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    Can New Leadership Bring Justice To A Corrupt Criminal Justice System?

    in Women

    The State's Attorrney is the one who presents the case against the person accused of a crime. Across the country, corrupt police have joined with corrupt attorneys and corrupt judges to railroad innocent people into prison and feed a system that creates jobs for some while providing slave labor for big business. Can honest leadership weed out corruption throughout the system? Today's guest, Attorney Donna More, candidate for Cook County States Attorney, explains what motivated her to run. Later we'll be joined by Shawn Whirl, tortured by police into making a false confession for a murder he did not commit and forced to spend 25 years in prison, until he was recently released as a result of efforts by The Innocence Project, attorneys and law students working to free thosewrongfully convicted of crimes. He'll share his story of resilience and the challenges of re-entering society.


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    The Shift of America's Political Parties to the Left

    in Politics

    The two major political parties in America have taken dramatic shifts to the left. The Democrat party has become the Socialist party and the Republican Party is the Democrat Party of old. We discuss this shift and how it is destroying America. We also take a look at the news of the week and much, much more on the Fine and North Show.

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    Just how corrupt is America today?

    in Politics

    America is so corrupt today, we have no idea who tot rust anymore . . .The cops?  The courts?  the govt.? - Now the citizens.

    If this is who we are as a people and this is who we want to be then I want out!


    Planned Parenthood spent millions on ‘blowout’ parties, travel, salaries

    EPA Spent More Than $92M in Taxpayer Money on Furniture

    Sheriff’s Deputies DNA Found in 11 Year Old Child’s Panties, Jury Choose to Find Him Not Guilty of Molestation.

    Ct. Police Depts Settle Mutli-Million Dollar Lawsuit For Botched Home Raid

    Uninsurable  Police Dept In Oh.  Is Shut Down


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    Corrupt Cops, Young Hero, Instagram Addiction

    in Radio

    Money-laundering cop who shot himself dead in fake murder approached a hit-man to kill administrator who was about to expose him and tried to plant cocaine on her to cover up his crimes

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3305986/Money-laundering-Illinois-cop-killed-fake-murder-sought-gang-member-hit-man-kill-administrator-tried-plant-cocaine-cover-thieving.html#ixzz3qfAZEXAn 

    Boy, 11, dies a hero as he pushes his sister, 7, away from the path of speeding car - taking the full impact himself - as they waited for the school bus

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3304820/Eleven-year-old-boy-dies-hero-pushes-sister-away-path-speeding-car-killed-waited-school-bus.html#ixzz3qfAoMLTS 

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    The Corrupt Federal Government

    in Politics Conservative

    Well the left looks at issues that the rest of us currently look at and are concerned with and think it's a witch hunt, or partisanship.  But for many of us who simply want a government that's competent, accountable, open,and ethical we look at things like Benghazi, the IRS targeting scandal, the DEA, the Secret Service, and Planned Parenthood- not to mention the VA, and we know how sad of a shape everything is in today.  Most people in the country regardless acknowledge that something is wrong.  They just don't necessarily know what.  Well, the "something" may not be all wrapped up in what I'm talking about today.  But nevertheless, I will discuss Hillary at the Benghazi hearing, some news on DEA officials that might make you lose your lunch or dinner, as well as the IRS and maybe even Planned Parenthood- slightly good news there.  That's on American Faith Today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived afterward.

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    Let's Talk About Political Parties

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we take look inside the numbers to talk about what is going on with political parties. 

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    Are Political Parties Destroying America: George Washington Said They Would

    in Politics Conservative

    The left and the right hold no complete moral ground. They both think they do. The fact is that most of America does not hold to the entirety of one side. We all seem to know what is right and wrong, but the parties want to continue to believe that they know best.

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    The Friday Night SuperShow

    in Current Events

    This week on the #1 way to kick off your weekend, the Tag Champs and cew return to the roundtable to talk turkey, and not just the fowl.... WW3, the masses blinded, and where IS the escalating war in the middle east mean to us here, still fighting the corrupt government that got us involved in the first place... plus, the best tunes, great laughs, and as always, YOUR CALLS in hour 2! All right here, where the REAL happy hour begins, The Friday Night SuperShow!

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    test call out show

    in Education

    byron and dave calling outside parties.

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    Fast And Furious Friday!! 11-27-2015

    in Politics Conservative

    This Week On The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program:

    Time To Shake Up The Norm

    More Interactive, More Discussion, More Subjects

    Adult Themes Will Be Discussed. Adult Language May/ Will Be Used.

    You have been warned!!!!!

    Join The Panel:




    Alternate Feed Here:


     “To usurp supreme and absolute authority…in a free state, and subject it to tyranny, the people must have already become corrupt by gradual steps from generation to generation.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

    Exercise caution in your daily affairs.

    Eyes up at all times.

    Make ready for what is to come.


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    in Current Events


    **(Gerald Ford sworn in as Vice President succeding Spiro Agnew caught up in public corruption Probe

    ***Begino Aquino (born on this day)Assasinated at Manila Philippine airport in August 1983

    ***Pope Paul 6th victim of attempted Assasination in the Philippines

    ***San Francisco Mayor George Moscone & Supervisor Harvey Milk assasinated in San Francisco City Hall by former San Francisco Policeman Dan White

    Audio Historical excerpt

    General George C,. Marshall sent to Chine as special envoy to General Chang Kai Shek( Corrupt Chinese warlord)

    Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan--

    *November 27th Births -Deaths & events relevant to US(a-)

    CONSUMER TIPS--Senior Citizens & possibly disabled consumers get discounts from 10 to 20 Percent on one day a week at some San Francisco stores--possibly other locations