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    issues that surround  all types of relationships and marriages  the good the bad and the realistic  occurences    that they experienced/ went through

    and overcame or still in the mist of  with THE MCGIRT SHOW HOST MR BOBBY MCGIRT 

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    Delivering Fun, Memorable Vacations - Carnival Cruises

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    We are starting 2016 with fun!! Join us next week on Travel Talk to for our first show of the year when we welcome Jennifer Buenrostro-Carnival Cruise Lines Business Development Director. 

    In addition to learn what Carnival Cruise Line has planned for 2016, we hope to dive into these other questions.

    How Carnival delivers fun and memorable vacations
    Why cruises are a cost-effective vacation option
    For travel agents, how easy is it to create group cruises or event driven cruises (like workshops at sea or our favorite Philanthropy Cruises)

    Cruise Critic listed their Top 10 Reasons to Take a Cruise as Your Next Vacation. If you are a first time cruiser, you should definitely check it out.

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    Is honesty the best policy for all dating singles or couples? Part 2

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    Tonight we are back with part 2 to this show where we will be asking the question, is honesty the best policy when dating or in relationships? We are going deeper tonight. Join us for more conversation....

    So...you may want the truth but can you take it? There are a number of reasons why people refuse to share what they know to be true, especially when you have a need to know.  The question is do we all deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  

    Join us tonight on 3479457556 or hangout in the chatroom




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    War on Love: Conversation & Insight for Couples

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    Why is it often so Dog-on difficult for couples to stay together, and or rise above the level of settling for toleration of one another? The answer is, RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD LOL!

    In this country alone more than %50 of all marriages end in divorce and there are many couples who remain together who do not particularly care for one another. Are men and women designed to be capable of fulfillment together in relationships? Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that love is even real any more. Is there a secret war on couples, and if so are there tools and methods of creating safe havens of love and support in the midst of life for love to blossom and flourish?

    This Sunday Joi and I are going to discuss some of the difficulties that couples face through our own journey and hope you’ll call in add your feed back as well. We’re also going to spend great deal of time sharing with you some powerful communication tips and solutions the Creator has blessed us with that have helped us on our journey together as a couple. This shows going to be for everybody, but we're definitely going to focus on effective strategies for building a couples love!

    It’s going to be a hot topic and we look forward to you adding your insights, questions, and experiences to the explosive, transformative, and healing fires that this dynamic conversation will be sure to bring.

    Time to build solutions TOGETHER!

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    Gay couples on pro sports kiss cams

    in LGBT

    Longtime Los Angeles Kings fans Brad Parr and Andy Evans got their moment on the team's kiss cam and it meant a lot to them. "I wanted to let you know the L.A. Kings were awesome and put my boyfriend Andy and me on kiss cam -- to loud cheers from a crowd of 18,230. I'm pretty sure that this was the first time the Kings had ever had a same-sex couple on Kiss Cam, and I don't think it happens very often in any sport."

    We have long been critical of kiss cams that make fun of same sex couples but we discuss the change in tones of sports teams.

    Plus, a look at the pro-gay Rams moving to Los Angeles.

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    Couples therapy: becoming parents to the new baby

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    Even the strongest relationships are strained during the transition to parenthood. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework and new fiscal concerns can lead to profound stress and a decline in marital satisfaction – all of which affect baby’s care. Not surprisingly, 69% of new parents experience conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings. Couples can learn how to prepare for life with their new baby and how to be the best parenting team possible by finding new ways to strengthen their relationship, and foster their baby’s development during this challenging time.

    In her English-speaking counseling practice in Milan, Italy, Karen Rigatti helps couples with relationship issues, parenting of a new baby and culture shock and other challenges faced by expats. As a certified professional counselor,she specializes in working with clients on stress management, anxiety, life transitions (marriage, divorce, new parenthood), work-related conflicts, couples therapy, and cross cultural issues. Her office is centrally located in the Bocconi University area, overlooking Parco Ravizza.

    Karen has made Milan her home since 2008. Originally from the US, she specializes in helping other English-speakers improve their quality of life through professional counseling.

    Originally from Arlington, Virginia, Karen graduated with a degree in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She transferred to San Francisco and then London, before moving to Milan where she lives with her two daughters who were born here.

    Karen is a member of both the American Counseling Association and AssoCounseling in Italy, holding a Master’s degree in Counseling from the Centro Berne in Milan.

    The best way to connect with Karen is through her website www.KarenRigatti.com or by telephone 349 130 5648

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    Is honesty the best policy for all dating singles or couples?

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    Tonight we are back with another show where we will be asking the question, is honesty the best policy when dating or in relationships? So...you may want the truth but can you take it? There are a number of reasons why people refuse to share what they know to be true, especially when you have a need to know.  The question is do we all deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

    Join us tonight on 3479457556 or hangout in the chatroom





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    Couples United In Christ / Man-Up Radio / Tues. Night Worship

    in Religion


    Tonight’s shows are:
    Show #1 -- Couples United In Christ- A radio show for Christian Couples (married or considering marriage).  Show airs every 1st Tuesday monthly.

    Show Hosts - Apostle Paul & Lady K. Greenleaf and Ministers Paul and Tracy Stidam

    Show #2 --“This Is “MAN-UP!” w/Minister Paul Stidam and Pastor Timothy Powers  - teaching men to be godly in an ungodly world


    Show #3 - Tuesday Night Worship hosted by Minister Michael W. Davis and Pastor Derrick Lee  - preaching, teaching, worship music, scripture reading.

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    Valentine's Day Relationship Advice

    in Relationships

    February has arrived, and everywhere you look you see hearts, flowers and the word love, reminding us that Valentine’s Day is near. So what if you are single?  Find out how to survive and thirive this Valentine's Day.

    For the couples out there, find out what your partner really wants? Love is a great thing and coupled with chocolate, it is even better. Gift giving on holidays is usually appreciated by your partner but today we are going to dig a little deeper and talk about what men and women really want, not just on special occasions.

    This will be a great show you do not want to miss. 

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    The Power Zone With DU: Du's Conversation Series Reunion 2.10.16

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    Wednesday, February 10, 2016, @10pm

    The Power Zone with DU welcomes former panelists of Du’s Conversation Series, Steven & Tina King of Complete Chocolate Couples, Bill Foster of Real Talk Chronicles and renowned author, Renee Daniel-Flagler for a night of discussions on relationships.  Tonight… status doesn’t matter; there’s fun for everyone-single, dating, married or divorced all are welcomed, to listen in on the Conversation!

    The Power Zone with Du is hosted by Darlene A. Anderson, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Founder of Darlene’s Utopia and Author of Not Without A Fight: 10 Ways To Win When it Appears You’ve Already Lost.

    Episode References

    Darlene’s Utopia

    Darlene A. Anderson

    Complete Chocolate Couples

    Renee Daniel-Flagler

    Real Talk Chronicles


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    Valentines Special on Love! Psychic Insights on Love Starting with Oneself!

    in Spirituality

    Sacred Journeys Radio's Valentines Love and Relationships Psychic Panel!  Donna Bretz, Michael Petterson, Barry White Crow and Lady Beth make up the panel. Join them as they discuss LOVE!  Love relationships with partners, friends and realitives but most importantly with oneself.  Listen as the panel discusses their views on how to get, receive and keep long lasting love in your life. They all feel it starts with loving yourself in order to attract the highest and best people for you, into your life. They will be performing FREE PSYCHIC LOVE READINGS and Psychic advice to callers. Couples may also call in and have a reading done for their realtionship path.  Call in at 347-850-8292 press one after connection to ask question. Follow link to listen on line and join in chat room where questions can also be asked!  We are so excited to have gifted Psychics Donna Bretz and Michael Petterson (Einstein Principle) on this panel! You won't want to miss this love filled night!