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    Optimism, Health,Cortisol, The Might of Thoughts, Gemut, Creation

    in Spirituality

    Optimistic behavoiour which enables a human heing to see and acknowledge the clear truth and, even in in the rottenest situation...
    Thus an optimist is therefore no clown or other comical figure, rather he/she is a human being who, under the greatest pressure, remains consciously hopeful and happy and who,
    in defiance of all pressure, remains consciously hopeful and happy and who, in defaince of all blows, breakdowns and deplorable states of affairs, and so forth,
    always retains the upper hand and the sense and the conviction for that which is good and that which is the best...

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    Cortisol: The Unexpected Killer

    in Health

    Are you constantly stressed out, even when you shouldn't be?Do you worry about anything and everything going on in your life, big or small?Do you eat quickly, on the run, and under stress? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are most likely suffering from high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Stress leads to the epidemic known as Adrenal Fatigue (also called adrenal burnout or adrenal exhaustion). When you secret cortisol on a regular basis, it creates a whole host of problems for your body.
    Years of high levels of cortisol cause serious problems. It will catch up with you, eventually. Experts have known and been telling us for years that somewhere between 80-90% of all diseases are stress related. That is too high a number to ignore the reality. Stress is a killer.
    Cortisol is not the "bad guy," however! It is doing its job by reacting to what you tell it to: threats. The problem is that you are no longer being chased by a hungry tiger in real life, but you are reacting to your daily stresses as if you are.
    Discover in this show the dangers of continual cortisol spikes, why it's such a killer, and leave with some solutions you can implement right now to significantly diminish this very real health danger from your life.
    Learn how to completely restore, nourish, and revitalize your stressed out, burnt out, fried adrenals: join my brand new program CAFE (Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion), a 5 part series which will show you step-by-step, how to handle cortisol spikes and prevent stress-related afflictions that keep you from living the vibrant life you deserve. 
    Correcting Adrenal Fatigue And Exhaustion

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Intro: Reed discussing the FDN philosophy/paradigm and what sets us apart from other

    traditional methods.

    4:30 Talk about upcomoing new FDN material and video tutorials

    6:15 – 14:30  Reed continues to discuss trouble-shooting & doubling down on DRESS; 

    Brandon announces graduates

    15:00 – Question: How do you go about weaning off PPI’s with supplements to increase stomach acid? 

    (already ruled out Hpylori). 

    Reed: Reed discusses weaning clients off of PPIs and why stomach acid is so important to our health and 


    29:00 – Live Question: Can Reed speak to hyper-parathyroidism 

    Reed: discusses parathyroid function and its role on calcium in the blood/bones.  Speaks to how the 

    process of FDN reduces metabolic chaos regardless of the  client’s “diagnosis”. 

    47:30 – Question: I have a client with a total cortisol of 9.5 for the whole day. I mentioned that he might want to 

    get tested for Addison’s since that was what the FDN program suggests. He doesn’t seem to have the other typical symptoms of Addison’s other than the low cortisol. Reed shares that he has seen Addison’s maybe twice in the last 15 years – it is very rare. 

    54:30 – Question from caller. How does the cyclical drop of progesterone before menses set off the 

    inflammatory cascade that triggers migraines.  

    Reed: Does it matter? The solution is to balance the contributors to MC and work non-specifically w/ FDN protocols.

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    Mind-Body-Spirit: Living a Holistic Life - Guest Steve Utter

    in Health

    Steve Utter has a Bachelors degree of Science from Arizona State University in biology/zoology.  He was pre-med during college but instead of becoming a doctor he went on to develop many products. He has 7 patents and one of his inventions was the Misty Mate, a personal portable cooling device that can be worn around the waist to keep the air around you 30 degrees cooler. Thousands of misty mates were donated to our troops in the Desert Storm war in Iraq.  After selling the misty mate company he started developing dietary supplements from some unique products. The main products were Egg membrane joint support and lignans. Lignans are phytonutrients that help balance hormones. They help women with menopause because they help balance estrogen, they help promote better prostate health in men because they help balance testosterone and they help dogs reduce cortisol levels which is a stress hormone.  Steve's company is called products development, llc and his brand names for his dietary supplements are Lignans For Life and K9 Choice. Steve has been married to his college sweetheart for 33 years and lives in Chandler, AZ.


    Dr. Renè David Alkalay is a life-long student of meditation, Yoga science, Kabbalah, and the religious and philosophical texts of the East and West, and is the author of numerous articles and books. In private practice as a naturopathic practitioner since 1980, he provides holistic services at the Genesis Tree of Life Wellness Center offering help with nutrition, weight management, pain and illnesses, fitness and holistic treatment for cancer patients. Genesis Society (501 c3) is the not-for-profit organization Dr. Renè David Alkalay offers help to veterans and yoga classes for children with cancer.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health


    Question/Answer session with the FDN Mentors

    Forming an impression of a client

    Addressing low cortisol

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    How Cortisol Makes Your Hormones Go Bananas

    in Health

    Join me as I interview Ameer Rosic, RHN, FDN, of ameerrosic.com.

    Ameer is a holistic nutritionist, functional medical practitioner, and an accomplished athlete and author.

    He's also a very fun and energetic speaker who doesn't hold back!

    Today he'll share with you information that can rescue your reproductive hormones from the damages of stress.

    He'll talk about:

    Hormonal pathways (understand how your hormones interact)
    How cortisol steals from primary sex hormones (that you need to get pregnant!)
    Cortisol and thyroid (thyroid is important for proper hormone signaling in your cycle)
    Cortisol and leaky gut (gut health is important for fertility for nutrient absorption)
    Primal diet for optimal mitochrondrial function (let's get your sperm and egg acting snappy!)
    Why sleep is so critical for adrenal health and fertility (and quick tips on sleeping better)

    Bridgit Danner, LAc, your host and owner of Joyful Mammas:  A Pregnancy Success Program 

    Schedule a complimentary "Getting Out of Overwhelm" fertility consult at our link!

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Julie Halstead of Tapping Thru 2 U

    in Self Help

    Bristol, VA – If we can acknowledge and release our negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, we can enjoy a radically different perspective.

    Julie Halstead is the founder of Tapping Thru 2 U, where she guides her clients on the journey toward their best possible lives through EFT tapping, a gentle technique for energetically accessing our body’s healing power.

    EFT tapping enables us to access the “relaxation” response taking us from a stressed state to the “rest and rejuvenation” mode where optimal healing is enhanced on all levels.

    Studies have shown that tapping on meridian points sends a calming signal to the amygdala, the part of the brain that governs our “fight, flight, or freeze” response.

    When our amygdala is stimulated, a number of chemical changes take place in our bodies: cortisol levels rise; adrenaline surges; blood sugar levels rise; the need for insulin is increased.

    “Once this was really important to us,” explains Julie. “When there was a saber-toothed tiger around the bend, we needed this fear response for our very survival, but in the world we live now, our amygdala is unnecessarily activated numerous times each day. The vigilance that once protected us is now keeping us in a perpetual state of stress, undermining our physical and emotional health.”

    EFT literally retrains our brains, and it can offer relief to those suffering from chronic pain, emotional problems, anxiety, addictions, phobias, post-traumatic stress as well as a variety of other challenges.

    “I have seen the tremendous difference these techniques have made in my life and the lives of my clients,” says Julie. “I want tapping to be accessible to as many people as possible.”

    For more information on Tapping Thru 2 U, visit www.tappingthru2u.com

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Conscious Caregiving Carol Trasatto

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Carol Trasatto. Carol Trasatto is an herbalist who lives at the southern reach of the Salish Sea in Olympia, Washington. She’s been walking the green path for 35 years and is particularly in love with the weedy plants. Carol maintained a private herbal consultation practice for two decades. She teaches in the community, has worked as herb buyer and educator at Radiance Herbs & Massage for 23 years. She has been co-creating Plants & Planets with astrologer Rosie Finn since 1998, which is both a monthly gathering and newsletter available by subscription. Most recently, Carol has published Conscious Caregiving: Plant Medicine, Nutrition, Mindful Practices to Give Ease, a book detailing extensive support for anyone going through intense illness, invasive medical treatments, or dying— both those experiencing the disharmony and those offering care. Website: www.caroltrasatto.com

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • low cortisol? drink nourishing herbal infusions to bring all the nutrients your body needs into play...

    • almagan filling vs composite fillings...

    • extreme acne- herbal antibiotics and going deeper into immune system...

    • instead of antibiotics- echinacea...

    • hashimoto's disease- serenity medicine, fucus, immune supporting herbs...

    • muscle ache and body pain caused by flu- boneset, elderberry, saurekraut, hypericum...

    • the stronger the immune system- the stronger the response from the flu...

    • alopecia areata- nettle, animal fat at every meal, rosemary...

    • shingles- hypericum perforatum...

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    Reduce Cortisol -The Stress Hormone

    in Self Help

    Topic: How to reduce your cortisol, the stress  hormone. 
    The Bridge to Health, Integrative Healing Center has gone virtual.  Bonnie Groessl, Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Coach, is reaching out to serve people across the globe.   Bonnie is recognized as an expert in helping people make changes to achieve their goals. Her emphasis is on providing an integrative, holistic approach to people with chronic emotional and physical pain. Just the everyday stressors of life can cause emotional pain for all of us from time to time.  Her clients learn tools that bring together mind-body medicine, nutrition, energy medicine, and spirituality to help them truly enjoy their  lives.  As the host of this weekly radio show, Bonnie shares this valuable information, as well as tips, tools and strategies to help you enjoy the health, happiness and abundance you deserve.   Bonnie is also a Reiki Master and incorporates energy work and angel readings into her shows. Listeners can experience guided imagery, affirmations, and other healing methods on the show. Bonnie says, “We all have more drugs in our brain than any drug company could ever make,” and she helps you learn how to access the ones that help you feel  good.   Bonnie presents fascinating topics on each show, with featured guests periodically. Listen in and feel free to ask questions as Bonnie shares information and tools you can use to truly enjoy your life!        For more inforamtion, Bonnie's main site is www.bonniegroessl.com    Visit The Bridge to Health on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheBridgeToHealth

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    Anabolic Steroid Induced Hypogonadism - Do you need anabolic rehab?

    in Health

    In this episode Dr. O'Connor will discuss the real medical diagnosis of Hypogonadism from an Internal Medicine perspective after 10 years of being Americas #1 expert in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.  He will also answer the following listener questions:

    1. I am very interested to learn your evaluation of Clomid to jumpstart T production, especially as an initial experiement before committing to a lifelong injection based protocol?

    2. I am an endurance athlete and assuming this is reducing my T levels through raising cortisol.  Should endurance athletes be aware of and consider implementing cortisol reducers such as Phosphatidylserine or DHEA?

  • Laughter Medicine = Natural Remedy

    in Spirituality

    Discover • Manifest • Transform!

    During this episode, we explore the healing power of Laughter and Laughter Yoga!  A daily dose of laughter is the one solution having the power to unwind stress and uplift joy; the power to slow down a racing heart and strengthen the mind; the power to raise the spirit and fend off pessimism…and all in an instant!  Created in 1995, Laughter Yoga is a unique modality that can directly tap anyone into the healing power of laughter.  Our Co-Host, Rob Fournier, recently received his Laughter Yoga instructor certification, and we are excited to experience this fun healing modality with you on the air!

    Hailing from Mumbai, India, Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor, and his wife Madhuri Kataria, a yoga instructor, tapped into their extensive combined wellness knowledge to create Laughter Yoga using a combination of rhythmic clasping, deep breathing, light stretching, and laughter exercises.  Based on scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter, this powerfully healing modality has spread to where today there are more than a thousand laughter clubs in over 72 countries. Clinical research has proven that laughter lowers the level of stress hormones, such as epinephrine and cortisol, in the blood. Additional benefits of laughter:

    -Boost immune system

    -Reduces stress

    -Reduces blood pressure

    -Promotes relaxation

    -Expands lung capacity

    -Lifts mild depression

    -Increases oxygen to the lungs

    -Exercises abdomen and diaphragm

    -Increases circulation

    For more information, visit the Laughter Yoga University website: http://www.laughteryoga.org/english

    Please do join the discussion by calling in or through our chat board! 

    Together WE create the Shift!

    One Love!