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    Inter-Racial Mixing & The Decline In Superior Black Genetics

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    Shalom and Salaam everyone, this evening I wanna discuss the issue of what race mixing has had on Carbon rich races and our genetics. Have we benefitted from it or has mixing rewarded we with illnesses, diseases and pathologies we formally (never) had or suffered from. I had a post on FB asking whether the trend in Blk men shaving their heads balds had anything to do with low self esteem the way many of them claim Sisters wearing weaves, wigs and fake hair is supposedly a indication of low self esteem or an attempt to be like the Caucasoid female. I got many responses from the males as to why they shave their heads, but none would adfmit it was because of low self esteem. Well we as always here at the 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency show seek to get to the (truth) and the whole truth. It is my observation that African Americans have adjusted and adapted to behaviors, habits and customs that are entirely counter productive to their own racial and genetic survival simply to co-exist with the Cuacasoid Neanderthal species of the earth who by cleverly renaming themselves the white race, (FYI-there is no such race) they have convinced everyone who is non-what they are, that we are INFERIOR, pyschologcally as well as genetically. When in truth it is they who have maintained and carried all the reccessive genetic traits and thus suffer from a plethora of diseases, disabilities and pathologies that carbon based melanites aka Blk & Brn folks never had until inter species cohabition and copulation aka miscegnation was forced upon we and our tribes. The result has been absolutely shocking and yet rarely is this topic discussed or brought up enough by (we) who or literally being ERASED as a species, and what is even sadder, it is now with our own consent. Let's go deeper and discuss why we now kill and destroy ourselves for THEM. 

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    Host Amen Re Menethoupe. Ras Nahmir Amun:
    You have been bewitched all the ill gotten gains of the Western elite has come as a result of sorcery, necromancy divination, spell craft, blood packs, blood sacrifice and every manner of perverted copulation both caranal and demonic. You need only study their wise men and priest of so called science to see the truth of these words. All commissioned by Principalities and Kings to insure power and control. You do not live in a world built on the insurance of peace, but based on the threat of mutual destruction all technology is explosion based aggressive vs passive energy. Any thing passive free and natural is made illegal or inaccessible only death is provided you in mass. You are living in the dark world, as Europe is without light so have their rulers fashioned the world in it's image. Give great contemplation to all the words here and Know. Power Peace Purpose

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #53 The 1st Time Making Love. The...

    in Lifestyle

    The 1st Time Making Love and the Last Time Having Sex is about the way we learn from our sexual experiences and whether we would describe our intimate physical experiences as having sex or making love.
    On the surface many may think that having sex and making love are the same thing but as with many things there is truth and feelings in words as well as what the words convey.
    For many people, the way their 1st sexual experiences are presented to them will often be indicative of what their sexual health and future may be like for many years to come. When someone consistently refers to intimacy as making love it usually means that there are often deeper emotional feelings associated with their sexual experiences and that they may look at sex as a connection made with their partner. Not something that should be taken lightly. Even if it happens in the backseat of a car.
    When a person refers to intimacy as having sex it usually means that the person has an awareness of the overall physical nature of what copulation is and they may not have the same future connective expectations as the person who refers to sex as making love. Not that  people who refer to intimacy as having sex don't appreciate or place in value their sexual experiences but it may be that their overall expectations of what having sex will hold to them as far as an emotional connection to someone may not be as high. Even if it happens on a honeymoon.
    On this show we will look at the way that either making love or having sex can transition from one to the other and see if there is any way or reason to return to the way we viewed our personal and universal sexuality.
    Is there any going back once you've gone from having sex to making love or vice versa or are they just words used to describe doing the same thing?

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    Wild Wild Left Radio #115

    in Politics Progressive

    Catchy title huh? I wish I knew the answers better than I do, that any of us seem to.
    My inbox has 73 saved emails I will try and make into a show - from the budget giveaway to the leak of the (gasp) obvious copulation between the State (read Corporate Masters) and the Press (read Corporate Masters) in an orgy of auto-eroticism that serves no one bet the one. Every single read makes more certain of my accuracy of vision. We need a TOTAL reboot.
    I'm hoping Addison DePitt can return and continue our conversation from last week; I think he would be a great regular co-host if he can make the time fairly often.
    I want to know what radicalized my listeners, and what keeps those who haven't yet from making that leap.

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    Sep 6, 2010

    in Entrepreneur

    Charles surfs the cosmic waves of the MOON, flowing freely from one topic after another relating to the Moon. How Monday was first identified as being infused with Lunar energy. How the Moon affects the ocean's tides, our inner tides, the growing season of above-ground and below-ground crops - even how it affects how fast your hair grows! Charles explains how the EDDIES in the cosmic tidal pools shaped the Milky Way Galaxy, the formation of our Sun, our Earth and even our Moon. Because the constellation of Cancer infused its energies into the creation of the Moon, and is the sign of Family, it is not surprising that Joseph Smith suggested Monday as Family Home Evening. But the MOON not only influences our physical life, it also shapes our emotional, mental and spiritual lives. Through Clairvoyant insight, Charles explains that the Angels on the Moon are in charge of bringing men and women together for mating, copulation, conception, pregnancy and delivery. They have much to do with guiding our returning Egos to the best date, location and family we need to help us achieve our purpose in this life.

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    Is taboo sex still taboo today?

    in Lifestyle

    A lot of the acts done today used to be considered forbidden years ago. Why is that and what has changed to make them acceptable in these days?