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    Arielle B. Good Talks Burlesque!

    in Entertainment

    Arielle has been performing Burlesque for almost 2 years. Her husband is the biggest benefactor of the transformation. She’s a tomboy at heart, and getting dressed up in pantyhose and corsets would not have happened without have been introduced to the art form. She’s always been a confident, strong woman, but this has certainly amplified that to an infinite degree. She chose this out of her love for dance and her ability to command the attention of people with her seductive body language.She’s been producing her own shows at Velvet Curtain, a Swinger's club in Dallas, where the acts focus on the seduction and sultry style of Neo Burlesque, with some hints of Classical from time to time. She also teaches classes there to help the ladies of the swinger community become more confident and sexy, in order to spice up their love lives. It is very rewarding to see the ladies go from shy to confident beauties.

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    Kilts & Corsets

    in Entertainment

    Swingers, Bondage, Fetishes & all things sex !!! We will talk about ANYTHING ! Cum join our warped evil minds and share your sexy stories of hooking up. We welcome everyone that's into the swinging lifestyle or just curious about it. We'll share our stories or answer your questions. It's just all in good clean naked fun !

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    Night-Light/Spiritually-Speaking with guest Cynthia Jordan

    in Spirituality

    Barbara Welcomes back the very talented and gifted Cynthia Jordan.  On top of being an amazing song writer and singer Cynthia now adds the title of Author to her many gifts.  Her last  book, Pearl, was warmly recieved by great numbers and her latest book, Diamond, continues her journey through the early decades of this country and the adventures of those ladies who were membersof Miss Pearls Parlor.

    The year is 1924. 

    Corsets are out.
    Freedom is in.
    Movies are silent 
    and Hollywood is shaping American culture.

    From coast to coast young girls like Heather Smith dream of becoming a movie star. One day two men shooting a western film near San Angelo, Texas, come to Miss Pearl's Parlor for some fun.

    Is this Heather's big chance??

               Wyatt Earp, Mae West, Charlie Chaplin...
    Their stories will astound you. Diamond reminds us that when we remove the glitzy glamour, smoke and mirrors it is our human nature that makes us all the same. 

    These books are so much more than light hearted fiction, they are a reality that many women faced in those early decades of the twentyth century and how they prospered in spite of the limitations they faced.




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    The Writers Cubed in Steampunk Episode

    in Hobbies

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is excited to bring you another double interview for tonights show with the amazing ladies of Writers Cubed and professional Cosplayer Anastasia Dragunov . Writers Cubed, a non-profit organization, is the proud creator of the Teen Author Boot Camp, one of the largest teen writing conferences in the nation. Each spring, nearly five hundred teens participate in a day-long event at Utah Valley University to learn writing skills from their favorite  authors, including many New York Times bestsellers. The conference is also available to teens across the world via internet classes. Writers Cubed also sponsors other writing programs such as CubeReads: Book Club in a Box; school presentations; writing contests, and much more.

    Anastasia Dragunov is a professional cosplayer and alternative model from the United States. When she’s not hosting events at conventions or talking on panels, you might find her dressing up in corsets and top hats at her local Steampunk events!We willbe talking to her about Cosplay, designing costumes, and Steampunk.

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is an exciting and unique Live geek radioshow that focuses on gaming, comics, fantasy & Sci-fi Books, and many more aspects of the world of Geek.


    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is produced by Dungeon Media and sponsored by Gamers Inn.

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    in Women

    No matter you age, you owe it to yourself to look beautiful and full.  Not sagging, sagged, and saggious!  

    Whether you want to improve your looks for cosmetic or medical purposes, it is easy to get the products you need to help you do this at www.feelfoxy.com   A special DISCOUNT CODE will be given during the show, so wait until Friday to shop! :-)

    I bought a product, that I need for medical purposes.  Tune in to the show and find out whether or not it helped.

    Special guests, new partners, and new sponsors of my show, CEO Jessica Afmar and Sales Marketing Coordinator Alma Guerrero will be live on the show discussing what they have available and to answer your questions!

    Be sure to dial into the show Friday! The first 5 callers will receive a Triple Clicks shopping gift card (not applicable to SFI Affiliates), and a Starbucks gift card (applicable to all) Your phone number will be logged in according to the order that you dial in. So be one of the first. REQUIREMENTS: You must ask our guest a question! 1-646-200-3422


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    Fluffy Puppy Circle Jerks

    in Blogs

    Nothing could be finer than giving the dog a bone or 2 or 10!  Its even better when they are cute adorable and fluffy!  Besides when masturbation lost its fun your nucking futs anyways!

  • Episode Thirty-seven... Steampunk Extraveganza

    in Hobbies


    WE ARE BACK !!!  Well rested, well celebrated and totally ready to kick some podcasting ass this year.  To start us off we are going to have a special guest for this show the New Jersey King of Steampunk, Mr. Jeff Mach.  How freakin cool is that, well let me tell you...

    We are going to talk about all things Steampunk and cover in depth the awesome convention that is the Steampunk World's Faire.  Now if you think you know conventions, you're probably right but this is NOT your standard gathering of Geeks.  This is Steampunk and that means that it's a no holds barred festival of all things Victoriana, both the light and the macbre!  

    So, Grab your tophats and walking sticks, slip what Momma gave you into your Corsets and let's spend the next few hours learning all that we need to know in order to join in and celebrate, THE STEAMPUNKS!!

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    Te' Russ

    in Books

    My name is Shanté I write under the name Té and everyone calls me that anyway and quite frankly I'm getting too lazy to say my whole name anyway.

    I love writing (duh) and reading steamy romance novels. I've been married to my sexy beast, computer nerd, MMA fighting husband for almost ten years and we have three wonderful heathens...I mean children ;-) and an Olde English bulldog. I love singing in the shower when no one is home, dancing around my room like I'm on Soul Train (also when no one is home), very high heeled shoes, corsets, all Apple products, skydiving, riding motorcycles with my husband, and kayaking with him as well. 

    I will never forget when I first started writing and I will never forget when the first romance novel I ever read... I was thirteen years old when I first took some paper, stuck it in a three prong folder and created my first journal.

    Two years later, I snuck into my aunt's books and read Scarlett Woman by Gwynne Forester. I've been hooked ever since.

    In early 2011, after several years that were filled with marriage and babies, I decided that I really wanted to become a published author. I'd written a few chapters of some things here and there, but hadn't completed them.

    I started my writing journey in November 2011 and by June 2012, I'd published my first book, Dream Lover!

    These last two years have been amazing! I have enjoyed gaining new readers and meeting fellow authors who are becoming friends.

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    Sarah Crisman pre-record

    in Lifestyle

    8 pm pre-record interview with Sarah Crisman


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    Witches On Wine Unrated and Intoxicated-Stereotypical People Let's Laugh At Them

    in Comedy

    Join us on Witches On Wine to talk about uptight stereotypes.  You know those people, the ones that like to dress the part?  The conservative in buttom up to the chin coverage, the Wiccan who comes to commuity meetings dressed in full robes with a sword hanging off of their side, or Soccer Moms, etc.  Let's make fun of everyone.  

    What about me?  Well, I'm the attention whore!  I don't care how fat or old I am, I'll keep wearing mini skirts, and corsets!  Lot's of purple eyeshadow, and glitter nails.  Let's make fun of me too! 

    Witches On Wine...we're not right in the head! 

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    S2 E21 Marvelous World of Female Masturbation with @TheCaraSutra

    in Romance

    Cara Sutra discusses the delicious world of female masturbation and why women should take their pleasure into their own hands! Cara writes at her own sexuality magazine as well as acting as professional copywriter for many high-profile adult industry publications, both online and in print. Her magazine style website is a combination of her personal sex blog, sex, relationship and fetish advice articles, erotic fiction, sex industry news as well as a large number of adult product and sex toy reviews. In addition to working in the mainstream adult industry, Cara Sutra is a highly respected and established Domme in the BDSM scene. A Lifestyle Mistress, she enjoys attending fetish events as well as benefiting from her own live-in, long-term submissive. Cara is the Creative Director of The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd, which unveiled the exciting Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit last month. In her personal life, Cara Sutra enjoys bisexual and kinky sex escapades, while her partner despairs at the mountain of sex toys, heels and corsets taking over the house.


    In this episode we’ll be talking about the Marvelous World of Female Masturbation.


    We look forward to having you join us…

    And be sure to bring protection!