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    COURAGEOUS COMMUNICATION: A Handbook for Emotional Intimacy

    in Business

       http://ic.instantcustomer.com/go/128400 COURAGEOUS COMMUNICATION: A Handbook for Emotional Intimacy.unveils our hidden mind components that work together within emotional dynamics in our relationships. 
    The book helps us understand more fully what are our own tendencies when communicating. Then with this increased awareness of our emotional inclinations we can more proactively choose what kind of verbal response we have in conversing with others. This enables us to be evermore conscious regarding the intention we create in emotional interchanges. We discover what kind of emotional specifics we want to put forth within our unique exchanges with others. 

  • 01:08

    What Say You?

    in Entertainment

    What Say You? Join hosts A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn LIVE as they discuss the latest in noted news and those things that are trending on social media.  Also dropping by Studio 3408 will be celebrity and entertainment blogger Ray Cornelius who will discuss the latest entertainment news of the day and keep us in the know about Hollywood’s inside scoop. Be sure to tune in for this powerful conversation at (773) 897-3986 or log in on your computer http://tobtr.com/s/7406139.

    Follow Ray Cornelius on Facebook: facebook.com/Ray-Cornelius Twitter: @RayCornelius75 Instagram: instagram.com/raycornelius.

    Follow The Conversation Café on Twitter: @TheConvoCafe “Remember…where there’s no dialogue, there’s no conversation!”

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    Just The Tip

    in Comedy

    This week, the guys get in the conversation about the ground rules of tipping and feeling the right amount in the moment, a serious situation that took place recently between Vlad, Damien and the police, a brief discussion about House Of Cards and TV in general, and the ins and outs of doing business-related favors. Check it out.

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    A Conversation with A Purpose!

    in Lifestyle

    Every Wednesday Night with Khalid, Halim and Raouf on Station IWDM

    8:00 PM easten


    Guest: Imam Rashad Abdul Rahmaan with Hakim doing interview


    Link for live program - also save for archive access


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    Test Show-Open Conversation

    in Politics

    Tonight is a Test Show,because I have been away so long.The real "Night Shift"show will return Monday at 9:00 pm cst.I really want to thank so many of my listeners and callers for supporting me in my absent.I've got a lot of people to thank,but I'll reserve that for Monday nights show.So we'll do a Open Conversation show just to catch up.This time around,I hope to have a better show than I did before.I also want to involve more of your comments and suggestions.I've learned some things since I left that I want to share with you.My goal is too become a better talkshow host,and learn more about this computer,BTR and interpeting current events.This nation and it's citizens have so many issues,that we as a people need to address. So,it's time to clock in "The Night Shift".Tell your friends and social contacts that The Perry Steele Show is back on BTR.So,call in and welcome me back.

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    Godless Americana: A Conversation with Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson

    in Politics Progressive

    American Vernacular welcomes Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson back to the program to discuss her new book, Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels, the followup to explosive Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics and the Values Wars. The founder of Black Skeptics Los Angeles and Women of Color Beyond Faith offers an uncompromising anaylsis of the "myths behind Americana images of Mom, apple pie, white picket fences, and racially segregated god-fearing Main Street USA. Her book pointedly highlight the intersection of these two aspects of past and present American culture and the parallel existences it has created in the United States of America.  Tune in and join the conversation with one of the emerging and important voices for social and racial justice. 

    To call in, dial (619) 768-2924. 

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    John Legend Is The Park Slope Of Music

    in Comedy

    This week, the guys sit down to get in the conversation about cell phone dinner etiquette, early musical influences, Sean Penn’s “green card” remark at the Oscars, the beauty of slang, and the concept of a digital ghetto caused by algorithms. All that and a lot more, so check it out.

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    American Vernacular: A Conversation with the Nation

    in Politics Progressive

    Tune in and join the conversation as we discuss the political, economic, social and cultural issues of the day from an urban and secular perspective. Hosted by Sandra Booker. To call in, dial (619) 768-2924. 
    Visit us online at http://www.americanvernacular.org. 

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    the Conversation: Antonio Fargas!

    in Self Help

    The Conversation is hosted by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. It sole purpose is to motivate, inspire and educate our listeners everywhere! Be sure to tell someone about us :)

    Tonight's guest include:

    Antonio Fargas- You may know him from several Black Exploitation movies in the 70's or from Starsky n Hutch series as "Huggy Bear"... we know him as a renowned Stage actor! Let's find out what Mr. Fargas has been up to lately!

    Antoinette Sykes- She's a Brand Creator and Marketing Guru. Tonight we'll be chatting about Newest platform and "RichChicksSociety...

    Kandy Apple Redd- The Granddaughters of the legendary George Clinton (Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis) are back to talk about their music, career and more!


    We're happy to announce our partnership with the World's leading weight loss company Jenny Craig!! Joining us tonight will be Ms. Paige Barron from one of the Metro Atlanta area centers!

    All this and more!

  • 00:49

    I Love Loosies

    in Comedy

    Damien, Ali, and Vlad get in the conversation about finding hidden gems in a city, particularly when it comes to taking girls out, Eddie Murphy at the SNL 40 show, a wrap-up of NBA All-Star Weekend, and the Tyga, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose situation, amongst other things. Check it out.

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    the Conversation: the Art of Juicing w. LaMarr Funn

    in Self Help

    Join "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam-Morrissey for a fun, inspirational and educational show! Tonight's guests are:

    LaMarr Funn- the creator of "Juicing is FUNN" drops by to teach us how juicing can not only be health... it can be FUNN!!!

    Ouida Brown- She's a certified health coach and all around fitness guru. Join us tonight as we talk about all things "Healthy"

    Karena Clarke- Enjoy the music and journey of up and coming R&B singer Karena Clarke!

    And of course our resident Astrologist Maya White is back to talk about the month of March and what you should be preparing for...

    All this and more!

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