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    The Marriage Counselor Special Edition

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight we will be discussing:
    Parents who allow their significant other to keep them away from their children that were not conceived in the current relationship Keeping your parents OUT of you relationship How role play can spice up your sex life Be sure to tune in... its gonna be good!

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    "Nothing To Offer" - COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS with The Controversial Counselor

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    NOTHING TO OFFERA guy who is doing well for himself meets a young lady who he is very attracted to mentally as well as physically, they enjoy spending time with each other and their relationship seems to be growing.

    The young lady although Is having a tough time financially as a single mother of one daughter, she has to ask him for some money to help her get through the week, he is totally turned off from this and drastically pulls away from her and stops spending time with her as well as contacting her. Is he wrong or should stay around to help her in a time of need.

    On This episode of Cocktail Conversations with The Controversial Counselor, David Glover on KLJN 107.7.

    Call to listen LIVE (347) 237-5342 or listen online.

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    Recovery Radio Fresno with Paul Leue and Substance Abuse Counselor Anna Bobikova

    in Self Help

    The NNIA network presents Thursday December, 4 at 2 pm Recovery Radio Fresno with Paul Leue  and Substance Abuse Counselor Anna Bobikova from AB Lifetime recovery facility.  We will be continuing talking about body mind and spirit, how to take care of these three basics in recovery.   We are bringing the message of hope to the listeners and join the Recovery Radio Fresno Group on Facebook, or email me at recoveryradiofresno@gmail.com.  Please call us at 1-602-753-1699 at 2 pm pacific to speak with us when we are live on the show. 

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    #115 Greta Lundsgaard-Vaughn, Counselor, Strawberry Hill Elem., Anamosa, Iowa

    in Education

    The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program is the largest school based father engagement program in the nation with over 4000 schools participating.

    Greta Lundsgaard-Vaughn is a Professional School Counselor at Strawberry Hill Elementary School in Anamosa, Iowa. On WatchDOGS Radio today, Greta and Kori Leighty will discuss the success of their Watch D.O.G.S. program. Strawberry Hill launched their program in the Spring of 2012. They are currently seeing over 100 fathers per year participating in their program.

    Each week, WatchDOGS Radio host Keith Schumacher and co-host Chris Danenhauer discuss how this program is impacting families and schools across our nation and in four foreign countries.

    Please join our audience and call in with your questions and comments.

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #3 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

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    AFTER THE FIRST DATE GOES BAD.....Is There A Chance For A Second Date?

    Scenario: Let’s Try It Again After Going Dutch
    Gerald and Melinda part two. Remember the popular scenario about two-dollar pancake? Well Gerald has offered to take Melinda to the
    Outback Steakhouse and stated that he'd cover all the expenses. He also apologized for the other day and stated he was in a bad spot; he really enjoyed Melinda’s company and stated he had a surprise for her, Melinda feels that he seems sincere. In your opinion, should she give Gerald another chance?
    Female Perspective: I would give him another chance just based on the fact that he was “man enough” to apologize and be honest about his situation. We don’t know the details of the first date. She may have enjoyed his company as
    well. Dismissing people so quickly is not only unfair to that person but possibly to you too. Could miss out on a “good thang”

    Female Perspective: If she feels he is sincere I don’t see a problem with giving him a 2nd chance. I would make sure she has money on her just in case there’s an issue. The Controversial Counselors take: There had to be a gut feeling on why she declined the second date, there is no need to star in that movie again. When you work so hard to get a shot at the title and you fold under pressure, that opportunity may never happen again. Seize the moment or else ponder in what if land. Keep it moving, Melinda, he had his chance to dance, he chose to be a wallflower. This time you may get stuck with the whole bill surprise! Move on, never look back. 

    Listen LIVE to Cocktail Conversations with The Controversial Counselor, David Glover on KLJN 107.7 Radio.

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    Jesus - Wonderful Counselor

    in Christianity

    One of the questions  that believers have to ask themselves is whether or not they actually believe that the Lord’s counsel is best, and whether they will follow it as opposed to leaning on their own understanding.  If we believe that the Lord’s counsel is true and righteous altogether then we will do what He says regardless of how strange it looks in the natural, or how painful it is to obey.

    To receive the proper counsel of the Lord  in your spirit, you have to believe that the Counselor has insight into your situation and life that no one else has, and that He has the supernatural ability to accomplish the impossible in anything that concerns you.

    Please join us in the study of God's Word

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #2 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

    in Romance

    WHO PAYS FOR THE FIRST DATE?  Do You Dutch?    LISTEN LIVE by calling (347) 237-5342

    Scenario: Gerald has been asking Melinda out for Months but each time to no avail, he seem to be a nice guy with no serious baggage, she has been through the ringer in her past relationship and was very guarded. 

    After consulting with several close family members, she decided to go out with Gerald for breakfast, during breakfast Melinda ordered the Grand Slam French toast meal and because Gerald was not big on breakfast he ordered one pancake, which was 2 dollars. When the bill came out, Melinda offered to pay with her credit card, Gerald declined to let her pay and they ended up going dutch. 

    MALE: "Okay I agree a man should pay if he ask a woman on a date , but do women agree she should give it up if she accepts the date?  A lot of women like to mislead or get free meals, not all, just saying." 

    Female:: "Maybe men don't appreciate what goes into dating for a woman, we could be at home in sweats watching the Golden Girls eating ice cream. But instead, we get dolled up, we hold our burps and farts until we are ready to explode, we wear uncomfortable shoes and etc, we lose when it doesn't work out too, we lose our time, energy and money too." 

    "The Controversial Counselor", David Glover, is the author of the book COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS.

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #1 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

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    The Controversial Counselor, David Glover is the Dept Chair of School Counseling at a Middle School with the Baltimore County Public Schools.

    He has dedicated his life to helping others which has led him to start working towards my dream come true writing my book titled COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS by The Controversial Counselor.

    On this show, as well as in his book, he will continue to remain in that helping role where I will be discussing 77 short scenarios involving relationships, family, child drama, health, education and work issues, friendships, loyalty, mistrust, and the dating game.

    By sharing his story, David Glover hopes to help other boys and young men who have faced similar circumstances, to work towards becoming productive adults and fighting off the taboo of being damaged goods because with strength and support...anyone can make it through and rise above despair.

    Listen LIVE to Cocktail Conversations with The Controversial Counselor, David Glover on KLJN 107.7 Radio.

    Call (347) 237-5342 

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    Clairvoyant/Counselor, Roy Worley

    in Spirituality

    Roy Worley - Clairvoyant/Counselor

    For more almost 50 years Roy has been providing clairvoyant guidance and counseling. 

    When Roy was a child he learned he could feel a certain "vibration" in those with whom he made contact.

    As time progressed, Roy strengthened his inborn abilities. He learned to improve his "energy" readings and performs psychometry - the ability to draw information from an object, in this case a photograph. "Everything is composed of energy. I feel the energy by looking into the eyes of a person, and I sense the energy coming through my body," says Roy. It is an innate talent, and his friends and clients are amazed at his accuracy. Roy always perceived his "awareness" as a gift, and as he practiced and sharpened his skills, he realized he could help others recognize the lessons they needed to learn. He could share with others why they have gone through troubled times, and tell them what it means. He could help people grow, who in turn would be enabled to help others.

    To schedule a private session with Roy call 843-808-0777 or for Roy's SPECIAL RATE for first-time clients and listeners of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show visit: http://biteradio.me/servicesroy_biteradio.html

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    La Literati welcomes counselor, writer and mental health advocate David Bedrick

    in Books

    David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW, is an educator, counselor, attorney, organizational consultant, and writer. His broad range of knowledge is apparent in the scope of topics he taught while on the faculty of the University of Phoenix, including courses on philosophy (critical thinking and ethics) and psychology (addictions and dependencies, negotiation and mediation, clinical interviewing, cultural diversity, ethics in human services, and group work), as well as employment law and conflict management in the MBA program.

    Currently, he maintains a practice as a counselor and coach for individuals and groups, and speaks on topics ranging from ethics, diversity, relationships, and conflict facilitation to dreams, diet, body image, anger, and shame. His numerous publishing credits include the book Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology.

  • Psychic Medium, Licensed Spiritual Counselor, Joshua Darnall

    in Spirituality

    Joshua Darnall is a licensed Spiritual Counselor. He has a masters degree in Health and Human Performance and a masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Darnall is a psychic medium who talks with his clients Spirit Guides. He has been published in journals and magazines across the country. Before creating Kumara Coaching, Darnall taught English, Health, Leadership and various physical activity courses for various universities and colleges across the country for eight years. In addition Darnall was a college football coach for fourteen years, most recently Azusa Pacific University where he was a faculty member and Offensive Coordinator for the Football Team. Joshua lives in Santa Monica, CA.


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