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    Diet for Diabetes Correction!!

    in Health


    Diabetes in now at epidemic levels in our world! Type 2 is 95% of all diabetics and type 2 is 100% correctable through simple changes in your life style

    Even Type 1 dibetes can be helped

    Learn very simple techniques to keep your body healthy and prevent and reverse Diabetes!

    Don't miss this life saving and life changing episode!

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    Coffee with Conrad - Selfishness, Fear, Division, and Correction

    in Religion

    Today on Coffee with Conrad

    Featuring YOUR TWEETS!

    Selfishness, Fear, Division and Correction


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    John Lash - Sophia's Correction

    in Spirituality

    John Lash joins us on “Shattering The Matrix”. John is a comparative Mythologist, Author and Teacher. He is one of the foremost exponents of the power of myth to direct and shape individual experience and drive historical events over the long term. An expert on sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precessions, and the World Ages, he also teaches the critique of belief-systems. Described as the true successor of Mircea Eliade and the rightful heir of Joseph Campbell, John is a teacher of world mythology, Gnosticism, the pre-Christian Mysteries, along with many of his other expert talent. He’s authored: The Seeker’s Handbook, Twins and the Double, The Hero-Manhood and Power, Quest for the Zodiac, Not in His Image.
    In this episode of "Shattering The Matrix", John continues where he left off on part 1 (The Archon Solution). He will shed light on where we are in the timeline of Gaia-Sophia's history. He will discuss events that we can see with our eyes that allow us to determine that we are now experiencing Sophia's Correction. He will also explore some taboos that keep humanity from being free. This is John Lash at his best!
    6pm PST/9pm EST! Join our website at: 2012Emergence.com

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    America: Land of the Fined and Taxed; Home For Our Correction

    in Spirituality

    Everyone has either come up with a theory on how America got its name or what it means. The Europeans said: "America came from Amerigo Vespucci", the Aboriginals of America said: "America means "land of the serpent". Most of the theologians said: "America is Babylon or Sodom and Gommarah". Well, because we deal with the Scriptures from a lawful perspective, we want to shed light on what "America" is and how it pertains to our spiritual correction and why the Most High allowed our conquerors to fine us and tax us. Today, Minister Schedrick will be defining Amerce, creating a paradigm between Amerce and the origin, America. Articles to support the topic at hand will also be presented....Tune in and chime in with us!!!!!

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    THE ILL TALK | Crime And Correction [Powered By ILLBLOG Radio]

    in Entertainment

    This episode featured guest are The Dream Defenders. Member Steven Pargett will discuss CRIME  AND CORRECTION and introduce our audience to the DREAM DEFENDERS Organization. 

    THE ILL TALK is a show hosted by four personalities talking all subjects in sports, music, fashion, politics, history, hip hop, world news and current events.  The show will have featured topic every episode and indie music in hip hop, r&b, and popular music. THE ILL TALK HOUR will air every Wednesdays at 9 PM EST.  

    Call in the show to listen or speak with us LIVE 516.531.9245

    Visit our website: http://www.illblognews.com



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    in Religion

    Today we discus the 3 C's

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    A Correction and a Reassessment

    in Spirituality

    On last week's radio program I had misperceived a statement I had received from the Ambassador.  This week I will explian what happened and give a reassessement of how I see things developing in this global economic situation.  More info may be found on the blog site listed below.


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    Chris Vermeulen--Stock Market Correction Underway? 04.Aug.14

    in Finance

    Chris Vermeulen--TheGoldandOldGuy.com is an expert at detecting market short and medium term trends. He believes that all signs are pointing to an intermediate stock market correction and he thinks it's an excellent time to make money. But you've got to be on the ball. Precious metals could be heading lower. Same with oil and commodities. But Chris is unconcerned. As long as the market is moving and he's picked up on the trend, he's happy. 

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    Status Correction, PIH and Private Trust

    in Politics Progressive

    Status Correction, PIH and Private Trust
    Get prepared for our Nu-Covenant auction to be held in Chicago in June. Learn how to register and use your Status Correction, PIH, and Trust to purchase properties for very little. 

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    in Christianity

    How often have you heard someone say, "only God can judge me?" Have you ever used that phrase yourself? Do you believe that your brother or sister in Christ should refrain from holding you accountable for you actions? Should they not interfere when they see you in error? Do you believe you should say something to corrrect another brother or sister in the faith if you see them in error? Judging/correcting whats the difference and is it necessary? Tune in to Truth Revolution Talk Show on Sunday at 5pm as we discuss this topic.

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    SATURDAY WAKE UP CALL - Coming Clean for the New Year

    in Spirituality


    TOPIC: Coming Clean for the New Year

    We have taken another full year around the Sun. What have we picked up this year that we may need to drop before we start a new year?  What have we dropped or neglected that we hadn't intended to abandon but we did?

    This is a time for reflection and correction. It's a time of forgiveness, healing, and release.

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