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    Do Smartphones Dream About Facebook?

    in Technology

    You may not have noticed it, but artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, has been sending its tendrils slowly but surely onto the World Wide Web.  At first, its foray onto the Internet was tenuous at best and comical at worst when Google created an AI that it turned loose to try and make sens of the images it found online.  Hoping to find a workaround for one of the search engine's biggest lapses, which causes search engine spiders to be totally blind to both images and videos, the attempt resulted in hilarity when its creation began morphing images as it tried to make sense of queries posed about them.  Undeterred, Google recently turned it's AI loose on everything from it's digital assistant called Google Now, to search engine duties, the latter of which has been dubbed RankBrain. Micorsoft has also jumped into the fray with it own AI called Cortana which daybuied with the launch of Windows 10.  Not to be left out of the AI race, Facebook too has started employing AI, calling theirs M.  Whatever you call it, the bottom line is that AI will soon worm its way into every part of the Internet, which is already integrated into every facet of our society.  Whether this is good or bad, only time will tell, but what is a certainty is that sooner or later there won't be a device on the planet that won't have a brain of its own. 

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    Mackenzie Mason Cortana of Halo 4

    in Entertainment

    We are delighted to interview special guest  Mackenzie Mason, Cortana in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn on October 28, 2012!
    Mackenzie's been featured in True Love Jimmy Kimmel Live The Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle Rules of Engagement & new film Body High

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    What's new in Windows 10?

    in Technology

    In this episode of Tech Talk, Mr. Noobie describes what's new in Windows 10 including things like the revamped Start menu, the new Edge browser, Cortana and a few other new goodies. Mr. Noobie also talks about how to get Windows 10, how much (if anything) it will cost you and what you need to know and what you need to do before upgrading.

    Mr. Noobie talks with Michelle Gilbert of Comcast's Heartland Region about whether you should buy or rent your cable modem and wireless router. 

    And finally, Mr. Noobie talks about some of his favorite tech things including a new little gadget that is sitting on his nightstand right now. It stays there when he's home and it travels with him to hotels when he's on the road.

    Don't miss the two Tech Talk Tech Tips between segments. This episode's tech tips include "Give Gmail an Outlook-like preview pane" and "View basic information about your computer".

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    Blind girl cake: https://twitter.com/emilyseggie_/status/633008858261286912/photo/1
    Bad Lip Reading - First Republican Debate: https://youtu.be/ufGlBv8Z3NU

    This episode of Tech Talk has been brought to you by XFINITY. For more information on how you can get high-speed Internet access in your home, visit xfinity.com.

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    Apple announcements: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and iOS 9

    in Technology

    In this episode of Tech Talk, Mr. Noobie talks about the new line of iPhones from Apple dubbed the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. He explains the new features of these iPhones and covers some details on the pricing and when you can expect to get your hands on one.

    Mr. Noobie also talks about Apple's new iPad Pro as well as Apple's latest operating system upgrade, iOS 9, and what new things you can expect with it. 

    Mr. Noobie sprinkles in a tech tip or two and talks about two of his favorite tech things he recently reviewed. One allows you to carry around your entire DVD collection for instant streaming to a smartphone or tablet and the other is the software you can use to create digital files out of your DVD collection.

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    Amazon Fire 7" Tablet: http://amzn.to/1YLMMFu
    5 ways you might be killing your home Wi-Fi signal: https://youtu.be/naLNgCZwAwg
    HooToo TripMate Titan: http://amzn.to/1YLMVbY
    MacX DVD Ripper Pro: http://www.macxdvd.com/

    This episode of Tech Talk has been brought to you by XFINITY. For more information on how you can get high-speed Internet access in your home, visit xfinity.com.

  • What You Need to Know About Windows 10

    in Technology

    Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10 is finally here! What's all the noise about and what you need to know.

    Today's guest is Carl Mazzanti, the CEO of e-Mazzanti Technologies, and, once again, Microsoft New York Metro Partner of the Year in 2015 . His company is one of the premier IT consulting services for businesses ranging from home office and retail clients to multinational corporations throughout the New York metropolitan area and numerous international locations.

    Join Jim and Carl in a discussion about this revolutionary new operating system and why many people are excited about the many changes that have been built into the system

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    The FWOT Show - Weekly Edition

    in Comedy

    On This Episode:

    ♦ Banish Them For 200 Years
    ♦ Why Have The Question At All?
    ♦ Herpes Not Included
    ♦ History Is History
    ♦ Windows 10 Issues
    ♦ Shouldn't Have Had The Guns
    ♦ Too Damn Ugly

    ♦ Should He Be On The Offender List?
    ♦ Sex Worker Legality
    ♦ Planned Parenthood - Leave It Alone!
    ♦ Banished 7-Year Old Athiest
    ♦ Summer Electric Bills
    ♦ Windows 10 - Cortana

    ♦ Cecil Who?
    ♦ That Gun Talk... It's Time
    ♦ MTV, GOP And Other Old Things
    ♦ #BlackLivesMatter - Otherwise They Wouldn't Follow You
    ♦ Education Cuts
    ♦ Chicken Prosthetics - Tasty When Fried?
    ♦ Weird Law Of The Week

    Give Me 10-Minutes And I'll Tell You About Someone You'll Want To Smack - www.thefwotshow.com

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    Cortana, you minx

    in Video Games

    Cyrus and Raven talk about Halo 4 - their first impressions and critiques.  There's also a little video game news.  Enjoy!

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    MACKENZIE MASON (Cortana in Halo 4) Interview

    in Entertainment

    The gorgeously hilarious Mackenzie Mason is an American actress on the rise.  Mackenzie was born in the Philippines and since has lived in Puerto Rico, Germany, Virginia and San Diego.
     After attending The International School of Stuttgart, Mackenzie went on to finish high school at the prestigious Miss Porter's School in Farmington Connecticut.  She continued her higher education at The University of Southern California where she studied Communication and Theatre.  In college she began appearing in many performances and plays, and was quickly noticed for her stage presence and on set natural abilities.
    It wasn't long before agents and managers noticed her obvious talent, extraordinary emotional range and depth, striking screen charm and unyielding ambition.
    Mackenzie has a very strong sense of comedy and has a natural ability to make people laugh.  She trains at the improv schools, The Groundlings and The Second City and is currently writing sketches with a comedy group she formed with fellow classmates.
    Mackenzie is poised to make a name for herself in Hollywood as the next guy's girl, you can't get enough of.  She is a self-proclaimed bookworm, spiritual guru, Sci-Fi geek, and horror fanatic who doesn't take herself too seriously.


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    Your Tech Questions & Our Answers + Tech News 4/5/14 – 81

    in Technology

    We discuss all the tech news from the past week, select the Geek Pick Of The Week, elaborate on the “Big Tech Question/Topic Of The Week” and share your "help!" questions and input.

    This Week: WIFI may Improve with FCC ruling, Windows 8.1 Update 1, BlackBerry divorces T-Mobile, Apple updates IWork, IOS 7 bug makes your Iphone passcode very important, The Amazon Fire TV, Windows Phone 8.1 & Cortana.

    Question/Topic of the Week - Streaming Internet Content To The TV - Let's Explore The Options.

    Check out our Blog and Video Netcasts at: prestwickcomputer.com

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    3YO's Hot Dance Moves, Microsoft's "Siri" Unveiled, Member Doris Anne Beaulieu

    in Entertainment

    (www.paxstereo.tv) Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – It's Monday, and it is great to be back after our week off. But we have to spend the morning fixing Windows updates and getting flash to quit crashing our machines! Oh well, another day at the office! On a brighter note, we feature community member Doris Anne Beaulieu (http://neourban.ning.com/profile/DorisAnneBeaulieu), who has been a cornerstone member of our NeoUrban Channel (www.neourban.tv) with a wonderful collection of how to videos for every occasion. Hot videos include the latest 3D music animation from GNN Bureau Chief Mac McAllister (www.onlinewithmac.ning.com) Join us.

    Hot Newz topics include the Senate moves to declassify documents on US torture, artist Chris Brown now in police custody for probation violation, Microsoft's newly unveiled competitor to Siri named Cortana, we show how to moon walk in five easy steps, and a gifted chinese three year old entertains with his dance moves!

    In Victor Allen's Nu New Sportz, Kentucky and Connecticut have similar stories of determination and focus on the big prize; the NCAA title. No matter the end result of the NCAA championship game, divine providence and destiny are playing a role. The unbelievable fall of the Indiana Pacers is shocking to say the least! Can they recover for the playoffs? Can the University of Connecticut women pull off an undefeated season vs undefeated Notre Dame in the title game?

    In HOtt PiXX by Vic the new evolution of HOtt PiXX results in a fan (Becca, WA) submitting her choice pics for our show. The result is hilarious! The cast of photos includes Idris Elba, Caveman Me, Deer Hunter, Brezzy Knees, Mr. What and Nude Gangsta. Come on down! (04-07-14)

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    Your Tech Questions & Our Answers + Tech News 12/21/13 – 66

    in Technology

    We discuss all the tech news from the past week, select the Mobile App Of The Week and take your "help!" questions and input.

    This Week: It's time to dump Windows XP, Amazon wants to sell you a Kindle Fire HDX, Meet "Cortana" Microsoft's new Assistant, Grab the Maverick's update 10.9.1, Facebook video ads, Amazon Smartphone?, Roku gets YouTube, Pebble Watch App Store, Ipad Mini Retina review, Target suffers major Hack, Hulu Plus wins new subscribers, Will Samsung drop Android?

    Tip of the week - Control those Windows 8.1 notifications with Quiet Hours.

    Smartphone users should go to our mobile site to listen to the shows.

    Check out our Blog and Video Netcasts at:


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