaries.com.

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    Fox Cities Paranormal Radio with guests Stephanie Bingham and David Rountree!

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    Join Tim Maile as he welcomes 2 incredible guests to Fox Cities Paranormal Radio! In the first hour Stephanie Bingham joins the show to discuss her psychic gift and her appearance on Syfy's School Spirits! In hour two David Rountree joins the show to talk about the scientific side of paranormal investigating and also his experiences on the new hit show Ghost Stalkers!

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    Rupaul's Drag Race, Courtney Act

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    Once upon a time, Sydney boy Shane Jenek tried out for Australian Idol. Not quite making the cut he wasn’t discouraged, Shane bent the rules and his gender, returning the next day as Courtney Act, and made it through to the finals. Courtney’s explosive, energetic performing style, coupled with her joyous personality, sent audiences wild and Australia had a new, slightly less conventional, sweetheart. Hot on the high heels of the TV series came the phenomenally successful national arena tour and a record deal with Sony/BMG.

    Over the coming years Courtney forged herself a name in the Australian entertainment industry, garnering chart hits, television appearances, and national advertising campaigns, and she toured Australia, Europe, Asia and America. She was even voted one FHM’s World’s Top 100 Sexiest Women (despite not actually being a woman), sang at Lady Gaga’s private birthday party, and opened for Gaga on her Australian club tour. She’s played the role of Angel in RENT the musical and she’s been the face of Sheer Cover makeup across the three major TV networks selling makeup to the women of Australia on morning television. She’s no Joan of Arc, but it is pretty revolutionary having a female illusionist, selling the illusion of beauty to females.

    In 2011 Courtney moved to the USA, on a visa titled Alien Of Extraordinary Ability, to show America and the world what she’s got! After completing a national club tour of 20 dates around North America she set up her new life in West Hollywood. Courtney has been announced as a contestant on the 6th season of Rupaul’s Drag Race which will be premiering on Viacom’s Logo Network in February 2014.

    For more information, please visit http://www.courtneyact.com

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    Dec 1 ~ Charlotte View: TEEN SUICIDE "Once the Storm is Over" Nina Bingham

    in Psychology

    Charlotte View welcomes Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nina Bingham. She is the author of the upcoming book "Once the Storm is Over" (February 2015) where she chronicles her descent into grief following the suicide of her teen daughter.

    Did you know? Every 13.3 minutes someone in the U.S. commits suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. 

    In 2013 Nina's daughter secretly stopped taking her anti-depressant, and in the middle of the night hanged herself. Life as she knew it came to a screeching halt. Although she’d worked as a mental healthcare professional for over a decade, nothing she’d learned prepared her to lose her own daughter in such a devastating way.

    This interview is intended as a suicide prevention tool. It is ideal to share it with everyone, including your kids. Listeners will:

    be able to identify warning signs and risk factors in themselves or in their friends,
    understand what to do if they or a friend is suicidal.
    Listen about grief support and suicide prevention.
    get the help and healing needed in your grief process.

    Writing has been cathartic for author and counselor, Nina Bingham, and it has helped her to heal. So these days, she is a woman on a mission. While counseling has been a wonderful job, being an advocate for suicide prevention has become more than a job-I guess one could say it has become Nina's new calling in life. Please help Nina by sharing this FREE interview all over the Internet

    Nina Bingham's Contact Information: 
    Phone:  (971) 266-0292
    Email:  createyourlife.nina@gmail.com
    Website:  www.oncethestormisover.com

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    Callywood After Dark with Stephanie Courtney

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    Callywood After Dark

    Stephanie Courtney

    Music plays a special role in Stephanie's life and career. While many in her position are focused solely on stardom she’s on a mission. Her goal is achieving greater success to become the conduit of positive messages to greater numbers of people in need of hope and confidence.

    Stephanie first came to the attention of the musical world at just three years old. As she approached her teen years she endured the typical teasing common among school children. She pleaded with her pastor to let her sing, knowing it would be a positive form of expression, soothing her hurt and anger. She soon discovered her talent was an inspiration to others as churches, festivals, and concert organizers asked her to participate in high-profile musical events.

    Stephanie now has an active schedule, recording and performing throughout the Northeast, at venues across the country and around the world including the Naparima Bowl in San Fernando, Trinidad, and Harlem’s legendary Cotton Club. She’s appeared in numerous media including appearances on the radio broadcast of the civil rights organization, the National Action Network. In 2008 she released her first album, Lord, Just Me and You. She is currently working on a new inspirational project with some of New York City’s premiere writers and musicians.



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    H.M.E Radio Season 6 ep 49 Presents Courtney Jevon & Saint

    in Hip Hop Music


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    Suicide Prevention: Nina Bingham – Mental Health Counselor and Author

    in Psychology

    Author and mental health counselor Nina Bingham discusses Suicide Prevention. She educates not only from her academic knowledge, but shares from her own hard-won life experience in a new and profound way. In private practice since 2003, she has treated individuals and couples with a wide variety of mental health issues. Her fifth book, “Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After The Suicide of My Daughter,” is due out in early 2015. It’s the autobiographical confession of a counselor who lost her teen daughter to suicide. What she learned about love and forgiveness changed her life forever.

    Topics discussed on our show are listed below.  The full blog article and how to contact Nina can be found here:

    We asked Nina to tell us about her work, and her new book, Once The Storm Is Over:

    What is the book’s message?

    What impact did your daughter’s suicide have on you?

    What are some factors that have helped you overcome the grief, and were key to your healing?

    If a mental healthcare professional is experiencing symptoms, or one of their family members is, what is your advice for them?

    How has coming out of the mental health closet changed your life?

    What can be done to address the stigma that has accompanied mental illness in the past?

    If our listeners have a friend or family member who is struggling with mental illness, or if they are, what should they do?

    Nina Bingham, Cht, AA, BA


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    SwCA Episode 237: Do Not Invest In Anything That You Do Not Fully Understand.

    in Business

    SHOW SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-237-financial-fierceness-series-do-not-invest-in-anything-that-you-do-not-fully-understand.html

    SHOW NOTES: In this show we discuss A Stone* of Solutions™ including:

    1. Revisit our show: “Why The Smartest Thing You Can Say Is, 'I Don't Know.'” RADIO SHOW/AUDIO PODCASTSolutions...with Courtney Anderson! (SwCA)Episode 154 - Originally aired 7/25/2014 9:00 AM - MYTH WARRIORS series 

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    The Ontrepreneur Talk Radio Show w/Joe Courtney

    in Culture

    The Ontrepreneur Talk Radio Show featuring Joe Courtney. Join hosts Duane Bluestein and Dr. Kim in the studio at Independent Talk 1100 KFNX .

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    SwCA Episode 236: Please and Thank-You Will Take You Far In Business.

    in Business

    SHOW SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-236-joyful-art-of-business-series-please-and-thank-you-will-take-you-far-in-business.html

    SHOW NOTES: In this show we discuss A Stone* of Solutions™ including:

    1. You're welcome!2. Manners Matter.

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