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    Not a Coup in Egypt

    in Politics Progressive

    Not a Coup in Egypt, A COUP: A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a goverment.  The cililians made a revolution and the Army responded!  NOT A COUP!

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    California Motor Voter Law - Coup D'etat By Illegal Immigration

    in Current Events

    Sir Patrick attacks the new California Motor Voter Law - Dubs it a coup d'etat.
    Call in and have your opinion heard! Is it the Democratic Party's attempt at voter fraud?
    Brief overview of last night's debate.

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    American Coup

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle discusses the President’s recent announcement of his imperial grant of amnesty.  An American Coup…

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    The United States backs the coup in Ukraine

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama was behind the coup in Ukraine. Listen to the Podcast to find out why.

    The media have a made a big deal out of a trailer park Klansman, why?

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    Captain Kangaroo Gets Court Martial-ed , Mr. Greenjeans Leads Coup

    in Higher Education

    November 22, 1963 a date that don't mean squat anymore as the people who lived it can't remember where they put the car keys. The seminal event that started the revolution floats off into obscurity as America enters conflict number seventy- two since the  Peace Race began. Lee Harvey Oswald guilty as charged , the lone assasian , he did it , no doubt with his $12 rifle and some chicken wings. The highly trained Secret Service does a great job of partying all night at Jack Ruby's bar but kinda let the Prez down by allowing the worlds biggest loser to blow JFK's brains all over Dallas.

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    The Free American

    in Education

    Terror, Terror Everywhere  Feb. 9

    Clay Douglas features the work of Dr. Preston James Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement

    Expecting the USG to actually protect We The people from terrorism is actually about as sensible as expecting the fox to protect the chicken coup!Any pro-Whites that do not speak out about the jewish role in White Genocide is either lacking the proper information,
     which is not really an excuse in the internet age, or they are simply kosher shills.

    I am approaching seventy. I look at the time behind me in terms of decades rather than years. Events occured in such rapid succession that the years blend together. I have faithfully researched, reported and transcribed events, personal encounters and interviews with many men and women who have, through their books and words, made a difference in our world and have helped shape our collective futures in some way.

    Meeting these people, stumbling on stories at especially auspicious times, added to an overall feeling of predestination with a strong sense that there was a higher power at work behind the scenes. Or as I have said many times, “This is the 21at Century, Burning Bushes are passé. God is alive and well, he just uses the Internet. But back in the Twentieth…

    www.freeamerican.com www.shop.freeamerican.com  www.libertyvillages.com www.facebook.com/freeamerican69

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    Legacy of 1804 on Hillary's State Dept, Martelly and #Haiti's Election #LOF1804

    in Current Events

    With Host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com and co-hosts Hugues Girard and Hans Roy.

    We will review recent press articles on the issue and parse out whether they are properly delving into the Clinton State Department's propping up of Martelly's contested presidency  in the 2010 election. And what role did Clinton's appointed Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White play in the aborted 2015 electoral coup in Haiti?


    More show notes and post show wrap-up at www.kiskeacity.com

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    Lets Talk Beau Coup Authors

    in Entertainment

    Rachel Thompson and Bennet Pomerantz hosts guests from Beau Coup Publishing, Dawn Robertson and Katherine Rhodes

  • 00:06

    American Coup – Part 2

    in Politics

    In American Coup – part two: Darrell Castle continues his discussion of the President’s recent speech on immigration and amnesty.

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    in Politics Progressive



     Bimaze kugaragara ko FPR INKOTANYI iri guca Ruhinganyuma mu gukora « Coup d’Etat Constitutionnel » ibinyujije mu mashyaka ayigaragiyeye ;

    Rimaze kubona kandi ko zimwe mu nzego za Leta ziyishyigikiye muri uwo mugambi mubisha ;

    Nyuma y’aho amahanga akomeje kurebera iyi migambi ya FPR INKOTANYI yo guhindura Itegeko Nshinga nyamara agahindukira akamagana  yivuye inyuma ibindi b’ihugu byo mu Karere biri muri uwo mugambi ;

    Ishyaka PS IMBERAKURI riramenyesha Abarwanashyaka baryo,Abanyarwanda n’Amahanga ibi bikurikira :

    Ingingo ya mbere : Ishyaka PS IMBERAKURI riramagana ryivuye inyuma umugambi wa FPR INKOTANYI wo guhindura Itegeko Nshinga riciye Ruhinganyuma maze igakoresha ya mashyaka ayigaragiye  muri FORUM ; yahindutse umuzindaro wayo.Aha Ishyaka PS IMBERAKURI riributsa ko uwo mugambi wagaragaye kuva mu 2010 ;Prezida Paul KAGAME akimara gutorwa bihishuwe na Bwana MUSA Fazil ; Intore y’amarere yo muri PDI.

    Ingingo ya 2 : Ishyaka PS IMBERAKURI riramenyesha ko amabaruwa  yoherezwa mu Nteko Ishinga Amategeko  amwe yitirirwa  Abanyarwanda ayandi akaba yandikwa nyuma yo gutunarikwa no guterwa ubwoba. Aha Ishyaka PS IMBERAKURI riributsa ko kwegeranya  aya mabaruwa  asaba ko manda y’Umukuru w’Igihugu yahinduka byabaye nk’imihigo yahawe Abayobozi bo mu Nzego z’Ibanze.

    Ingingo ya 3 : Ishyaka PS IMBERAKURI rirasanga iki gikorwa cya FPR INKOTANYI cyo guhindura manda z’Umukuru w’Igihugu ari « Coup d’Etat Constitutionnel

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    Calm Controversy

    in Women

    Christopher Everett: Christopher Everett is an actor, writer, director and producer from the state of North Carolina. He has experience in film, graphic design, marketing and advertising. He recently directed and produced his first feature-length documentary entitled "Wilmington on Fire" which is on the 1898 Wilmington Massacre/Coup in Wilmington, NC.
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wilmingtononfire
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/wilmington1898

    Email: wilmingtononfire@gmail.com