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    Guest: Andrew Meyer

    in Culture

    You need not go far to see Israel and Palestine is in the news, with the backdrop of freedom as a main theme. We will cover this very hot topic in this edition of Freedom For All. Jim and Jennifer welcome Andrew Meyer. Policy Analyst and Communications Manager at the Rachel Corrie Foundation, a Research Assistant at the Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, and an incoming PhD student in Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    The Rachel Corrie Foundation is named after a young woman who was a 23-year-old American peace activist crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in March 2003 while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition.

    Meyer's research interests include Settler Colonial theory, the history and historiography of the Palestine question, liberal Zionism in the United States, and political negotiation in the neoliberal present. He is a founding member of Olympia BDS and has traveled extensively throughout the West Bank and Gaza as a member of the International Solidarity Movement and the Maia Mural Brigade.

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    in Religion

    Kenneth Uptegrove of Ark haven Minsitries has been on with us many times..in the past, after hearing his interviews people went to see the land he was led to, a land that Corrie ten Boom saw a Vision of Angels protecting the land…he says it is a place of refuge for the future
    Some of the people have now agreed and even moved there!
    A few weeks ago when I spoke to him I asked him about his wife Lora and told you folks I would invite her on to get well a woman’s point of view of their ministry…and her Dream Vision!

    Another do not Miss End-Time Radio program as
    “We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!”
    Please visit
    Also please visit
    “Remember we do not 100% agree with everything our guests, say, do, or believe. It is up to you to pray and sort it out!”

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    Seth Greene,Dawn Marie Westmoreland,H a n n a h M. M i l l s,J.Rendon

    in Business

    Seth Greene marketdominationprogram.com

    Dawn Marie Westmoreland www.DawnMarieWestmoreland.com

    H a n n a h  M a r i e  M i l l s  www.hellobeautifulhealth.com

    Janiece Rendon http://www.trustthecurves.com/



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    Kristin Sunanta Walker Answers Your Questions On Mental Health News Radio

    in Psychology

    Hosted by Dawn Marie Westmoreland of The Empowered Whistle Blower. 

    How do you ride what must be a very fine line between working with multiple Behavioral Health EHR vendors that are also competitors with each other?

    How do you know who is winning deals and who isn't?

    How do you know who is losing clients and rapidly?

    Why do you have such strict criteria when it comes to vendors that service Behavioral Health?

    Why has anyone that's been through narcissistic abuse so much more triggered by life in general?

    Why do you think all your shows on narcissism are so popular?

    You've created a new show called Mental Health After Dark.  Why?

    Give us a slice into what your day is like in terms of your consulting business.

    Do you still do animal assisted therapy?

    What are some of the types of organizations you work with in your consulting business?

    How do you answer all of the emails that are sent regarding narcissistic abuse?

    Why was advocating about this subject so important to you and to your team?

    How do you pick your guests for the show?

    How much work goes into each show?  

  • Corrie Anderson Investigation Missing 7 Years By Linda Crystal

    in Current Events

    October 28, 2008 Corrie Anderson went to visit a boyfriend at Lake County Dodge and never showed up to pick up her son from school. Her van was found several days later in a corn field by a gas well.

    Previously her husband Ken Anderson, that was already married to someone else, had put a lo-jack on her car to follow her around.

    Today is the 7th year anniversary of Corrie's disappearance.

    Help us find Corrie!

    Co-Host terry Lynn Newcomb

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    Empowering Women Series - How to Handle Workplace Bullying

    in Motivation

    Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch will be joined on the Empowering Women Series by Dawn Westmoreland, Founder of Dawn Westmoreland LLC, as she discusses, "How to Handle Workplace Bullying." Dawn Marie Westmoreland is a workplace anti-bullying author, speaker, coach, and HR consultant.  She has been featured on over 50 radio shows and in eight magazines for her tips on empowering people who deal with workplace bullying. Dawn is going to discuss some of the tools to handling workplace bullying with us. Call in at (949) 203-4763 or chat in at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST on 3/24 and join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2016/03/25/empowering-women-series--how-to-handle-workplace-bullying

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    in Self Help

    Butterfly Evolution welcomes organizer Corrie Bornds, "Where Do We Go From Here" Black History Program amd Pastor Jessie Summerville for a powering discussion.  We will join together to discuss the vision and mission for the Where Do We Go From Here Black History Program. 

    This event will challenge you from a different perspective. Corrie Bornds is known for his powerful but significant statement. 

    "Black People" are waiting for an apology, but it will never happen.  The “I’m sorry or The Hallmark Card with compensation” IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Black People must view the effects of slavery from a “DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE” 

    How to understanding, unite and learn to love. 

    How to STOP being SLAVES in 2016

    Butterfly Evolution welcomes the organizer and presenters of "Where Do We Go From Here" Monday Feb. 22nd @ 8PM CST.  Listen comment 818-691-7406 

    Attend the Event:  Saturday Feb. 27th 3 PM at New Hope Christian Life Center 1525 Wooten ST Covington TN 38019

    Corrie Bornds Organizer & Presenter

    Brandon Gaitor B4 Foundation Breaking Barriers Building Bridges

    Knowledge Nick The Hip Hop Perspective

    Lawerence New Era Crosier & Courtney Shaw 901-Evolution & Subliminal Thought

    Tammy Gaitor (Butterfly Evolution – 901-Butteflies & Gaitor Consulting

    Val Lott Poetic Youth Activist

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    Hollywood murder mystery is first novel by Lida Sideris! INTERVIEW

    in Books

    Today's Guest: Novelist Lida Sideris, author of Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters, former Hollywood studio attorney.

    LIDA SIDERIS podcast excerpt: "My day job as a lawyer can be a bit intense. So this book was an escape hatch for me, carved with words, zany characters, odd situations, action and adventure the whole way."

    Key interview moments:

    • 3:55 If your day job is a roller-coaster, attorney-turned-novelist Lida Sideris suggests writing to take the edge off;

    • 11:40 Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters is the kind of novel that has the authors friends wondering if they are in it;

    • 19:00 Sideris answers questions about a possible sequel for the book's star, Corrie Locke.

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    For more interviews like this one: http://www.MrMedia.com

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andelman

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    Insurance or God's Assurance?

    in Religion

    In this lesson, you’ll discover through the eyes of Psalms 121 how God is a continuous protector that desires to cover you.  In addition, you’ll be introduced to the importance of insurance (as one type of coverage) even when you have God’s assurance.  Emphasis tonight: Renters Insurance!

    Special Guests: Pastor Corrie Williams and Mr. Nate Sanderson will be our special guests.

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    The Empowered Whistleblower with Dawn Westmoreland

    in Spirituality

    The Empowered Whistleblower with Dawn Westmoreland

    When you land in the Mental Health ward you get to choose—do I want to remain a “victim” of my circumstances or do I want to be a “victor” of my life? Dawn chose to check herself out of the Mental Health ward after three days and take charge of her life! The traumas we face in our lives can disempower us OR we can overcome them and thrive! “The Empowered Whistleblower” is Dawn's raw and transparent story of going through childhood sexual molestation, childhood/adult bullying, an alcoholic marriage and landing in the Veterans Affairs Mental Health ward after two years of horrific bullying in the Veteran Affairs for being a “whistle-blower”.

    In life, each negative experience can be a “gift” in ugly wrapping paper if you can find the lesson or growth in each opportunity. Dawn blew the “whistle” on disempowerment in its various forms and I am now teaching others as a Personal Power Coach, how to step up and “break their own chains” that hold them back from their personal triumphs. Today, she teaches others to push through their fears so they can also be empowered and experience more fulfilling professional and personal lives.

    Dawn experienced workplace bullying because she acted as a whistleblower in the Veteran Affairs, which is an agency designed to take care of military veterans – she stood up to practices that were prohibited personnel practices.

    For more information visit: http://thefoundationofrespect.com/