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    Evander Holyfield: Corrupt Boxing Officials Always Decides Who Wins!

    in Sports

    In a bold statement in a recent interview, former 4-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield calls out the corrupt boxing officials by stating that the potential Floyd Mayweather - Manny Pacquiao blockbuster mega-fight will be decided by the powers that be and NOT by the combatants and the display of their skills.

    For a man with such credibility to say such a thing should make us all take note and look deeper into the corruption that exists not only in the sport of boxing but in all sports in general.

    Leave your opinions and perspectives on this topic in the comment area below and let's keep the healthy respectful dialogue going.

    Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

    Your Fiery Brother,



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    Avon Motivational Radio Show Avon Spa Parties

    in Business

    This is a weekly Radio show dedicated to help Avon Representatives take their Avon Business to the next level. Those who are inspiring to become Avon representatives are also welcome.

    Each week our guest speakers consist of Avon Representatives at various achievement levels, District and Regional Managers, Career Coaches and Motivational Speakers.

    If you are not an Avon Representative and would like to become a Representative, visit my website www.Avon.Bronx.com

    Please like our facebook page

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    Let's talk holiday parties! ...fun drinks included

    in Design

    We're getting our host skills geared up to serve up the ultimate holiday parties...drinks included.

    We love holiday parties, especially when we're surprised and delighted by little special touches created by the hosts. From custom-designed cocktails to gorgeous decor, as guests it's always fun to have something unique to discuss with the other guests (especially if we don't know each other). And honestly, it makes us feel more special as guests that the hosts took time out of their busy lives to make their event a little more special.

    Designer Taniya Nayak might be best known as an HGTV host and designer on Food Network's Restaurant Impossible. She's also a successful, Boston-based interior design firm, Taniya Nayak Design LLC., where she adds a fresh, clean look to both commercial and residential spaces.

    Entertaining designer Lulu Powers fresh approach to hassle-free entertaining – from food to flowers – has made her a sought-after talent, inspiring mentor, and credible entertaining lifestyle expert. Mindful of her client’s resources and at times, fear of entertaining, she imparts her wisdom with spirit and panache to transform the simple into sublime. Lulu is a best-selling author of "Food to Flowers."

    Food and wine blogger/writer Maggie Unzueta is a recipe developer who shares her creations on her blog Mama Maggie.

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    Social Finance: Host Home Buyers Parties

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House", we shall talk about how to finance your home puchase without a bank using Social Finance.

    A fun way to raise  the money that you need is by having a "House Buying Party".  It operates like the traditional house party and "rent party".  The money that you  need for the down payment, closeing cost, and repairs.

    If you like to have fun and raise money at the same time, then we suggest you organize a Home Buyer Party today.

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    The Author's Talk Show with Lynn Yvonne Moon (corrupt political novel writer)

    in Books

    Since 1985, Lynn Yvonne Moon has worked within the Federal and State Government learning and exploring this strange and powerful political structure. She is a Professor of Contracts and Acquisitions at the local college where she instructs students on the inner workings of our Government. 

    Her first novels, The Agency Series, delve deeply into this corrupt political structure. 

    Her newest adventure is guiding young Journey through the maze of government dictatorship and family corruption in her new Young Adult series Reflection.  With five novels planned for this series, it is still a work in progress.

    Lynn lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she keeps herself busy writing her stories and playing in her garden. She is active in the Hampton Roads Writers Association as a board member.

    She is currently working on her MFA at Lindenwood University. Lynn is a dedicated writer searching for the truth while trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

    You can see more about Lynn Yvonne Moon, her books, her poems, her apperances, etc. at her website www.lynnyvonnemoon.com.

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    Corrupt Criminal Justice System

    in Politics

    Tonight we will continue to discuss this corrupt criminal justice system as we have been doing for many years.

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    The Most Corrupt Place in the World: AFRICA!!!!!

    in Politics

       This controversial show will talk about the nature of Africa...a continent rich in natural resources BUT also the poorest location in the world. We will talk about the effect of British Colonialism and how it has affected Africa. Also we will discuss the dictators who have taken the respective  countries to utter poverty. We will talk about how people like Gadafi (former dictator of Libya) tried to ruin the US dollar by changing currency but was soon killed in a military over or cou'p detat. Hosted by Whitney and OSHAY! We will talk about legendary dictators Idi Amin (Uganda), Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana), Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor (Liberia) and many more! 

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    Sex Parties

    in Comedy

    Joe is out sick, so Kate is joined by "Deep Inside The Rabbit Holes" Mike Cannon and Tim Rothschild for story time. They discuss middle and high school make out sessions, as well as the "darker" sexual moments that they've experienced in their lives. The discussion then goes to what sex parties are really like. Kate describes her experiences with them, and then they all get into whether monogamy is natural or not.

    Follow @TheKateWolff @JoeSantagato and @standupnylabs.

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see whose performing live at Stand Up NY. go to www.StandUpNYLabs.com to hear all our other great podcasts.

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    The NYPD Exposed: The Most Corrupt Police Department In America?

    in Current Events

    The time has come to set the record straight on one of the most corrupt police forces in America, THE NYPD!

    Pastor Damon Richardson has had enough of the denial that has been executed not only by many in the Black Clergy but in the Black Community as a whole.

    It appears that to many are muzzled because of their fear of losing their jobs or smearing their public persona as to not have the spotlight placed on them which might cause them to lose what they have.

    It's the equivalent to the old plantations and the unwritten rules therein that are played out in the new year of 2015 that shows how far we HAVEN'T progressed.

    On the other hand we have the New York City Police Department, an agency that has a history of brutality, criminal activity and gangster-like tactics when dealing with the people of color there.

    The abuse of power, the beat downs, the killings, the exploitation and all that is executed behind a badge and a gun has reached a boiling point in the society to cause the people to be anxious and ready for a righteous revolution!

    While it would be unwise to fight this war in a manner that they will win hands down, we must be smart in our execution of it because we the people hold the power because we outnumber themby far.

    But before we attack the problem we must know exactly what the problem is and tonight we will go in on the transgressions of the New York City Police Department with fire, intensity and intelligence from a Man Of God who can articulate it like no other!

    A man to whom we know and love: Pastor Damon Richardson!

    This is truly one program that you do not want to miss!

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    Bachelor/Bachelorette parties is this a good or bad thing?

    in Music

    When a man and woman decide to get married. its has always been known for the man to have a BACHELOR PARTY., but now its the women coming having one of their own. Most women feel its not a good thing for the man to have one, b/c it opens the door for infidelity. Do you all think Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are a ticket straight to splitsville, or is its it one night of good old fashion partying/ drinking before tying the knot forever?, or is this the opportunity to have one last fling before the big day? we love to hear from you as we chime in on the topic. live on air 10pm ct 11pm est listen live on facebook, i tunes, twitter, and so on.

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    1492: Year of the Corrupted Blood of Judah

    in Spirituality

    1492: year of the corrupted blood of Judah. On todays show we will discuss the lost of rights to an office and becoming civiliter mortuus. Touching on who the Negroes are biblical and why we lost our rights to office and civil society. We will also touch on our corrupted status and ill treatment towards each other in the community as a stumbling block for our unification against Beast.Inc.

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