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    Cosmetic Dentist Raleigh NC and Cary - Helpful Tips?

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     http://youtu.be/AnJFZQbnS5A  Cosmetic Dentist Raleigh NC - Call 919-462-3350 with questions or to book a complimentary Raleigh Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation.

    Welcome to Smiles of Cary Family Dentistry for family dentistry and those looking for a cosmetic dentist Raleigh NC patients' have relied on since the year 2000. 

    Our practice is committed to providing the best in patient care in the Cary and Raleigh North Carolina areas by providing comfortable dental experiences and employing the use of modern dental technologies. We provide dental care for people of all ages including preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, reconstructive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry Raleigh NC patients have come to rely on, all with the goal of helping our patients get healthy, beautiful smiles.

    One of the ways we can improve your smile is with dental implants Raleigh NC patients can have placed in order to replace missing teeth or to avoid the problems associated with dentures. While we are not a Raleigh orthodontist one of the areas we have a special interest in is providing orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign clear aligners which are removable. If you are looking for a brighter and whiter smile then we offer veneers and lumineers or we can provide a teeth whitening service including many options to choose from.

    We invite you to learn more about the cosmetic dentist Raleigh NC procedures we offer. We are also a cosmetic dentist Cary residents trust. We always welcome your questions as they pertain to our treatments and our friendly and helpful staff will always try to accommodate you the best way we can.

    Call us at 919-462-3350.

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    What Cosmetic Companys Don't Want You to Know!

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    The skin is our largest organ.  It's taking in the environment’s moisture, dryness, airborne chemical pollution and everything we put on it - including cosmetics.  It then stands to reason that if we cannot pronounce the ingredients on the labels of products we use, then we shouldn't be putting it on our skin.  Yet often (call it vanity or ignorance), we don't think that far.  The cosmetics industry definitely doesn't want us to think about the chemicals that we are ingesting, because many of them are making us sick.

    When our guest, Lori-Ann Woodard, had a recurring illness, the doctors couldn't find the root of the issue. She had to find answers herself.  Lori-Ann discovered that removal of chemical toxins in the mind, in the body, and in the home was key to remission of the illness she battled for years. Her quest for a healthy skin care alternatives lead her to create Uma Enterprises, LLC.   Her vision and product lines include:  Uma "Love You" Health Awareness (inside and out self-care), Uma Glow Cosmetics (organic alternative to traditional body care products), and Uma Sound (music from her soul).


    Lori-Ann has an engineering degree and is currently a Quality Assurance Compliance Manager for Combination Products at Teva Pharmaceuticals.  As she spent years developing combination medical/pharmaceutical/biologic and IVD products for companies such as Medtronic, Werfen, Eli Lily, Johnson & Johnson, and Genzyme, she learned to appreciate the natural healing properties of the God given elements the earth has to offer.  

    Join the show to find out more about what the cosmetic companies don't want you to know!  

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Ingredients for a Healthy Lifestyle

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    Calgary, Alberta – According to a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, 85 percent of Canadian women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Historically, the most widely accepted solution to improving our health has been diets, and yet statistics show that a staggering 95 percent of all diets fail.

    Diets are fundamentally about deprivation, but as we all know, when we tell ourselves we can’t have something we just want it more. This “all or nothing” approach is why diets are unsustainable and an ineffective means of reaching your long-term health goals.

    Sherry Matheson is a coach, facilitator and co-founder of Ingredients for a Healthy Lifestyle, a health and wellness coaching practice dedicated to helping individuals change their mindset and behaviors to promote long-term sustainable change in their health and wellbeing.

    “Everyone has their own unique recipe for a healthy life,” says Sherry. “I’m passionate about health and wellness because I truly feel we can’t be our best without it; we can’t be the best employees we want to be or the best parents we want to be.”

    As health and wellness coaches, Sherry, along with her co-founder Jamie Davidoff, explore how all the areas of your life are connected to your health and well-being. Sherry and Jamie work with their clients to find the right mix of ingredients to reach their optimal health goals.

    “Diets have truly failed us. We don’t feel like we can be successful with another diet,” says Sherry. “The approach Jamie and I take is completely different because we really do focus on getting rid of the dieting mentality. We teach our clients to be more mindful of what they’re eating, to listen to what their body wants and develop a better relationship with food.”

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    Economical Holiday Shopping with Asli Pure and Tastefully Done Cosmetic

    in Christianity

    Stronger Together with Valarie Miller and Rev. Ray

    Valerie and Rev. Ray talks with Ken Riddick of Tastefully Done Cosmetic (484-241-0044) and Bianca and Thea of Asli Pure Natural Body Care. (https://www.facebook.com/AsliPure, http://www.aslipure.bigcartel.com/

    Tastefully Done Cosmetic by Ken Riddick 484-241-0044

    Vision - Strengthening families, friendships, and communities in an effort to inspire in all a growing relationship and love for Christ.

     Mission Statement - Empowering people to be made whole through practical knowledge and the word of God.

    When Christians Speak Talk Radio Broadcasts - "The Abounding Grace Show" with Minister Vanester Williams - Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm; "Declaring The Finished Work with Rev. Pat Randall" - Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon; "Friday Night Joy with Rev. Ray and Friends" - Fridays @ 7:00 pm; "Stronger Together with Rev. Ray and Sister Valerie Miller" - Sundays @ 7:00 pm

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    Wet Your Whistle this week with Vermouth, Lillet & other overlooked ingredients

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    If you thought that you couldn’t possibly learn any more about alcohol, think again.

    We have yet to discuss some of the finer ingredients in cocktails, like vermouth.  This is exactly why Master of Wine, Charles Curtis, will be returning this Wednesday, November 12th at noon to continue our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series.  Charles will be talking to us about Lillet, which for those of you that don’t know, is a key ingredient in the famous Vesper dry martini inspired by the iconic James Bond.  If that particular concoction doesn’t suit your fancy, Charles will also be telling us about different types of fortified wines.  If you’re in the mood for a regular ole martini or a Manhattan then the vermouth conversation will be just for you.  Or if you would rather learn about flavor fortified wines and how their popularity rose during the prohibition era and the Great Depression then you will not be disappointed either. 

    So grab a glass and a shaker and tune in this Wednesday at noon!

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    NipTuck Talk: Enhancing Male Masculinity with Cosmetic Treatments

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    Men are getting Botox and fillers, its a growing trend.

    Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Jason Emer talks with host Michele Garber about the newest trends in aesthetic medicine for men, from facial contouring to body contouring. 

    Dr. Jason Emer is a Beverly Hills dermatologic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation and body contouring.  His specialty is in lipocontouring, cellulite and skin tightening procedures.  He has a particular interest in the aesthetics of men and enhancing masculinity through subtle cosmetic improvement procedures.  While in New York, he began an HIV treatment clinic where fat transfer, facial fillers, and other cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures were used to enhance facial features and address body disproportions.  Currently, he is an investigator for many pharmaceutical and medical device companies focusing on new and innovative face and body cosmetic treatments including lasers, radiofrequency, and fillers.


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    Blogging Ingredients: 3 Secret Blog Ingredients

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    Blogging Ingredients: 3 Secret Blog Ingredients

    As a blogger you have come to realize that setting up a blog is easy, it's the extra ingredients that make a difference. 

    Learning about permalinks, photos, captions, H1 & H2, and widgets. 

    All this extra lingo that has you confused, frustrated, and ready to throw in the blogging towel. 

    In today's podcast we are going to take about saving media space on your blog. 

    Learn where you can host your images, how to create images, and what is evergreen content. 

    Now is the time to focus in on you blog and gain extra exposure with very little effort. 

    To learn more about blogging and how to set up a successful blog, watch this 1 hour training video on blogging. 

    Training Video on Blogging

    Yours in Gratitude, 

    Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

    Blogging Mentor/Coach

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    KTL Radio presents LIFE'S INGREDIENTS ft Dr Angela

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    Join us tonight as Know The Ledge Radio rolls out the purple carpet for the inaugural appearance of Dr. Angela. 

    Our wonderful host will be exploring the correlation between harmful ingredients in food and the healing aspects of the ingredients that go into nurturing a healthy family, from a mother's perspective. Can you have one without the other? Or do they cancel one another out? 

    Tune in tonight, for this most appropriate topic. 


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    Prayer Will Move Moutains

    in Self Help

    Do you desire to know the ingredients of how to move your obstacles out of your plans, purpose and destination this year? Tune in this Saturday @9amEST with Minister Kim and Dr. Tonya Williams to be informed.

    Call 347-857-1295 to speak with the Host & Guest!!!

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    According to "The Truth About Divorce Statistics" nearly 75% of couples stay married for better or for worst. What's their secret? What are the ingredients or quality characteristics that they embrace that keep them happily ever after?

    Listen in to A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell and Dr. Michelle Joy Brown for talk therapy that could save your marriage! Ever wonder "what's love really have to do with a marriage"?  Make sure you tune in 7a until 10a!

    Do you want to take definitive steps to improving your relationship with God? Do you ever stop and ask yourself, "What is my purpose"? 20 Day left until the worldwide release of The Purpose of Purpose by Jacquelyn Rochell. Purchase your copy: Monday, September 15, 2015.

    A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell airs live Monday thru Friday, 7a until 10a

    Please visit www.jacquelynrochell.com

    Facebook: jacquelynrochellpagetwo

    Twitter: jacquelynrochel

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    Insight by Damaris "Spiritual Baths" 45 min show

    in Spirituality


    this show's topic:

    Spiritual Baths!
    We will discuss the how to, when to, why, ingredients and much more.


    Thank you for your support and referrals!


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