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    Dressing to the Nines!: DIY Cosplay

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    Ever wonder, as you play your favorite game, "Gee, I wish I could dress up like that character?" For most, this is comes and goes as a fleeting dream. Some, however, take it upon themselves to assemble all of the sewing skills as well as arts and crafts knowledge to successfully dress up as their favorite characters from their favorite games (and movies/Animes/Mangas).

    This week, the GCR crew goes DIY, exploring the inner-workings of the cosplay "machine." They'll discuss helpful hints/tips, resources, and issues that surround the cosplay scene. They'll also explore how to "dress" up your wargaming miniatures with some avid advice, and there may -- or may not -- be a few additional surprises waiting for you. So tune in, and don't miss out!

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    Reality Bytes - Cosplay is NOT Consent

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    Literally "Costume Play." Dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character).

    (usage) There are anime cosplay conventions around the world.

    “Costumes are not consent. It’s a phrase you may be hearing a lot lately, and one we need to keep talking about. In the past few weeks, the internet has exploded with women speaking up about the treatment we receive at conventions and online. This isn’t a new problem that has suddenly presented itself. The issues have always been there. What is happening now is we finally feel we are allowed to speak up, that doing so will not result in us being ostracized from our community – because we are now acting as a community, a support structure, to create a safe environment for all costumers and convention goers.”

    (Source: www.geeksaresexy.net 2013/04/04)


    Yes, we are talking about Comic con and the like, and the amount of harassment dished out to women ( and sometimes men) who enjoy dressing up as their favourite character and joining other like minded fans at conventions. Somehow, dressing as your favourite comic book character has been misconstrued as a license for fans to paw and grope these women while treating them like sexual objects.


    Today we will be talking to Sam Maggs weekend editor of the online publication themarysue.com about the problems cosplayers face at these conventions, and how we can raise awareness.


    Phone lines will be closed for this show, but you are free to call in and listen on (646)716-6583

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    The Weekend Review with Vixen J (Cosplay, Gaming, and Wrestling)

    in Video Games

    Vixen J gives you a indept look at the world from the people.

    Whether its Cosplay, Comics, and Convenions we give you the full details of all the new Conventions coming up.

    Movies: Want to know what was the movie we saw this weekend, what was the hottest club, or hottest event coming up.  She gives you the full scoop, and her view of Video Game the Movie!

    Holiday Deals: She will give you the upcoming games for the Holiday Season and the top spots to be able to get them this Black Friday coming up.

    Wrestling: Survivor Series just happening she will let you guys know what she thought and what will be for the future of the WWE as they are about to enter the Wrestlemania season.

    Segment: We will have a Did You Know Segment which features the Character from The Tick!!!

    TV: We give you a feel for the next series of Gotham episodes after the Fall Finale just happened and where the story will go.  Plus all the new comic books coming out.

    Video Gaming: What about the Nintendo Wii.... is it a dieing brand or can some games save the Franchise from being extinct like Sega after the Sega Saturn.

    Comics: What is coming out during the week and what we can expect for Wolverine as he is dieing.

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    On the Record with Reflux: Hika's Cosplay and Design

    in Culture

    Cosplay (???? kosupure?), short for costume play, is a performance art in which participants, called cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play.

    The many people that do this as a hobby, and then there are many who do this professionally. Others do it to make their designs be seen in an area that is more accepted than others. Today on the show we have Brianna Forrester also known as Hika's Cosplay Design.

    She has gone and won a few placements at conventions. Noteable wins are Animania Oct. 2013-Best Craftsmanship: Princess Palantine and Monitacon 2013-First Place in Advandced: Princess Palantine

    Her cosplays can be viewed here:



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    Garage FX Joins Latex to Spawn in Cosplay

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    The first half of our show we will be interviewing Garage FX. 
    The Second half we will be talking to the crew at Comic & Media Expo 2014. 

    Garage FX
    Our two related clans, the Caldwells and the Fowers, have been creating costumes for ourselves, our kids, and others for decades.  The majority of that art form is inspired by comics and the notion of a Hero or Heroine.  Most everyone wants to be a Hero to someone.  So, why not get the chance to dress up like one every once in a while? We wanted to make sure anyone could have that chance so we started "Garage FX".  The concept is this: Teach others how to simply make great Cosplay (Costume Play) works of art using everyday items you can find in your garage or hardware store.  Since we began this effort, we have created projects from Venom to Predator to Spawn (in many forms).  Inspired by huge demand at past comic conventions our latest efforts have been making movie-prop worthy Halo Spartan Armor as well as those pizza eating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All pieces are made from the foam floor mats you step on in your garage, old plastic buckets, pool floats, PVC pipe, burlap bags, Elmer's glue, chicken wire, packing Styrofoam and more.  For the more intense student we even teach how to make your own patterns, sew elaborate costumes and cast latex and silicon masks and props.  We love what we do at Garage FX!  Feel free to stop by our web page to learn for free how to make something from nearly nothing or come to one of our weekly “Make-and-Takes” workshops here in the Phoenix Valley.

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    The Weekend Review w/ Vixen J (Comics, Cosplay, Video Games, & More)

    in Hobbies

    Vixen J gives you a indept look at the world from the people.

    Whether its Cosplay, Comics, and Conventions we give you the full details of all the new Conventions coming up.

    Movies: Want to know what was the movie we saw this weekend, what was the hottest club, or hottest event coming up. Plus a Review of Comic Con The Movie. We also speak about Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer.

    Holiday Deals: Whats going on for Cyber Monday and which stores are having the best Deals for Video Games.

    Wrestling: Brock Lesnar has been missing. Will he be back for TLC PPV or will the WWE run another PPV without the Champ.  Has the Title been tarnished and what is up with the Raw General Manager. Plus, Ronin Pro Wrestling will be a couple of days away. Will Shawn Prime be there. What will be the outcome. Vixen J gives you her points and what she thinks the results will be. CM Punk finally speaks out on why he left the WWE and who is the superstar who is ranting about it.

    Did You Know Segment is back Weekly.  Got to tune in to see what its about! We got some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in here.

    TV: With Gotham over til January, We talk the Walking Dead Season Finale and some episodes of the Flash and Anime that is out there.

    Video Gaming: Whats the hottest game out there right now and hear from real players on how it is it play games online with others, and what Vixen J expects with E3 coming in June of next year.

    Comics: Dj Phaze comes back as a Co-Host and gives you his look at how they handled The Death of Wolverine in the Final Issue of the Comic.

    Comic Con: Bill Goldberg will be back listen to here when.

    Make sure to Follow Vixen J on Twitter @jllorens17 and on Instagram @VixenJ0601

    And Follow the Network on Twitter & Instagram @eon_network

    We are always looking for new people on the show to be guests. So make sure to hit us up on our social networks

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    Crowbar Radio - Episode 039 - Are cosplayers ruining cosplay??

    in Pop Culture

    On this weeks show we have a roundtable discussion about a blog that has made some noise recently.

    Are cosplayers ruining cosplay?

    There are many takes on this - both for and against.

    Joining us we have Caitlin Crozier and Adriano Ali returning to the show. We also have Bert Celestino making hif first live appearance and totally new appearances from Alex Greenlay and Ted Sali.

    We hope you enjoy the show

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    Race & Cosplay

    in Fun

    For the end of Black History month, should African-Americans cosplay Non-Darkskined characters?  Discuss!

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    Anime and Cosplay

    in Video Games

    This week we talk with our good friends at the Delaware Anime Society. We discuss some of their goals, cosplay, Anime movies, popular manga, and events they have in store. If you're a serious Anime or Cosplay fanatic, this episode will be your guiding light. We also talk Call us at (858) 947-1921 to share!

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    Political Correctness Vs. Cosplay

    in Lifestyle

    You have heard it many times, "You shouldn't say anything bad to people who cosplay." But what of those who asked for constructive critism? What about contest?I have even heard people get upset with others because peoplehave given so much praised to a cosplayer as to howa cosplay should be done. Whats going on? Are we not allowed to like what we like? Today Brian Brannon of Deceptive Conceptions Join in on the Conversation

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    Crowbar Radio - Episode 029 - Confessions of a Cosplay Queen

    in Pop Culture

    Todays episode of Crowbar Radio features a nice little chat with Victoria Cosplay. 

    To be frank, we chat about EVERYTHING!!!! Beginnings, her blog - Confessions of a Cosplay Girl, Charity work with the Heroes Alliance, the Costuming Family, being a princess, her cats, everything!!!!!

    All this and of course we answer the question - WHERE HAVE WE BEEN IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS!!!!

    Welcome Back!!!

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