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    The Cherokee Elders Council (website) was founded by Paul Thomas in Pryor, Oklahoma on July 9, 1996.

    Paul Thomas was a larger-than-life person. 

    A military veteran, he dedicated his career to Law Enforcement, and after retirement he organized and ran a rehabilitation program for ex-offenders.

    A tribal historian, he was also a "true gentleman." He was in the melee at the Cherokee Nation courthouse... photos exist of him swinging his cane during the riot incited by Chief Joe Byrd.s goons.

    He passed away Sept. 21 2006 of natural causes. He was 87.

    He was a man with the gift of Charity.

    When Blueotter's family was in transit from a Cherokee Gathering at  Wilson's Creek Battlefield, they heard of the disaster while Passing through Pryor, OK, Paul's hometown. Paul and his wife took them in the middle of the night in the aftermath the F6 tornado in Oklahoma City in 1998.

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    Chiropractor Dr. Ed Esposito joins us on the Fit Girl Fabulous Podcast!

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    Dr. Ed Esposito is a partner in a multi-specialty physical rehabilitation center. His office offers Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Pain Management services and features an onsite computerized digital x-ray machine to access the exact location of your pain. Immediate appointments are available.

    His office is located near the Jersey City courthouse at 550 Newark Avenue, Ste 304 and accepts Medicare, Horizon, and most insurances. Plenty of on-site parking is available. 

    Office # 201-624-2111 / Website: Jerseycitypainmanagement.com

    He has authored a book called "Pain Free and Fit" which reveals invaluable lessons as a chiropractor for 18 years and how anyone can achieve health and well being.

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    50th anniversary year of the Selma-to-Montgomery March and the Voting Rights Act

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    Monroeville – Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade Monday January 19 2015 Registration Fee for all entries $5.00. Reg. 1-251-789-2424

    Marttin Luther King  Parade  Pre-Events This Week Wed. MCHC 212 Tiger Drive, Monroeville, AL 36460 PTO 6PM  Home School Community & Voting Civic Responsibility. 

    Wed. 6PM Bible Study Family Marriage Limesstone Baptist Church 1798 Hwy 41 North Monroeville (251) 575-9872

    Sat  Jan. 17 "Race Relations Church Spiritual Morality" @ Grace Church Pastor Mike Saucer 1945 Drewry Road Monroeville, AL. 36460 Pastor Mike Saucer
    Contact 1 251 575 7290

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade Presented Monday January 19 2015
    Parade Lineup Start Staging will Be 7AM Parade will start @ 10AM On Main Street (Across from Old Vanity Fair Dye House)

    Ten Things You Should Know About Selma Before You See the Film

    Pic (1) Slideshow (Image via Selma) Pic (2) A march of 15,000 in Harlem in solidarity with the Selma voting rights struggle. World Telegram & Sun photo by Stanley Wolfson. Library of Congress. Pic (3) Photos: A brave young boy demonstrates for freedom in front of the Dallas County courthouse in Selma on July 8, 1964. Selma sheriff deputies approach and arrest him. (Photos: Used by permission of Matt Herron/Take Stock Photos) Photos: Pic (4) Howard Zinn, James Baldwin, and a journalist on Freedom Day in October 1963. (Pic 5)Young women singing freedom songs in a Selma church. July 8, 1964. (Photo: (c) Matt Herron/Take Stock Photos)

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    "Snohomish County Soap Opera Daily"

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    Today we'll be discussing the hijinx of the city of Everett v Snohomish County in the never ending courthouse battle. We are also going to talk about yet ANOTHER Lake Stevens Cop getting away scott free (as usual). Oh & Lovick & the spineless county council strike again, this time Koster is their victim but is he?

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    MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting Dec. 14, 2014

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    MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, hosted by Mary Neal
    Call-in number (818)572.2947
    Meet us for an online prayer meeting as we petition heaven for the families and victims of police violence and government corruption every week. Let us pray together for those in authority over us, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray that we be counted worthy to escape the evil days ahead, as God directed, in Jesus' name.

    Please pray for Gina Burns and Jeremy Smith, Holly Alston and Terrell Scott, Johnny Strozier, Diana Sprouse and her son Mark, Fred Hayes and Damion Hayes, inmates in solitary confinement, inmates and their families, protesters, police officers, officials over cities, counties, states, and the federal government, the United Nations, and human rights advocates everywhere.

    Hi Mary.. Thanks so much for all the work you've done and continue to do. Tomorrow, Robert Kirkland's case against deputies at the Boulder County jail will begin at the U.S. District Courthouse in Denver. Attorney David Lane will be representing Kirkland. I was hoping you might be able to mention the case on the radio the next time you're on air and you see an appropriate time to bring it up. Thanks so much for being so kind and considerate. Black lives matter for sure, and you have treated Kirkland and me like ALL lives matter. Thank you.

    Email MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com

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    THE GOOD NURSE-Charles Graeber

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    After his December 2003 arrest, registered nurse Charlie Cullen was quickly dubbed "The Angel of Death" by the media. But Cullen was no mercy killer, nor was he a simple monster. He was a favorite son, husband, beloved father, best friend, and celebrated caregiver. Implicated in the deaths of as many as 300 patients, he was also perhaps the most prolific serial killer in American history.

    Cullen's murderous career in the world's most trusted profession spanned sixteen years and nine hospitals across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When, in March of 2006, Charles Cullen was marched from his final sentencing in an Allentown, Pennsylvania, courthouse into a waiting police van, it seemed certain that the chilling secrets of his life, career, and capture would disappear with him. Now, in a riveting piece of investigative journalism nearly ten years in the making, journalist Charles Graeber presents the whole story for the first time. Based on hundreds of pages of previously unseen police records, interviews, wire-tap recordings and videotapes, as well as exclusive jailhouse conversations with Cullen himself and the confidential informant who helped bring him down, THE GOOD NURSE weaves an urgent, terrifying tale of murder, friendship, and betrayal. Were it not for the hardboiled, unrelenting work of two former Newark homicide detectives racing to put together the pieces of Cullen's professional past, and a fellow nurse willing to put everything at risk, including her job and the safety of her children, there's no telling how many more lives could have been lost. THE GOOD NURSE-A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder-Charles Graeber






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    Illegal Immigration ... Why Do They Come? ... Why Will They Go?

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    Everyone agrees that illegal immigration is a problem. How should we address this problem? How will it be addressed now that a GOP congress is taking control? More importantly, what are the consequences of whatever we do? America started as a country of immingrants, but is She really an immigrant country anymore? Splash talks about whay we should .... and why we shouldn't ....still consider ourselves a country of immigrants. ~~~~~


    And what is going on with that short term nuclear deal with Iran that was supposed to net long term results? Will Iran go nuclear and should we even care? ~~~~


    And let's talk abortion ..... The gains by the GOP were enormous, not just at the national level, but at the state level. What consequenses will this have on a woman's choice? Splash can make the argument for both sides of this issue. Where does he stand? Find out tonight.

    All this, the news of the day and YOUR phone calls tonight on Jump Right In.

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    The Perry Steele Show! Ferguson, Decision Time.

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    Ferguson grand jury makes decision; Governor urges calm

    John Bacon and Yamiche Alcindor, USA TODAY 6:49 p.m. EST November 24, 2014

    A grand jury in Missouri has reached a decision as to whether or not to charge officer Darren Brown in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

    A St. Louis County grand jury reached a decision Monday on whether to indict Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson, whose fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen in August touched off weeks of sometimes violent protests.

    Plans were in place for an evening announcement of the long-awaited decision on whether Wilson will face charges in the death of teenager Michael Brown. Officials said the decision would be announced at 8 p.m. CT at the courthouse in the St. Louis County seat of Clayton, Mo.

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon called for calm and urged that "regardless of the decision, people on all sides show tolerance, mutual respect and restraint.''

    He said several local churches would provide shelter, safe haven and medical care in the event of unrest.

    St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley also called for calm in an evening news conference. "This is not the time to turn on each other; it is a time to turn to each other. We are one community,'' he said.

    St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay acknowledged the case "has deeply divided us'' but said "turning violent or damaging property will not be tolerated.''

    "The world will be watching us,'' Slay said.

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    Beyond the Veil - November Action Recap

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    This week on Beyond the Veil, we will be discussing the eventful week had by Anonymous North Texas.  As we all know, the 5th of November marked the Million Mask March of 2014 where we had some epic lulz taunting the Earle Cabell Federal Building as well as dealing with real life trolls who approached us on the street.

    We also began the Neo Nazi Hunting Season with OpRomperStomper in Rockwall Texas.  The National Socialist Movement decided to hold a rally on the front steps of the Courthouse.  They were met with counter protests lead by Anonymous North Texas and joined by Open Carry demonstrators, Black Panthers, North Texas Anti-Fascists, SHARP's and general attendees. 

    Join us Wednesday at 7pm Central while we recap the events of the past week.

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    what really happening wednesday???? call in 626-414-3504

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     Rev. Edward Pinkney. --Civil rights attorney, Hugh "Buck" Davis the thrust [of the Berrien county courthouse] is to physically remove and destroy families through the use
    of the criminal justice system. Every person they can put in jail; every person whose voting rights they can
    revoke with a felony conviction; every person they can cause to lose their job by putting them on probation;
    every person they can cause to lose the ability to pay for basic necessities through imposing ruinous court
    costs and probation is all part of the process. In the 1960s, it was called Negro removal. In Bosnia, it was
    called ethnic cleansing. and down south we have Irene Olive Cates  in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Cates Enterprises Movement Change, Inc. nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization focusing on Social Welfare issues in the state of Florida by making people aware of the bigger picture, “No one man is better than his brother and no one woman is better than her sister.” Her charitable acts doesn’t stop there. Irene also offers her time and services to community and charitable organizations including SUAC (Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition), a 501 (c)(3) organization where she functions in the capacity of board member. Cates is also President of St. Pete Business League, Inc., a non-profit organization. And this is only the beginning November 4th, 2014, Irene Olive Cates for Pinellas County School Board District 7. "The leadership and direction of District 7 will depend on YOUR vote." - Irene Olive Cates

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    Rally April 26th Scranton Courthouse Square

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    Todays show features guest Tara Koval journalist and coordinator for the rally coming up in Scranton.  Tara will talk about the guests, bands, groups and speakers plus all the activities scheduled for that day.  She will also discuss her recent article on Gag Orders and what she learned through her investigations and speaking with those affected by such orders.

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