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    Courting: Dating vs Mating

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    How often have we seen, heard or experienced disappointment in relationships that left us wondering why? In hindsight we discover the gaps in the beginning where we made excuses for behaviors we knew were not right. How do we get back to courting and away from random hook-ups and one night stands that leave us feeling empty and wanting?

    We can discover what dating (and courting) is all about and why it is healthier for our relationships. Let's clear the air and start healing.

    Open readings, interviews, fun, laughter, and most of all lots of LOVE!!! Sistahs With Purpose is about being passionate about what we believe in, so yes don't miss this episode. It's going to be mind blowing and heart warming all at the same time. We shall always reach one and teach one!
    See ya soon, Why & Yani
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    Dating VS Courting

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    Tonight we will be talking about dating vs courting does anyone even know the difference anymore ??? Back in the day most people looked for real mate and took their time getting that mate , now its a rat race for the booty.. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm central time tonight see you there 

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    Courting vs Dating: It's not Corny; it's Classic

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    Is there a difference between Courting and Dating? Here to help us answer the question is  Author, Minister, Teacher Speaker, Certified Christian Life and Christian Relationship Coach, and United States Veteran, Rickey E. Macklin. Rickey has devoted the past 20 years to assisting men, women, and young people discover their God-given potential and purpose. He is the Author of, God’s Whole Armor, a book that prepares you for spiritual warfare; Daddy’s Waiting On You, a book on divine intimacy; 6 Points to Optimizing Your Life, a 6 day devotion to discovering the best you, Anointed But Not Ready, a book written to help you understand your purpose and God’s timing; Real Talk Relationship Tips, a book filled with tips to assist you in making the right relationship choices; and The Chivalry Project: A Black Book For Gents, a book with 7 chivalric principles and 60 chivalrous acts for implementation.    Rickey is a graduate of South Carolina State University.  He received extensive biblical training at the Jericho Christian Bible College and later received a Masters in Theological Studies from National Bible College and Seminary. Later, as a Professor at the Jericho Christian Training College, he taught “Christian Apologetics” and “Courtship Vs Dating” for many years.

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    SPSN Listen LIVE: Courting with Chance K.A. Gauff

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    Courting with Chance is about Karen A. Gauff reconciling her memories with her mother’s ninety-six page manuscript found after her mother’s death. In the care of a mother who battled mental illness, Karen was fortunate to have survived neglect, sexual perversion and violence while spending most of her childhood learning how to steal, survive and sue others. Karen was on her way to becoming a statistic until she was given a chance to change the trajectory of her life. In Karen's book she talks about the likelihood of using the ugliness that surrounded her childhood journey as a chance to transform her problems into positive solutions which ultimately catapulted her onto the track of becoming a Judge. Karen Ackerson Gauff currently presides as a Judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

    Courting with Chance: Reconciling Memoirs http://www.amazon.com/Courting-Chance-Reconciling-Judge-Gauff/dp/1508968373 

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karen.gauff


  • Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step 11 Passion: Courting Risk

    in Self Help

    Living a life with passion leads to a life of Risk. Courting risk, like courting the pretty girl next door, is a way to be excited about seeing what's possible. When we seek out opportunities to risk over and over again, our comfort zone expands and bigger things become possible. Risks that once seemed impossible before are now within reach and we willingly step away from what's comfortable into the unknown, where we find the life we desired all along!

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    Courting with a Chance

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    Memories can make us or break us but not this Judge. She decided to stop and share her story of victory over defeat. On tonight we will discuss her story of how she decided to take her mothers memories and learn and grow from them. We all have had our share of up's and down's, but Judge Gauff didn't get caught in the web of defeat. She decided to take her past and make something wonderful that will help the lives of so many other's. I am so excited to learn more and I know you will be too. 

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    Author Wives-"Courting..... and Justice for all....??”

    in Entertainment

    Topic:"Courting..... and Justice for all....??”

    Sunday July 27th at 7pm


    New Wives, More Drama, More Deceit,  Scandal, Groupies and More.. 

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    Is Courting as Old Fashioned as We Think?

    in Lifestyle

    Join me with Debrena Jackson Gandy, Author of The Love Lies,  as we travel through this Dating Over 50 Series.  We are talking about Courting and Dating. Is there a difference?

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    Are we still Courting in 2013?

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    What happened to the "Good Old Days" when people took their time to court one another? Do we even date anymore? When was the last time you went on an actual date? An actual planned date, where someone took their time to try and plan something special for the both of you to enjoy? When was the last time you received a hand written love note or poem? Held hands as you walked down the street or through the mall, slow danced at a party? Although a few of you might say "last week" majority might not even remember when the last time was. Why is that? Why have we stopped courting one another and what steps do we need to take to bring it back? I know I'm not the only one that misses that. Check MsiCandi & The Go2Gurl out as they discuss the Lack of Courting in 2013. We will also be discussing our dating Pet Peeves of 2013. So join us and join in on the conversation.
    Friday Night (Aug 16) 10:00 pm EST
    Real Discussion, Real Music, for the Grown & Sexy
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  • Tracey Birdsall Back Again

    in Movies

    This year alone, the Malibu-based actress has no less than four major projects due for release including At The Edge of Time, which she also co-produced, supernatural dramaDawn of the Crescent Moon (2014), rom-com Courting Chaos (2014), and the highly anticipated Science Fiction film Robot Fighter depicting the overthrow of humanity by an Artificial Intelligence. You'll also hear Birdsall as the voice of the Starship Computer in writer-director _Neil Johnson (VI)_'s Doomsday (2015).

    Birdsall is currently filming the lead role in the independent comedy Who's Jenna...?(2015), which has - despite still being in production - already developed a large fanbase online.

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    KING ME- Is Romance and Chivalry Dead?

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    Is romance and chivalry dead? Have we gotten so complacent In relationships that the art of romance is no longer embraced? A quickies a part of a relationship life where we don't make the time for real love? Courting is the past and quick fix is the solution? Or NOT?!?! Why are folks in such a rush to begin a relationship and why do relationships fizzle out so quickly? What happened to being a lady or being a gentleman? Where has hospitality in the relationship Gone?