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    Courting vs Dating: It's not Corny; it's Classic

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    Is there a difference between Courting and Dating? Here to help us answer the question is  Author, Minister, Teacher Speaker, Certified Christian Life and Christian Relationship Coach, and United States Veteran, Rickey E. Macklin. Rickey has devoted the past 20 years to assisting men, women, and young people discover their God-given potential and purpose. He is the Author of, God’s Whole Armor, a book that prepares you for spiritual warfare; Daddy’s Waiting On You, a book on divine intimacy; 6 Points to Optimizing Your Life, a 6 day devotion to discovering the best you, Anointed But Not Ready, a book written to help you understand your purpose and God’s timing; Real Talk Relationship Tips, a book filled with tips to assist you in making the right relationship choices; and The Chivalry Project: A Black Book For Gents, a book with 7 chivalric principles and 60 chivalrous acts for implementation.    Rickey is a graduate of South Carolina State University.  He received extensive biblical training at the Jericho Christian Bible College and later received a Masters in Theological Studies from National Bible College and Seminary. Later, as a Professor at the Jericho Christian Training College, he taught “Christian Apologetics” and “Courtship Vs Dating” for many years.

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    Dating VS Courting

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    Tonight we will be talking about dating vs courting does anyone even know the difference anymore ??? Back in the day most people looked for real mate and took their time getting that mate , now its a rat race for the booty.. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm central time tonight see you there 

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    Author Wives-"Courting..... and Justice for all....??”

    in Entertainment

    Topic:"Courting..... and Justice for all....??”

    Sunday July 27th at 7pm


    New Wives, More Drama, More Deceit,  Scandal, Groupies and More.. 

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    Is Courting as Old Fashioned as We Think?

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    Join me with Debrena Jackson Gandy, Author of The Love Lies,  as we travel through this Dating Over 50 Series.  We are talking about Courting and Dating. Is there a difference?

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    Dating vs Courting

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    The main difference between dating and courtship involves the goals to be reached by spending time with a potential marriage partner. Men and women who choose to date often have no commitment to consider marrying the other person. Maturity and readiness for marriage are not considerations in the decision to date. According to the Institute in Basic Life Principles (iblp.org)

    Courtship is a relationship between a man and a woman in which they seek to determine if it is God’s will for them to marry each other. Under the protection, guidance, and blessing of parents or mentors, the couple concentrates on developing a deep friendship that could lead to marriage, as they discern their readiness for marriage and God’s timing for their marriage. (See Proverbs 3:5–7.)

    Interesting topic for Sunday 8pm - 10pm on CaribbeanRadio Show "Loving Our Mandingo Men" with BMichelle and Professor D. Dial in 661-467-2407 or caribbeanradioshow.com internet access. Looking forward to this discussion.

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    Are we still Courting in 2013?

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    What happened to the "Good Old Days" when people took their time to court one another? Do we even date anymore? When was the last time you went on an actual date? An actual planned date, where someone took their time to try and plan something special for the both of you to enjoy? When was the last time you received a hand written love note or poem? Held hands as you walked down the street or through the mall, slow danced at a party? Although a few of you might say "last week" majority might not even remember when the last time was. Why is that? Why have we stopped courting one another and what steps do we need to take to bring it back? I know I'm not the only one that misses that. Check MsiCandi & The Go2Gurl out as they discuss the Lack of Courting in 2013. We will also be discussing our dating Pet Peeves of 2013. So join us and join in on the conversation.
    Friday Night (Aug 16) 10:00 pm EST
    Real Discussion, Real Music, for the Grown & Sexy
    Call in number 619-393-2813

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    Old School vs. New School: How the digital age has hijacked the courting game

    in Family

    The life coach, John Davis Marshall, along with other spiritual minded people of God, discuss how God seeks to manage masculinity. Individuals and groups have their views of family. Most often, the view is a “law” view. Even, the most conscientious compassionate ones host a law view of family. God has a view. Always, His view is a “grace” view. And as always, His view is the best view. Join with us in a discussion forum of life-enriching topics that will help us to manage mascilinity according to a grace view. Indeed it is true, a better you begins with a grace view of God!

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    Dating vs. Courting, What's the Difference?

    in Motivation

    Please Join me and Relationship Strategist, Speaker & Author Chris Richardson. as we discuss the similarities and differences between Dating & Courting?
    Do you know the difference? :-)

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    Cove Point 20 - Courting Change

    in Environment

    Twenty Cove Point Protectors went to court this week  as a result of non-violent actions they took to raise awareness & build resistance to the construction of a new gas refinery, liquefaction train, power plant and export terminal being built by Dominion Resources. Charged with trespassing, failure to obey a lawful order and disorderly conduct, members of the group to use their day in court to tell their personal stories to the judge and others in the courtroom. Were they listening?

    Talkupy Radio welcomes Cove Point Protectors Jimmy Betts, Margaret Flowers &  Steve Norris to the show Friday, February 27 at 11 am ET to talk about what happened in court. We'll also discuss why more and more people are joining these peaceful protests and the impact of their actions.

    For more information, read this excellent article at  We Are Cover Point and keep tabs on what's happening all over at PopularResistance.org

    Please follow @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter or visit Talkupy.net for more on the show.

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    E2S Relationship Series: Which Came First-The Courting or The Dating?

    in Relationships

    Courtship - What's that? The media presents relationships as something to 'have' in order to be happy. On top of that, there are hundreds of ways to meet people on and offline. After the attraction, what comes next - courtship or dating? Are you wondering why your relationships never work out the way you plan?

    In part 2 of 3 series, join Debrah, Carolyn, Allen & Quinton as we define courtship & dating and why knowing the difference is vital piece to your relationship roadmap.

    Carolyn R. Owens is the Chairwoman and CEO of Infinity Coaching, Inc.  Infinity Coaching  provides keynote presentations, organizational training, career and life coaching that helps women up-level their skills so they can up-level their income. Her writing and quotes have been featured in Fox News Magazine Website, Huffington Post, B Woman Magazine, Legacy in the Making Magazine, and many other publications. She has also been featured in various videos including several with with world-renowned life coach Mary Morrisey. Learn more about Carolyn at www.infinitycoaching.net.

    Debrah Mathis is President/CEO of E2S Solutions Professional Coaching LLC in Dallas, Texas, a world-class, value-driven company. As a relationship management strategist, Debrah’s expertise also extends to facilitating change in complex relationships caused by a third party.

    Quinton Morgan is an Author, Speaker, Relationship Advocate and certified in wellness advisory and ballast management. His goal is to bring key relationship issues that are avoided and often not discussed to the forefront to  and aid in love, life and living. He teaches others unique yet powerful communication skills so that they can be a much better partner in their primary love relationship.

    Allen Bradley, advisor and entrepreneur.

  • “Meet My Match: Guide to Meeting the Matchmaking Mark”

    in Relationships

    About our Guests:

    Daniel Amis is known as The Personal Relationship Trainer
     that works with individuals and couples on getting their
     relationships in better shape. He is also a Transformational
     Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Certified,
     Professional Matchmaker. He has worked with many individuals
     over the years to create and get into the type of
     relationship they prefer and deserve. For more information
     on his services, check out www.danielamis.com

    Toni Henderson Mayers is the author of "Wise Courtship" a book that is challenging singles to choose wisely, this selection illustrates what to look for in a potential mate, utilizing her three step system sure to unveil the true character of any love interest. Informative and spiritually enriching, this engaging book is a boon to all those who find themselves lost in the often confusing and intricate world of romantic relationships.”

    Within the book you will discover:

    • Three step dating/courting system to reveal true character of love interest.

    • Discover how much you really know about your partner.

    • Evaluate “real life” examples of couples who ignored huge red flags.

    • Recognize warnings to avoid serious trouble.